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Thu Jun 29, 2017 18:07:34 IST
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HYB/Hyderabad Deccan Nampally (6 PFs)
హైదరాబాద్ డెక్కన్ నాంపల్లి /حیدرآباد جنوبی نامپللي     हैदराबाद दक्खन नामपल्ली

Track: Double Electric-Line

Type of Station: Regular
Number of Platforms: 6
Number of Halting Trains: 0
Number of Originating Trains: 29
Number of Terminating Trains: 30
Red Hills, Nampally, Hyderabad-500001
State: Telangana
Elevation: 509 m above sea level
Zone: SCR/South Central
Division: Hyderabad Deccan Nampally
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Rating: 3.8/5 (129 votes)
cleanliness - good (17)
porters/escalators - good (17)
food - good (16)
transportation - good (17)
lodging - good (15)
railfanning - good (14)
sightseeing - good (17)
safety - good (16)

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Station News

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Jun 19 2017 (00:18)  Man harassed by RPF for tweets on illegal vendors aboard train - Pune Mirror (punemirror.indiatimes.com)
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Crime/AccidentsCR/Central  -  

News Entry# 305820     
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Jun 19 2017 (00:20)
Station Tag: Hyderabad Deccan Nampally/HYB added by SHIVKUMAR/210603

Posted by: SHIVKUMAR  215 news posts
Twitter grouse to Rail Ministry prompts policeman to single man out for bag search, interrogation; he writes fresh plaint, tagging Suresh Prabhu
Rajat Mital was travelling by the Hyderabad–CST Mumbai train on Saturday and, while passing through the Daund railway station, he noticed several unauthorised vendors crowding into his coach. They harassed the passengers, bullying them into buying their food products. Irked by their nagging, Mital shot off a tweet to the Railway Ministry.
Mital tweeted, “@RailMinIndia too many unauthorised vendors in AC coach of 17032. No security of luggage. No police in
the train. It is ridiculous.” Little did he know that at the very next stop, Pune railway station, he would be accosted by a Railway Protection Force (RPF) official, interrogated and his baggage searched without any rhyme or reason. Fed up of such ill treatment, Mital complained about the episode to railway minister Suresh Prabhu through his Twitter handle.
A shocked Mital, who works for a pharmaceutical company and has to travel frequently for that, told Pune Mirror, “I was going to Mumbai in the AC two-tier coach — B2. When the train was passing through Daund railway station, many unauthorised vendors carrying food items and tea entered our coach, forcing passengers to buy their products. Irritated by that, I immediately complained to the Indian Railway Ministry through my Twitter handle.”
Naturally, the railway ministry escalated the issue to the Pune railway division twitter handle and asked for Mital’s PNR number. “I was hoping that some policemen or railway ticket checker would come and take action on these illegal vendors in the coach, but nothing happened. By then, the train reached the Pune railway station around 9 am. So, I got down to purchase some food and was standing on the platform as the train hadn’t got the green light to get going. Suddenly, a person in civil dress came out of our coach looking for someone. He came to me and asked my name, berth number and said he wanted to check my luggage. He said he was from the RPF, so I went inside and showed him my entire luggage. Despite repeatedly asking him the reason for such an impromptu search, he maintained that it was a routine check. But, he specifically targeted me in the entire coach and checked all my stuff, pulling them out one by one. No one else’s luggage was searched in the entire coach. After he was done, he went out and mingled with the crowd. I was so stunned by this experience that I began doubting whether he was really an RPF personnel or not,” rued Mital.
Infuriated over the incident, he again took to his Twitter handle, this time complaining directly to railway minister Prabhu about his ordeal. “@sureshprabhu @drmpune on above complaint I was harassed by police, checking my baggage. Only I was in entire coach,” wrote Mital.
A perplexed Mital added, “Why did that person come in search of me in particular, and why did he only interrogate me and search only my luggage is my question to the railway administration. Curiously, no action was taken on the vendors, which was my original complaint. I am going to take up this issue till the ministry level as I was mentally harassed by the railway administration and police during my journey. I followed that policeman after he got off the train, but he disappeared into the crowd.”
When Mirror contacted Pune divisional railway manager B K Dadabhoy, he said, “We have forwarded the matter to the concerned department of RPF’s Pune division and an inquiry will be done accordingly.” Speaking about the issue, RPF’s Pune division deputy commissioner L B Singh assured, “I will get a detailed report of this Twitter complaint lodged by passenger Mital and will also check with my police officials about what action was taken on his original complaint of unauthorised vendors. Also, I will personally check which RPF official went and checked his luggage. Only after getting proper details of the case will we take further action on whoever is responsible.”
█ Why did that person come in search of me in particular, and why did he only interrogate me and search only my luggage is my question to the railways. Curiously, no action was taken on the vendors, which was my original complaint
May 19 2017 (14:05)  All ‘A1’ Category Stations on SCR found place in Top 20 Clean Stations of Indian Railways Secunderabad Station is the 2nd Cleanest Station on Indian Railways (www.scr.indianrailways.gov.in)
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IR AffairsSCR/South Central  -  IR Press Release  

