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Sat May 27, 2017 06:13:39 IST
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16530⇒11302/Udyan Express (PT)
ಉದ್ಯಾನ್ ಎಕ್ಸ್‌ಪ್ರೆಸ್     उद्यान एक्सप्रेस

SBC/KSR Bengaluru City Junction (Bangalore) --> CSTM/Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Updated: Mar 01 2017 (21:14) by 22691 Making of an AC Exp*^
Mar 01 2017 (21:14)

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Train Tip
Ticket Booking/WL
Nov 19 2013 (23:14)   11301/Udyan Express

manojpune   188 blog posts
Entry# 911231            Tags   Past Edits
If you want to travel to Bangalore, get down at Solapur and take Solapur-YPR superfast, you will reach earlier than Udyan exp. BIG Cinemas is 1.7 kms from Solapur Railway Station, just in case you want to spend couple of hours in between.

Nov 20 2013 (01:11)
Sahasra Bahubali 2*^~   5961 blog posts   842 correct pred (74% accurate)
Re# 911231-1            Tags   Past Edits
I did the same once....

Nov 20 2013 (10:15)
Kishor*^~   4648 blog posts   123 correct pred (63% accurate)
Re# 911231-2            Tags   Past Edits
This seems good guidance....
anybody Travels to Bangalore...
But, "from' station is not mentioned, though 'xfer' station Sholapur is mntioned ...
So the idea can further be elaborated and explained in details...

Sep 19 2016 (23:33)
Sushrutha HS   10 blog posts   715 correct pred (72% accurate)
Re# 911231-3            Tags   Past Edits
but 22133 is highly patronised train. getting confirm tickets is tough.. sometimes even rac doesnt get cleared

Jan 19 2017 (22:33)
Kishor*^~   4648 blog posts   123 correct pred (63% accurate)
Re# 911231-4            Tags   Past Edits
Will this not invite more fare ?
Train Tip
May 02 2017 (13:18)   11302/Udyan Express (PT)

Prometh Suresh~   274 blog posts   361 correct pred (58% accurate)
Entry# 2259442            Tags   Past Edits
Always prefer 11013/11014 Kurla Express over Udyan express for travelling to Mumbai/Pune from Bengaluru and vice versa because of the following reasons
1) Food - Pantry Car is available on this train so no problem for food even though pantry car is purely vegetarian it is certainly better than the food the hawkers/unofficial vendors that serve inedible food on the Udyan express.Even no problem for drinking water on this train
2)Cleanliness - OBHS is available on board.Cleaning is top class in AC compartments.But average in SL compartments but definitely better than Udyan Express.

3)Coaches - Coaches are pretty new on this train where as in Udyan it is of 1990's make and all the cushion have come out in 2A coaches of Udyan express.
4)Ticket Availability - GN tickets are easily available in this train (except during summer season,Ganesh Chaturthi,Pongal etc.) but Bengaluru to Mumbai/Pune falls under PQ which is very difficult to clear.So for GN quota tickets book tickets from Salem(only ₹55 extra to the fare and that to for confirmed berths)(For both Pune/Mumbai to SBC and I vice versa)and chose boarding point as Bengaluru City/Bengaluru Cantt. and book to any station in Mumbai.(Salem to Pune falls under PQ so book upto Kalyan and get down at Pune.)
5) Charging points - Charging points available in each bay.
6)Punctuality- The only problem of this train is punctuality this train is punctual in reaching Coimbatore but however in reaching Bengaluru it can be almost 2.5 to almost 9hrs late.It is a very rare case this train arriving Bengaluru on time.

May 07 2017 (04:57)
Guest: 6ccefc22   show all posts
Re# 2259442-1            Tags   Past Edits
Better than 11013 is chalukya( 11005/11022). Its empty as well and you get decent food on the way at UBL, ASK, etc. It arrives ypr before time on most days. Udyan is the last option, its too slow. Return direction 11014 is no doubt the best connection! But book in 11014 only after checking whether 11013 is on time since the same rake returns in 2 hours from CBE. 11013 arrives mostly after 1-2 hours late at SBC due to huge slack after SBC and also single line YNK-DMM section.

