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Rail Fanning
Jul 27 2019 (12:43)   12560/Shiv Ganga Express | CNB/Kanpur Central (10 PFs) | CNB/WAP-4/22283
eXplorerDKG^~   86545 blog posts
Entry# 4389227            Tags   Past Edits
Clicks from recent journey in beloved #PurvanchalRajdhani...
Current booking for CNB was done just 1seat avbl from 8 avbl at the time of Charting..
I twas onboard in jammu-agra spcl till DSJ then Airport Metro to NDLS, after that 12560 ..
the day Sdah rajdhani reschedule to leave at 19:40... hence it manage to overtake us sikandar pur from down mainline at low mps, we were on UP mainline.. while third line having freights
I guess OT was given bcoz ahead no loop lines were empty..
Hence after rajdhani the gkp duplicate rajdhani aka humsafar overtakes us but at mps on downline..
After that we were non stoppable till PANKI
We overtake many trains including Kaifiyat, Gct-bandra etc..
Order veg casserole meal at 50Rs.. was damn tasty as last time.. given Rotis instead of Prantha..
Samosa disappoint me because it was cold
Toilets were smelling badly, but after complain OBHS clean it well as well as sleeper coach..
Coach condition was good and very few waiting pax onboard which were later given seats by TTE...
We manage to cover 1 hour delay approx which was caused by Tilak Bridge cautions and 2 OTs..
Had parallel run with GT for few minutes hauled by AJJ WAP-4..