News Entry# 302853     
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May 19 2017 (14:06)
Station Tag: Chirala/CLX added by Sunny Babu Brother of sampoornesh babu~/573824

May 19 2017 (14:06)
Station Tag: Nizamabad Junction/NZB added by Sunny Babu Brother of sampoornesh babu~/573824

May 19 2017 (14:06)
Station Tag: Warangal/WL added by Sunny Babu Brother of sampoornesh babu~/573824

May 19 2017 (14:06)
Station Tag: Kazipet Junction/KZJ added by Sunny Babu Brother of sampoornesh babu~/573824

May 19 2017 (14:06)
Station Tag: Tirupati Main/TPTY added by Sunny Babu Brother of sampoornesh babu~/573824

May 19 2017 (14:06)
Station Tag: Hyderabad Kacheguda/KCG added by Sunny Babu Brother of sampoornesh babu~/573824

May 19 2017 (14:06)
Station Tag: Vijayawada Junction/BZA added by Sunny Babu Brother of sampoornesh babu~/573824

May 19 2017 (14:06)
Station Tag: Hyderabad Deccan Nampally/HYB added by Sunny Babu Brother of sampoornesh babu~/573824

May 19 2017 (14:06)
Station Tag: Secunderabad Junction/SC added by Sunny Babu Brother of sampoornesh babu~/573824

Posted by: Sunny Babu Brother of sampoornesh babu~  51 news posts
Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, Minister for Railways, released Third Party Audit Report o­n Station Cleanliness and Inaugurated Swachh Rail Portal at New Delhi today i.e., 17thMay, 2017. Secunderabad Station was declared as the 2nd Cleanest Station in ‘A1’ category stations and Khammam station as 2nd Cleanest Station in ‘A’ Category Railway Stations. South Central Railway is ranked at 4thposition o­n Cleanest Railway Zone based o­n the average of total scores achieved by its ‘A1’ & ‘A’ Category Stations amongst 16 Zones o­n Indian Railways.
All the five ‘A1’ category Railway stations o­n SCR i.e., Secunderabad, Vijayawada, Kacheguda, Hyderabad and Tirupati found place in the list of top 20 Clean Staitons of Indian Railways. Vijayawada Railway station stood at 4th rank, Kacheguda Railway
station at 11th rank, Hyderabad Railway station at 16th rank, Tirupati Railway station at 19th rank in ‘A1’ Category of Cleanest Railway Stations o­n Indian Railways. In ‘A’ Category Railway stations Mancheriyal stood at 5th, Warangal at 8th, Kazipet at 17th, Chirala at 25th and Nizamabad at 26thon Indian Railways.
Speaking o­n the occasion, Shri Suresh Prabhu, Minister for Railways said that Indian Railways started third party Cleanliness Index of Stations since last year. Railways have accomplished a significant improvement in cleanliness at station. This index instills competitive spirit among the stations. He said that lot of NGO’s, Students group have come forward to clean and beautify their stations. He also thanked & dedicated this achievement to the people in respective areas.
The parameters adopted for conducting the rankings are, Evaluation of Process of cleanliness in Parking, main entry area, main platform, waiting room, (33.33%) direct observation by QCI assessors of cleanliness in these areas (33.33%) and passenger feedback (33.33%). A 24x7 control room was set up and images were geo-tagged to monitor progress. The survey was conducted through interviews with respondents o­n the questionnaire o­n cleanliness indicators, which was done face to face by survey teams by visiting each of the 407 stations across 16 Zonal Railways. Every passenger was asked to rate the cleanliness of stations objectively o­n 40 different cleanliness parameters.
Minister of Railways dedicated a “SWACHH RAIL PORTAL” to showcase rankings of stations and trains, methodology adopted for rankings and stations/trains specific dashboards. This web portal click here will also be leveraged to seek passenger feedback o­n cleanliness o­n a continual basis.
May 13 2017 (11:15)  Keyman's alertness avoids huge disaster. 150 keys of track near the parli railway station are missing. (epunyanagari.com)
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Crime/AccidentsSCR/South Central  -  

