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Nov 03 2017 (20:23)

Entry# 2039     
Piyush Singh
Full form of short abbreviations used in railway

General Travel
Aug 21 2016 (20:35)
Blog Post# 1969245-0     
Piyush Singh   Added by: Piyush Singh  Nov 03 2017 (20:23)
Some Full form name from indian railway:-
AC Air-Conditioned
ACC Air-Conditioned coach or class
ACCC Air-Conditioned Chair Car
Alarm Chain Pulling (!)
ADE, ADEN Assistant Divisional Engineer
ADEE Assistant Divisional Electrical Engineer
ADME Assistant Divisional Mechanical Engineer
AE, AEN Assistant Engineer (see also Technical terms above)
AEC Accident Enquiry Committee
ALK Allowance in Lieu of Kilometrage (in calculating payments for drivers)
ARMV Accident Relief Medical Van
ART Accident Relief Train
ARTS Advanced Railway Ticketing System
ASM Assistant Station Master
AW Auxiliary Watering (in working timetables)
AWS Auxiliary Warning System
BESA British Engineering Standards Association
BG Broad Gauge
BIO-TOIL 'Biological Toilet' - eco-friendly toilet with bacterial decomposition facility developed by ICF for use on railway coaches.
B/L Branch Line
BOLT Build-Own-Lease-Transfer: private ownership/operation scheme for various freight & passenger services and infrastructure.
BPS Blue Parcel Service
CA&FO Chief Accounting and Finance Officer
CARS Central Accounting and Reporting System (consolidated reports of ARTS ticketing during the day)
CBO City Booking Office
CC Chair Car
CCS Chief Commercial Superintendent
CCTV Closed-Circuit TV
CEE Chief Electrical Engineer
CFTS Chief Freight Traffic Superintendent
CFS Container Freight Station
CHA Custom House Agent
CME Chief Mechanical Engineer
COIS Coaching Operations Information System
Conc. Concessional fare (annotation on ticket)
CARTRAC (not really an acronym) CONCOR's automobile transport service
CONCERT COuntrywide Network of Computerised Enhanced Reservation and Ticketing
CONTRACK (not really an acronym) CONCOR's container freight service
COW Career On Wheels: informal classrooms for teaching English, etc., on board trains
CRS Chief Reservations Supervisor, Computerised Reservation System Commissioner of Rail Safety
CT Control Tower
CTI Central Training Institute
CTR Combined Train Report
CTU Centralized Training Unit
CVM Coupon Validating Machine (for ticketing with prepaid coupons)
C&W Carriage & Wagon (staff for plumbing, electricals, amenities)
CW Carriage Watering facilities (in working timetables)
DAL Delhi Avoiding Line, a route for goods trains to avoid the central New Delhi area.
DCT Domestic Container Terminal (as opposed to the ones equipped for international freight)
DEE Divisional Electrical Engineer (Sr. DEE = Senior Divisional Electrical Engineer)
DF Development Fund
DFC Dedicated Freight Corridor
DF Defence quota
DME Divisional Mechanical Engineer
DP Duty Pass
DRF Depreciation Reserve Fund
DRM Divisional Railway Manager
DRUCC Divisional (or District) Rail Users Consultative Committee
DSC Dual-stacked (or double-stacked) containers
E/A Extra time Allowed (slack in train's schedule for a section)
EC or ECC Executive Chair Car
ECR Empty Coaching Rake
EFC Eastern Freight Corridor
EQ Emergency Quota
ESCAP Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
ESM Electronic Signal Maintainer
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
EY Empty rake (on train monitoring systems)
F Forward journey (in train number annotations)
FC First Class, also Financial Commissioner, also Freight Corridor
FEDL Fully Electrified Double Line
FOB Foot Overbridge (a pedestrian overpass); Fuel Oil Balance
FOIS Freight Operation Information System
FRED Flashing Rear End Device (a warning lamp at the rear of a train)
FT Foreign Tourist (annotation on reservation charts)
G Goods
GAL Goods Avoiding Line
GIT Goods Intermodal Transshipment (e.g., "GIT yard")
GM General Manager
GR General Rules (railway regulations and operating procedures)
GRP Government Railway Police
GSA General Sales Agent (for bookings and Indrail passes sold abroad)
GTKM Gross Tonne KM
HDR High-Density Route
HDN High-Density Network ('Golden quadrilateral' and others)
HO Head Office (a type of quota for tickets)
HP Handicapped Persons quota
HSRL High Speed Rail Line (or Link)
IBP Intermediate Block Post
IC Inspection Carriage (Saloon)
ICD Inland Container Depot
ICTT International Container Transshipment Terminal
I-ASK Inter-Active Status Kiosk (to check reservation / train status)
IMPRESS Integrated Multi-train Passenger REServation System
IOH Intermediate Overhaul
IOW Inspector of Works
IRMP Integrated Railway Modernization Plan
IRP Indrail Pass
IRS Indian Railway Standard (pre-Independence railway standards body)
IRVS Interactive Voice Response System
JOH Junction of Head - point where the tongue rail approaches the main rail in a switch
JUSBRL Jammu Udhampur Srinagar Baramulla Rail Link (Kashmir Valley railway project)
LB Lower Berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)
LC Level Crossing
LHF Long Hood Forward
LHL Long Hood Leading
LI Loco Inspector
L/L Local Line
LQ Ladies Quota
LRT Light Rail Transit
LV Last Vehicle
MB Middle Berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)
MCO Military Control Office (coordinates ticketing and accommodation for military personnel at some railway stations)
M/E Mail/Express (on tickets)
MG Meter Gauge, also Motor Generator
MGC Mekong Ganga Cooperation group, an association of India and south-east Asian countries, which among other things aim to build a rail link from India to Vietnam.