May 07 2017 (09:06)
Prometh Suresh~   274 blog posts   361 correct pred (58% accurate)
Re# 2259442-2            Tags   Past Edits
Who said chalukya is an empty train it is one of the most demanded trains from Bengaluru towards Mumbai pantry car also available so no need to even get down and in many cases RAC itself doesn't get cleared chalukya is not a daily train.So Kurla is I feel a better option since GNWL gets easily cleared

May 07 2017 (09:58)
Guest: 6ccefc22   show all posts
Re# 2259442-3            Tags   Past Edits
Its generally empties at BGM and new passengers get in, i frequently travel in this train and always get tickets comfortably. In return till UBL also seats are more or less available. And regarding food in chalukya without pantry also, it stops for a long time in UBL and ASK for lunch and snacks as well as other stations for breakfast. Kurla is also an excellent train sir but it reaches very late at SBC. I have also travelled frequently in kurla to CBE, but prefer chalukya for bangalore. Also I stay near YPR so added bonus :)
And even in chalukya it runs 6 days a week, for PDY book upto VM for GNWL and for TEN upto MDU, its costlier,
but generally AC tickets are available in this train.

May 07 2017 (17:48)
Prometh Suresh~   274 blog posts   361 correct pred (58% accurate)
Re# 2259442-4            Tags   Past Edits
Yeah maybe but for me Kurla is good option because BNC is very near to my house and please don't call me sir I am just 19 years old
Train Tip
Phone Charging/Outlets
Jan 24 2014 (08:32)   11302/Udyan Express (PT)

Kumar~   133 blog posts   3 correct pred (75% accurate)
Entry# 973259            Tags   Past Edits
AC Two Tier coaches have only one charging point per compartment (2x2). The side upper/lower has none.
Train Tip
Oct 01 2016 (19:25)   11301/Udyan Express

iri   68 blog posts   1 correct pred (100% accurate)
Entry# 2008204            Tags   Past Edits
For the 20th time, reminding myself that this train doesn't have pantry. Carry your own lunch. Also, railways might never ever learn to make tea, so carry your own thermos full of tea too.

Oct 02 2016 (08:42)
ballurkarprabodh   10 blog posts   33 correct pred (46% accurate)
Re# 2008204-1            Tags   Past Edits
Cool xD

Jan 19 2017 (22:32)
Kishor*^~   4648 blog posts   123 correct pred (63% accurate)
Re# 2008204-2            Tags   Past Edits
Now e.catering is not helpful ?
many caterers book and supply food as per your requirements at your seat/berth... travelkhana, khanagadi, railrestro etc.
Train Tip
Jun 27 2015 (22:15)   11301/Udyan Express

trainlover   22 blog posts   120 correct pred (76% accurate)
Entry# 1526342            Tags   Past Edits
Looks like passanger train between Gulbarga and wadi,Pune and sholapur. Food not good in this train. Depend on daund,wadi station for food. Punctuality is top class
Train Tip
Feb 04 2014 (15:21)   11301/Udyan Express

Tribhuvan Sharma   1009 blog posts   15847 correct pred (69% accurate)
Entry# 984284            Tags   Past Edits
For lunch Comesum Pune offers delivery to the coach. Call comesum and eat lunch from there. Food is amazing.

Feb 04 2014 (15:51)
Kishor*^~   4648 blog posts   123 correct pred (63% accurate)
Re# 984284-1            Tags   Past Edits
phone number please ....!

Feb 04 2014 (22:29)
Tribhuvan Sharma   1009 blog posts   15847 correct pred (69% accurate)
Re# 984284-2            Tags   Past Edits
Sir I will attach the Photograph of the menu along with the number tomorrow. Right now not getting proper network.

Feb 08 2014 (14:44)
Tribhuvan Sharma   1009 blog posts   15847 correct pred (69% accurate)
Re# 984284-3            Tags   Past Edits
The cell number is for ordering food from comesum Pune. 09970317113.

Jun 08 2014 (08:34)
soverylame   18 blog posts
Re# 984284-4            Tags   Past Edits
This is a life saver. I hated the food last time I was on this train.