News Entry# 302344   Blog Entry# 2275106     
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May 13 2017 (11:15)
Station Tag: Hyderabad Deccan Nampally/HYB added by E4envy/1563546

May 13 2017 (11:15)
Station Tag: Parli Vaijnath/PRLI added by E4envy/1563546

Posted by: E4envy  2 news posts
A large trouble created by removal of 150 to 200 keys of the railway track on the route going to Hyderabad (HYB) near Parli (PRLI). On this route, the railway track was removed for the purpose of damaging the railway? The administration is investigating this and all the possibilities of this are being verified. At the same time, a lot of trouble has come to the notice of the area's Keyman.
It was noticed that 150 to 200 keys of on the railway track were removed by unknown persons at Gate No 120 from the Parali PRLI railway station on the way to Hyderabad HYB. The keys on both sides of the track from 266/3 to 265/14 were removed from
this gate, in the morning of the train, Kumar Anshuman Kumar, at 7.20 pm. Have been noticed. He identified the seriousness and informed the superiors and immediately secured the railway by installing new keys. The disaster caused by them showed the following disaster. Meanwhile, this incident has created a big upheaval, frequent barriers to traffic on the railway track, rift in technical matters, and putting stones on the railway track, are being widely seen. In addition to this, there is a possibility that there should be a similar type of assault on the railway track near the central railway station that passes through all these sides. In view of the seriousness of the incident, senior Railway officials have come to Parli immediately. The Expert team of the Railway Protection Force examined the spot.

May 13 2017 (11:19)
E4envy   20 blog posts
Re# 2275106-1            Tags   Past Edits
Keyman's alertness avoids huge disaster. 150 keys of track near the parli (PRLI) railway station are missing.
रेल्वे घातपाताचा कट उधळला परळीजवळ रुळाच्या १५0 चाव्या गायब किमॅनच्या सतर्कतेने मोठा अनर्थ टळला
परळी : परळीजवळील हैदराबादकडे जाणार्‍या मार्गावरील रेल्वे रुळाच्या १५0 ते २00 चाव्या काढल्याने मोठी खळबळ उडाली. या मार्गावर रेल्वे घातपात करण्याच्या उद्देशाने रेल्वे रुळाच्या चाव्या काढल्या का? याची शहानिशा प्रशासन करीत असून, याबाबतच्या सर्व शक्यता पडताळल्या जात आहेत. वेळीच या क्षेत्राच्या किमॅनच्या लक्षात ही बाब आल्याने मोठा अनर्थ टळला आहे.
रेल्वे स्टेशनपासून हैदराबादकडे जाणार्‍या मार्गावरील गेट नंबर १२0 जवळ रेल्वे पटरीवरील १५0 ते २00 रुळाच्या चाव्या अज्ञाताने रात्रीच्या सुमारास काढून टाकल्याचे निदर्शनास आले. या गेटपासून २६६/३ ते २६५/१४ या क्रमांकापर्यंतच्या रुळाच्या दोन्ही बाजूला असलेल्या चाव्या काढून टाकण्यात आल्याचे रेल्वेचे किमॅन अंशुमन कुमार यांच्या सकाळी ७.२0 वा. निदर्शनास आले. त्यांनी गांभीर्य ओळखून वरिष्ठांना ही बाब कळवून तातडीने नवीन चाव्या बसवून रेल्वेमार्ग सुरक्षित केला. त्यांनी दाखवलेल्या प्रसंगावधानामुळे पुढील अनर्थ टळला. दरम्यान, या घटनेने मोठी खळबळ उडाली असून, वारंवार रेल्वे मार्गावर वाहतुकीला येणारे अडथळे, तांत्रिक बाबींमध्ये खोडसाळपणा करणो, रेल्वे पटर्‍यावर दगड ठेवणो आदी प्रकार मोठय़ा प्रमाणात समोर येत आहेत. त्यातच परळी या सर्व बाजूंना जाणार्‍या रेल्वेचे मध्यवर्ती स्थानकाजवळील रेल्वे मार्गावर ही खळबळजनक घटना घडली असल्याने हा घातपाताचाच प्रकार असावा, अशी शक्यता वर्तविली जात आहे. या घटनेचे गांभीर्य लक्षात घेऊन रेल्वेचे वरिष्ठ अधिकारी तातडीने परळीत दाखल झाले आहेत. रेल्वे सुरक्षा बलाच्या एक्सपर्ट टीमने घटनास्थळी पाहणी केली.
May 13 2017 (08:16)  The connecting lifeline (www.thehindu.com)
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Commentary/Human InterestSCR/South Central  -  