9 Public Posts - Sat Jul 27, 2019
Jul 26 2019 (00:40)   ASR/Amritsar Junction (8 PFs)
eXplorerDKG^~   86545 blog posts
Entry# 4388103            Tags   Past Edits
Well there are lots of places to visit, for Golden Temple i will share it in detail, here telling breif points only
1. #Golden_Temple:- The most famous place in Amritsar I guess for tourist, although its a holy temple and a important place for Sikh-Punjabi Community. Peaceful place with lovely environment. World class infrastructure for basic facilities. Detail tip to be posted along with pics soon.
#Jaliwalabagh Museum/Place: It is nearby Golden Temple and at a walking distance from Golden Temple, in front of town hall streets. It is related to history of India and its Partition Time.. bullet marks at walls were still present, a well also in where people jump into it to save their life. Also a small museum telling the truth via dox for the place and story of Udham Singh.
It is well known as "Jaliawala Bagh Massacre"
Pics attached.. for more info may ask in comment
3. #PartitionMuseum:- in my whole trip to Amritsar this place really affect me to change my many opinions, thinking, truth against many people from our history to whom these one sided and paid Historians claimed as GREATEST
If you love history, politics (not Indian Mentality wali) but as subject and trend observer, u must visit this place and spend 4-5 hours here, it is also nearby both above places and situated in Town Hall streets at a walking distance of 500m i guess, there is entry ticket of Rs 20 per head and it is fully Air Condition.. and very large in terms of area too, we manage to spend 2 hours here and i came back here next day too.. few documents of 47 and statements made by the people who lost their close ones in this ridiculous partition made by few mind sick politicians of that time who called themselves freedom fighter. Never see the pain and losses of life which divides the peaceful living people on both side, the data is almost vanished for lose of life in partition but some says 10Lac and some says 15lacs , whatever the data is but its really not a good decision in my opinion. You must visit this place as it tells you about real Hindustan of 1947 (before & after both). Not tells you about India or Pakistan.
4. #DurgianaTemple : It is an important temple in Amritsar and looks similar to Golden Temple, you may say its mini Golden Temple with same structure, entrance, and surrounded by Pool side area. It is 1-2 km far away from Golden Temple i guess
5. #MataLalDevi Temple : Visit this temple for if you wish to visit all Hindu Famous Temple, because this temple has built all famous temple from south to north and east to west.. all Jyotirlings, shakti peeths, char dham, chota char dham, vaishno devi, etc etc all the temples replica not even temple the copy of ardh kuwari cave is also there where you have to pass from a cave.. you will need 30-40 min atleast to visit all the temples as it was in a single lane follow by same path..
It is 4-5Km from Golden Temple i guess
6. #ShriRam_Tirth Temple: It is the birthplace of Luva - Kusha, twins of Rama and Sita in the Ashram of Saint Balmiki. Built in yellow stone the temple dates back to the Ramayana as Sita was given shelter here after being abandoned by Rama. The battle of the Ram’s force and Luv-Kush. It is very big temple and having very big infrastructure development along with precious things in the making..
Balmiki Kutiya is still present and also shows the birth place of LuvKush.. Ramayana Time Temple is situated in front if it..
7. #GovindgarhFort : It is very costly for you if you are thinking to spend 1-2 hours, you need atleast full day or half a day to visit it completely. There are several museum inside it present, several 7D shows, other entertainment things... However its not very big in terms of area if i compare it to many forts of India, and i guess Govt just improve this by adding private ooerators to save this fort and make this fort as tourist attraction.. however in our visit less than 100 people were there as many are unaware of it when they come to amritsar, so needs to be advertise.. there are 2 packages in which different different things available, in the bigger package you will have Lunch as well and laser show in night too..
7D movies and also if you are lucky they will show you complimentary movie too
- Maharaja Ranjit Singh Story is common in all as the fort is somewhat related to him and mahraja ranjit singh is very famous, influence ruler in punjab in his era.. 7D movie was fab, the raining, horse riding 😁 really an awesome feeling.. then complimentary show was also good.
-Wax Museum for different different purposes, some are Pagdi Museum. It was my 2nd visit for any Wax museum after Delhi's Tussaud's in CP..
-Dance show in every hour by various punjabi dance groups, different different punjabi dance steps
-Souvenir Shop as well
-TopKhana now develop as museum where precious things were kept to show us such as coins, also replica of Kohinoor diamond..
8. #AtariBorder : 1st of all its not wagah Border, its Atari Border and also JCP Atari. Wagah is in Pakistan side, and there is railway station on that name too..
For Attari border you need to take a pvt cab (best), also state buses, auto also ply..
Leave around 3 pm as it take 40-45 min for cabs to reach there from Amritsar to Atari.. just 30 min show but need atleast 4-5 hours
Early arrival means nearby seat to road to see the activities.. i forgot many things from here and many important points .. well just try to not to taky any baggage, buy flags from road side specially at Toll Tax it will be cheaper for you as compared to shop near Atari Border. There is stirct rules to be followed, if you are any kind of VIP you have to follow BSF instructions, if you want seat near to Border side better register by any defence personal from Amritsar, they will give you some pass (dont know the whole procedure), really a nice place to be active patriotic, these few Anti Nationalist must visit these places 😂, but i have more interest in pakistan side as there is very less rush, only Pakistani but in India side there were huge huge numbers of Foreigners around 100+, many of them dancing on Indian Songs, 1 foreigner crosses the border too just before the ceremony starts.. i was literally thinking if Tourist Visa is available for Pakistan, i will surely visit there too... Just to eat some lovely afghani chicken, kashmir, pak girls, mohenjo daro, karachi, one of famous hindu temple there too..
Well these are the places where i visited and important one is listed above.. many places you may self find that after discussing it with locals if you have enough time..
Amritsar trip is hardly 2-3 days trip, full 3 days not half..
Pics to be attached soon for every places describe above..
For any info just comment

3 Public Posts - Fri Jul 26, 2019
Jul 25 2019 (23:22)   ASR/Amritsar Junction (8 PFs)
eXplorerDKG^~   86545 blog posts
Entry# 4388083            Tags   Past Edits
1. Auto: Autos available from both side entrance/exit, it is better to exit from other side (pf8) rather than pf1 side if u are going to Golden Temple, as from pf1 side they will charge more and will go via Over bridge then in front of other side entry/exit road... So better to exit from other side (Pf8) and book your auto at 10-15Rs per head
2. Taxis: as usual its big city hence Ola, Uber available easily, and also many other pvt taxis
3. Bus: here i am talking about bus
service provided by Golden Temple Trust/Board etc. If you exit from Pf1 side you will see many yellow color buses available and depart in every 30 min after filling for Golden Temple, nearby it..
So you may choose any of the option above, if less luggage then go for Bus, if more luggage prefer Autos and for comfort prefer Taxis