Oct 14 2014 (16:59)
Tribhuvan Sharma   1009 blog posts   15847 correct pred (69% accurate)
Re# 984284-5            Tags   Past Edits
Attaching the Menu Card also along with the Number.. This is from my journey a few days back. Comesum is good.
One more tip, for evening food, do not order veg biriyani. It is PATHETIC. The quantity is also very less. You will be left with no option later. You can order for other alternatives and post here about your experience.
Alternatively, you can buy food from Wadi Junction. You also get great Idli Wada at the station.

Jan 11 2016 (14:56)
Kishor*^~   4648 blog posts   123 correct pred (63% accurate)
Re# 984284-6            Tags   Past Edits
Hopefully I utilise this phone number when I travel in May 2016 . I forgot to use it since IR and private on board catering was there and they caught me to buy their items...
Train Tip
Feb 08 2014 (14:36)   11302/Udyan Express (PT)

Tribhuvan Sharma   1009 blog posts   15847 correct pred (69% accurate)
Entry# 988566            Tags   Past Edits
For dinner on Day 1 as Kumar Sir said, pack something from outside but for lunch which is taken from Kurduwadi opt for Veg. Thali. The thali has puri, sabzi (mostly aloo gobi), palak dal and rice with pickle. The thail is awesome in comparison to what options you got. Biriyani is also good but thali is better.

Feb 08 2014 (22:39)
Tribhuvan Sharma   1009 blog posts   15847 correct pred (69% accurate)
Re# 988566-1            Tags   Past Edits
The price for the thali is INR 60. Guess Veg Biriyani is also the same.

Feb 13 2014 (03:54)
Tribhuvan Sharma   1009 blog posts   15847 correct pred (69% accurate)
Re# 988566-2            Tags   Past Edits
Thank you Moderator Sir for marking it as useful....

Feb 14 2014 (21:10)
moderator*^~   5516 blog posts   20 correct pred (61% accurate)
Re# 988566-3            Tags   Past Edits
You are welcome. The tip is useful, and will also serve to guide others on posting similar great and elaborate tips.
Train Tip
Phone Charging/Outlets
May 24 2015 (05:19)   11302/Udyan Express (PT)

BRC Amul WAP7 bw WADI GTL~   998 blog posts   388 correct pred (68% accurate)
Entry# 1482330            Tags   Past Edits
No charging points near seats ... Really sad
Train Tip
Mar 25 2014 (20:40)   11301/Udyan Express

balan   28 blog posts
Entry# 1036102            Tags   Past Edits
Take your own food AND water, to last you the entire 24 hour journey. Do NOT depend on the so-called "catering" service in this train.
Catering is technically "available", but the food is positively HORRIBLE, and catering service is sparse. Thick, unhealthy, oily, INEDIBLE pooris are provided. Tea is undrinkable, luke-warm AND expensive (Rs. 10).
service inside the train is also horrible. He will come take orders for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you miss him, that's it!!! He will NOT come again. No one ELSE will ever come again, asking if you need water.
Especially, please take AMPLE supply of water with you, for the whole journey.
I came by AC 1st class from CSTM to SBC, but my experience was overall THIRD CLASS.
Needless to say, avoid this train if you have other alternatives.

Mar 27 2014 (15:38)
Amit   270 blog posts   226 correct pred (76% accurate)
Re# 1036102-1            Tags   Past Edits
100% agree. I traveled in 1AC last year and was shocked to find the state of it even before it was transferred to CR. Read my comments here: /blog/post/840671/2
First AC travel is no longer as comfortable as it used to be. I have experienced people holding SL class tickets, visiting their friends in 1AC and even secretly sleeping in the cabins (sharing berths) after night-fall!
Have even seen people traveling with large dog in cabin, creating terror and nuisance to co-passengers in trains such as Rajdhani. Read here: /blog/post/1033228/6
Train Tip
Jan 09 2015 (07:37)   11302/Udyan Express (PT)

Shubham*^~   1126 blog posts   419 correct pred (73% accurate)
Entry# 1334898            Tags   Past Edits
S4 has charging points in all bays. Hope it helps :)
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