News Entry# 302309     
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May 13 2017 (08:16)
Station Tag: Chennai Egmore/MS added by ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Telangana Express Oops AP Express ⭐ ⭐ ⭐~/1366147

May 13 2017 (08:16)
Station Tag: Royapuram/RPM added by ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Telangana Express Oops AP Express ⭐ ⭐ ⭐~/1366147

May 13 2017 (08:16)
Station Tag: Hyderabad Kacheguda/KCG added by ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Telangana Express Oops AP Express ⭐ ⭐ ⭐~/1366147

May 13 2017 (08:16)
Station Tag: Hyderabad Deccan Nampally/HYB added by ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Telangana Express Oops AP Express ⭐ ⭐ ⭐~/1366147

May 13 2017 (08:16)
Station Tag: Secunderabad Junction/SC added by ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Telangana Express Oops AP Express ⭐ ⭐ ⭐~/1366147

May 13 2017 (08:16)
Train Tag: Charminar SF Express/12759 added by ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Telangana Express Oops AP Express ⭐ ⭐ ⭐~/1366147

Posted by: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Telangana Express Oops AP Express ⭐ ⭐ ⭐~  95 news posts
A sea of people head to Secunderabad Railway Station any given day, from frenzied commuters to those who wait for hours
A railway station is like a microcosm of its city. The Secunderabad Railway Station, a much larger hub of commute than the Nampally and Kacheguda stations, can lend itself to a study of the demographics of Hyderabad and its nearby districts. That is, if one visits the station with enough time to stroll around the platforms and foot-over bridges without rushing to board a train.
Life on the platforms
is a luxury in areas surrounding the main entrance and on platform one. It’s a sea of people as far as the eye reaches. A few lucky ones have managed to find a place to sit while the rest stand and chat away in groups or perch on their luggage. The older children watch over younger siblings, mothers try to console wailing children and somewhere in between all this, a youngster stays glued to his e-reader. The station is wi-fi enabled and it’s among the recent perks at the station. The other, more important perk, which is actually a necessity, are the escalators that have come as a boon for the elderly.
The Hyderabad-Chennai-Erode train chugs in, drawing scores of passengers on to the edge of the platform. A mild drizzle has set in as a precursor to the hailstorm later that Tuesday night and all at once, the scenes vary from someone bidding a teary farewell to another group that’s taking the train with the excitement of a summer vacation. A minute or two before boarding, porters swiftly move through the crowd to help designated passengers.
Moving from one end of the station to the other, it’s striking how platforms 9 and 10 near the rear exit of the station are more laidback. The prepaid air-conditioned waiting areas and cloak rooms are situated at this end. A few cops take a break from patrolling and gather here, sipping chai while still keeping an eye out for anything out of normal.
Some stores at the station have been constant fixtures for decades. Among them is the 40-year-old A H Wheeler & Co. Rabesh Kumar, who manages the store, has observed buying patterns and shares with a smile that there are many commuters who stop by to buy books to read during their journey. Murder mysteries by Agatha Christie are ever popular, he notes, alongside newer authors like Chetan Bhagat who guarantee an easy read. A new favourite is Anand Neelakantan’s The Rise of Sivagami . In the few minutes we spend at this store, we notice three of those books flying off the shelf, with one couple grinning ear to ear spotting the book. The Baahubali fever is yet to ebb. Adjacent to Wheeler are book stores run by Ramakrishna Math and Gita Press, selling both English and Telugu titles.
South Central Railway snack bars, Vijaya dairy parlours and mobile book vendors are on every other platform. The IRCTC canteen is swiftly replenishing mixed rice items like tamarind rice and tomato rice alongside samosas and other nibbles for the evening. Not far away, an attendant at a South Central Railway snack bar refuses to budge as a customer haggles over a packet of dry fruits.
Poised for revamp
The station is 143 years old and is at the cusp of change with an impending redevelopment programme. More amenities for commuters and a redesign of the station façade are on cards. A revamp would be welcome for a station that’s almost always crammed with people. The rush on the platforms is so overwhelming that you will find commuters preferring to halt for a while on the long foot-over bridges as well if there’s a sufficient window of time before their trains arrive.
Slice of history
Royapuram railway station, from where the first train of South India operated in June 1856, is one of the oldest railway stations in India. The station was the headquarters of the Madras and Southern Mahratta Railway till 1922, after which Egmore became the headquarters.
May 11 2017 (08:42)  కొన్ని రైళ్ల దారి మళ్లింపు (www.andhrajyothy.com)
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Crime/AccidentsSCR/South Central  -  