Train Tip
Jul 24 2019 (23:35)   22462/Shri Shakti AC Express
eXplorerDKG^~   86545 blog posts
Entry# 4387260            Tags   Past Edits
Writing every tip in a one tip blog
It was one of the best train for Delhi
1. #Food: PC available which sells every items listed in its menu, even Pizzas, Burgers etc it was really a good service indeed with good taste, only veg Option available because of Maa Vaishno Devi
2. #Cleanliness: Best Maintainence from katra CDO, it was
really nicely maintained, everything is upto mark, from coach condition to washroom
3. #Punctuality: You may say this train as Katra Rajdhani too or Jammu's 2nd Rajdhani, due to its priority well avg speed is not high due to katra-jammu section but yes it runs dot ontime although started ontime from Katra and 20 min approx early arrival at UMB as on that time arrival was 7:55 am i guess now its changed in 2019 TAAG.
4. #Railfanning: In this you will also not found Scenic beauty from both up and down trip due to night, but just after depa from SVDK you may see the hills of Vaishno Devi Trek, it was really really a nice look indeed, treks with lights and if you were aware of Adhkuwari even you kay see that as that only place with huge lights and big dome type structure mounted with big lights..
Overall it was really a good train to prefer for Delhi/Umb for nice and comfortable journey
99% are from KATRA, who came from Vaishno Devi Trekking, Jammu sees hardly few pax (on my trip)
We deboard at UMB as it doesn't halts at PNP (we need that stoppage)
Hence early arrival at UMB help us for catching easily Bhatinda Express from UMB to Panipat
After Ambala occupancy remains 70-80%
Still cleanliness is upto mark as at LDH water filling was done and at UMB OBHS doing cleaning as well..
If arrives on Pf6 of UMB and Depart from Pf1 from SVDK
Doors were open exactly 30 mins before departure of train, after asking few RPF personal that why they were not opening doors, he said in night we need to maintain more security as its nearby to Kashmir, if we allowed pax to sit in before the time then no ones know who came from track end side and put something in coach.. (on that time India-Pak relationship was in very dangerous mood due to Pulwama attacks and then Abhinandan Air strikes and captured... )
We need more security now in kashmir and nearby..
Well security was really tight, when we arrived at KATRA by hemkunt in morning no auto walas were allowed even to stop on main road
Else go to prepaid booth centre or move to the main road side of highway

4 Public Posts - Thu Jul 25, 2019

Train Tip
Jul 24 2019 (23:07)   14605/Haridwar - Jammu Tawi Express
eXplorerDKG^~   86545 blog posts
Entry# 4387219            Tags   Past Edits
Mai overall bata deta hu TIP
Alag alg batane me itna khas nhi h
1. #Food: no food available and no onboard catering, you have to buy it from station if available as after UMB for AC Pax its very difficult to get a water bottle even because coach is near Loco and you have to walk a long way from front to middle of station for vendors, even at JRC i walk for few meters to buy water bottles and then coffee, sleeper and ac coaches attached but shutters were
down after UMB..
2. #Seating: Normally many seats were empty in our coach, maximum were Army Personal very few family as well..
3. #Charging: 1 Socket each on side lower, 2 Sockets on Other side, well it is LHB hence you will found Charging sockets even in GS
4. #Toielt: Not very much clean but avg, well cleanliness in whole coach is upto mark, water available but washroom smells badly too
5. #RailFanning: not much after UMB because overnight journey and early arrival at JAT all dark outside, but if you are traveling from JAT to SVDK in any other train then thats good.. (we took Hemkunt from JAT-SVDK)
6. #Punctuality: Early arrival at UMB as well as Early arrival at Jammu.. nind kharab hoti h 😂
Isko katra extension krne pe bhar k chalegi..
Booking tip already dusre tip me dia h..
Rest is that this train is best for Jammu bound people for early arrival not for katra ones, but if you didn't find any ticket in any train as i am hence you may do break journey too
Its arrival may be an issue but after arriving JAT few minutes later Hemkunt arrived here and we enjoyed the scenic views of enroute to Katra 😍
Morning arrival at Katra also make your Katra-Vaishno Devi trip as good schedule time
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