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Tue Jan 17, 2017 12:24:46 IST
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BCH/Berchha (2 PFs)
بیرچھا     बेरछा

Track: Double Electric-Line

Type of Station: Regular
Number of Platforms: 2
Number of Halting Trains: 44
Number of Originating Trains: 0
Number of Terminating Trains: 0
Station Rd,Berchha
State: Madhya Pradesh
Elevation: 490 m above sea level
Zone: WR/Western
Division: Ratlam
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Rating: 1.8/5 (12 votes)
cleanliness - average (2)
porters/escalators - poor (1)
food - poor (2)
transportation - average (1)
lodging - poor (1)
railfanning - average (2)
sightseeing - poor (2)
safety - poor (1)

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Station News

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Sep 28 2015 (06:43)  Woman dies after being‘pushed’ off moving train (www.thehindu.com)
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Crime/AccidentsWR/Western  -  

News Entry# 242945     
   Tags   Past Edits
Sep 28 2015 (6:43AM)
Station Tag: Berchha/BCH added by rdb**/69261

Posted by: rdb*^  124746 news posts
A 55-year-old woman was killed after being allegedly pushed out by a Ticket Checker (TC) from the sleeper coach of Malwa Express at the Bercha station.The woman identified as Om Kumari Temre.The incident took place on Friday, a railway official said on Friday.Her son Ravi and daughters Neha and Shalu alleged that the TC had pushed them and other passengers after they entered the reserved compartment as there was no place in the general coach. Their mother lost balance and fell down and came under the wheels.Maxi police post in charge N. Pathak confirmed the incident but said that whether Temre was pushed from the train or fell on her own is a matter of probe.Soon after getting information about the incident, railway police personnel from the Maxi station reached the spot and took the body into possession.The victim was on her way to Bhopal from Shajapur after visiting the bereaved...
family of one of her relatives along with her children.A few eyewitnesses said that when some of the passengers entered the reserved coach, the TC shouted at them and asked them to get down from the moving train at the Bercha station. Temre lost balance while getting down and came under the train.
Western Railway’s Ratlam Division PRO, Jitendra Kumar Jayant, said: “If the family members are alleging that she was pushed by the TC, then it can be ascertained only after the probe.”
Sep 26 2015 (15:51)  टीसी ने चलती ट्रेन से यात्रियो को उतारा धक्का लगने से महिला ट्रेन के नीचे गिरी, मौत (epaper.bhaskar.com)
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Crime/AccidentsWR/Western  -  

News Entry# 242794   Blog Entry# 1600641     
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Sep 26 2015 (3:51PM)
Station Tag: Berchha/BCH added by Purnesh IRI/1084688

Sep 26 2015 (3:51PM)
Train Tag: Malwa Express/12919 added by Purnesh IRI/1084688

Posted by: purnesh upadhyay  25 news posts
टीसी ने चलती ट्रेन से यात्रियो को उतारा धक्का लगने से महिला ट्रेन के नीचे गिरी, मौत

4 posts - Sat Sep 26, 2015 - are hidden. Click to open.

Sep 27 2015 (00:41)
छोटा आदमी   6680 blog posts   98911 correct pred (90% accurate)
Re# 1600641-5            Tags   Past Edits
thanks for putting up useful information,
but the popular account says that TTE was unwilling to let the lady stay inside (near the door) of AC coach and was threatening her with heavy fines if she continues to stay inside, the poor lady at last minute decided to alight but train had picked up enough speed and it proved fatal.
The TTE was well withing the rights of his duty, but he could have been more humane

Sep 27 2015 (00:42)
छोटा आदमी   6680 blog posts   98911 correct pred (90% accurate)
Re# 1600641-6            Tags   Past Edits
you can post your views without using abusive language. Kindly refrain from using abusive language for anyone

Sep 27 2015 (01:13)
sys tem   8201 blog posts   75419 correct pred (76% accurate)
Re# 1600641-7            Tags   Past Edits
tte is aware that so many people travel in reserved compartments and they dont fine trhem instead they say to alight at next station ...dunno what happened here ....

Sep 27 2015 (06:19)
Ravish Koushlesh   8 blog posts
Re# 1600641-8            Tags   Past Edits
click here Please see this video..

Sep 27 2015 (06:26)
Ravish Koushlesh   8 blog posts
Re# 1600641-9            Tags   Past Edits
The lady came when train already started running..He tried to help her but... you know what happened with him after that..he was beaten by public..even here in this blog the users are demanding straight forward capital punishment without bothering about the facts..its shameful..even in the news it is already shown as an allegation still they want the TC to be punished
May 09 2015 (11:19)  बिलासपुर-बीकानेर एक्सप्रेस रुकवाना ही भूल गए बेरछा के स्टेशन मास्टर (www.bhaskar.com)
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Other NewsWR/Western  -  

News Entry# 223872     
   Tags   Past Edits
May 09 2015 (11:19AM)
Station Tag: Berchha/BCH added by Rajnesh/1225509

May 09 2015 (11:19AM)
Train Tag: Bilaspur - Bikaner Special/08245 added by Rajnesh/1225509

Posted by: Rajnesh  62 news posts
बेरछा| बिलासपुर-बीकानेर एक्सप्रेस ट्रेन (18245) का बेरछा में स्टापेज है। यह ट्रेन शुक्रवार सुबह 11.10 बजे बेरछा स्टेशन पहुंची, लेकिन स्टेशन मास्टर निरंजन भारती ट्रेन को प्लेटफॉर्म पर रुकवाना ही भूल गए। ट्रेन में बैठे यात्रियों ने जंजीर खींचकर ट्रेन को जंगल में रुकवाया। वहां से करीब 3 किमी की दूरी तय कर यात्री बेरछा स्टेशन पहुंचे। स्टेशन मास्टर की इस लापरवाही की शिकायत यात्रियों ने रेलवे अधिकारियों से भी की है। शुक्रवार सुबह बिलासपुर-बीकानेर एक्सप्रेस ट्रेन का बेरछा स्टेशन पर यात्री इंतजार कर रहे थे, लेकिन ट्रेन स्टेशन पर रुके बगैर ही गुजर गई। जब यात्रियों ने स्टेशन मास्टर से ट्रेन के बारे में जानकारी ली, तब स्टेशन मास्टर को होश आया कि इस ट्रेन को वे स्टेशन पर रुकवाना भूल गए। ट्रेन के एसी कोच में यात्रा कर रहे मुर्तजा अली ने जंजीर खींचकर ट्रेन को रुकवाया, तब तक ट्रेन स्टेशन से करीब 3 किमी दूर निकल चुकी थी।ऐसे...
में कुछ यात्री जंगल से पटरी किनारे होते हुए बेरछा स्टेशन पहुंचे। वहीं कुछ यात्रियों को मक्सी स्टेशन पर उतारा गया। घटनाक्रम के बाद वरिष्ठ रेलवे अधिकारियों द्वारा बेरछा रेलवे स्टेशन पर ऑन ड्यूटी स्टेशन मास्टर को तत्काल जांच हेतु उज्जैन बुलाया गया है।
Page#    Showing 1 to 3 of 3 News Items  

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