News Entry# 302134     
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May 11 2017 (08:42)
Station Tag: Hyderabad Deccan Nampally/HYB added by అంద్రప్రదేష్ ప్రత్యేక హోదా/1332893

May 11 2017 (08:42)
Train Tag: Amravati - Tirupati SF Express/12766 added by అంద్రప్రదేష్ ప్రత్యేక హోదా/1332893

Posted by: ఆంద్రప్రదేశ్ ప్రత్యేక హోదా  102 news posts
హైదరాబాద్‌: మహారాష్ట్రలోని శివన గావ్‌లో అమరావతి-తిరుపతి ఎక్స్‌ప్రెస్‌ రైలు పట్టాలు తప్పడంతో బుధవారం నిజామాబాద్‌ జిల్లా మీదుగా నడిచే పలు రైళ్లు రద్దుకాగా.. మరికొన్ని రైళ్లు ఆలస్యంగా నడిచాయి. మంగళవారం రాత్రి పట్టాలు తప్పిన ఎక్స్‌ప్రెస్‌ రైలు నిలిచిపోవడంతో సికింద్రాబాద్‌- మన్మాడ్‌ మధ్య నడిచే అజంతా ఎక్స్‌ప్రెస్‌ను నిజామా బాద్‌ వరకే పరిమితం చేశారు. అలాగే తిరుపతి- ఆదిలాబాద్‌ మధ్య నడిచే కృష్ణా ఎక్స్‌ప్రెస్‌ను జిల్లా కేంద్రంలోని ప్రధాన రైల్వే స్టేషనలోనే నిలిపివేశారు. ఆదిలాబాద్‌ వెళ్లే ప్రయాణికులను రోడ్డు మార్గం ద్వారా నాలుగు ఆర్టీసీ బస్సుల్లో గమ్య స్థానానికి చేర్చారు. ఉదయం జిల్లా మీదుగా సికింద్రాబాద్‌ వరకు వెళ్లే అజంతా ఎక్స్‌ప్రెస్‌ను రద్దు చేశారు. ముంబాయి- సికింద్రాబాద్‌ మధ్య నడిచే దేవగిరి ఎక్స్‌ప్రెస్‌ ఉదయం 11గంటలకు రావలసి ఉండగా.. మధ్యాహ్నం 2గంటలకు ప్రధాన రైల్వే స్టేషన నుంచి బయలు దేరింది. కాగా నిలిపివేసిన కృష్ణా ఎక్స్‌ప్రెస్‌ను తిరిగి సికింద్రాబాద్‌ వైపు పంప నున్నామని రైల్వే అధికారులు తెలిపారు. అజంతా ఎక్స్‌ప్రెస్‌ను వికారా బాద్‌ మీదుగా మన్మాడ్‌వరకు దారి మళ్లించి నడిపారు. సంఘ టన వివరాలు తెలుసుకున్న రైల్వే జనరల్‌ మేనేజర్‌ వినోద్‌కుమార్‌ యాదవ్‌, డీఆర్‌ఎం అరుణ్‌ కుమార్‌జైన, తదితర ఉన్నతాధికారులు హుటా హుటిన రోడ్డు మార్గం ద్వారా శివనగావ్‌కు చేరుకుని పరిస్థితిని చక్క దిద్దారు. బుధవారం తెల్లవారు జాము వరకు పట్టాలు తప్పిన రైలును ట్రాక్‌పై ఎక్కించి పక్కకు తొలగించారు. జిల్లా మీదుగా నడిచే...
పలు రైళ్లు ఆలస్యంగా నడిచాయి. గురువారం నుంచి రైళ్లు నిర్ణీత సమయా నికి నడుస్తాయని స్టేషన మేనేజర్‌ సయ్యద్‌ జావిద్‌ హుస్సేన తెలిపారు.
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