M/L Main Line
MOW Maintenance of Way
MRT Medical Relief Train (self-propelled medical van for accidents)
MRTC Mobile Radio Train Communication
MSL Mean Sea Level
MTP Metropolitan Transport Project (body studying Calcutta's transit problems in the 1960's)
NETRA Network of Electrification -- Testing and Recording Apparatus
NG Narrow Gauge
NLT Not Losing Time
NMG New Maruti Goods / New Modified Goods (wagons)
NOSTRAC North-South Transport Corridor (proposed Central Asia - Iran - India link)
NP Non-pooled (referring to freight stock)
NR 'Not Received' (referring to freight consignments delayed or missing in transit)
NRC Non-railway Customer (any customer other than the zonal railways, for the products of CLW, DLW, etc.)
NTES National Train Enquiry System (phone-based train/reservation status)
NTKM Net Tonne-Kilometer
NV Non-Vegetarian (meal or restaurant)
NVOCC Non-Vehicle Owning/Operating Common Carrier
OA Out-Agency
OCV Other Coaching Vehicle
OIGS On India Government Service (for mail, etc.)
Ordy. Ordinary = Stopping passenger (on tickets)
OSD Officer on Special Duty
OYWS Own Your Wagon Scheme
PAR Parcel Service (in indicating kinds of bookings available at ticket agency)
PCV Passenger Coaching Vehicle
PF Platform (sometimes P/F)
PH Parliamentary Quota
PNR Passenger Name Record (Passenger Numeric Record?) (identifying number for ticket)
POH Periodic Overhaul
POL Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants (designation for oil cargo)
PQ Pooled Quota
PQWL Pooled Quota Waiting List
PRS Passenger Reservation System
PS Passenger Service (in indicating kinds of bookings available at ticket agency)
PSCT Port-side Container Terminal
PU Production Unit
PWI Permanent Way Inspector
R Return journey (in train number annotations)
RA Running Allowance (in calculating drivers' pay)
RAC Reservation Against Cancellation
RCC Railway Convention Committee (also see above)
R Fee, Res Fee Reservation fee (annotation on ticket)
RJQ Return Journey Quota
RLWL Running Line Waiting List
RMS Railway Mail Service
ROB Road Over-bridge (i.e., road goes over train tracks)
ROH Routine Overhaul
RO-RO (RORO) Roll-on, roll-off service (auto transport)
ROW Right of Way
RPF Railway Pension Fund (also see above, organizations)
RR Railway Receipt, Refreshment Room
RRF Railway Reserve Fund
RTR Ready-to-Run (modelling kits)
RTSA Rail Travellers' Service Agents
RUB Road Under-bridge (i.e., road goes under train tracks)
SATIS Station Area Traffic Improvement Scheme
S Ch, SF Ch Superfast Charges (annotation on ticket)
SCRA Special Class Railway Apprentice
SEB State Electricity Board (any of the state bodies supplying electricity to IR)
Sh. CC Shatabdi Chair Car
SHF Short Hood Forward
SHL Short Hood Leading
SIL Safety Integrity Level - statistical measure of reliability of a safety system such as an interlocking system
SLB Side Lower Berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)
SM Station Master
SPART Self-Propelled Accident Relief Train - 3-coach accident relief rakes with two diesel power packs
SPURT Self-Propelled Ultrasonic Rail Testing cars
SR Subsidiary Rules (for railway operation, see GR)
SRUCC Suburban Rail Users Consultative Committee (for Mumbai suburban services)
SS Station Superintendent; Substation (electrification)
SSD Spring Setting Device - spring-loaded mechanism on some switches to ensure proper alignment of tongue and stock rails
SSE Senior Section Engineer
S&T Signalling & Telecommunications
Suburban Traffic Avoiding line : the fifth line between Borivali and Bandra Marshalling Yard, and between Mahim Junction and Mumbai Central in the Mumbai system.
SUB Side Upper Berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)
TAAG Trains At A Glance (a timetable publication)
TAR Trans-Asian Railway (another proposed grand pan-Asian route)
TBO Town Booking Office
TC Trailer Car (unpowered car in EMU rake), Ticket Checker / Ticket Collector
TCF Train Coming From (condition of block instrument)
TDR Ticket Deposit Receipt (when surrendering ticket for cancellation / refund)
TEU Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit (for measuring container traffic; a standard 40-foot container is 2 TEUs)
TGT Train Going To (condition of block instrument)
TMS Train Management System
TRS Traction Rolling Stock
TS Train Superintendent
TT Timetable
TTE Travelling Ticket Examiner
CK Tatkal Quota
TXR Train Examiner, the officer who issues the BPC and VCC (Train Inspector)
UB Upper Berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)
UEC Universal Emergency Communication (a system of on-board communication in some trains)
V Vegetarian (meal or restaurant)
V Ch, Vou Ch Voucher charges (annotation on ticket)
VG Vegetarian (meal or restaurant), also Vehicle Guidance (the record of identifying numbers for coaches/wagons that make up a train)
VLRR Vegetarian Light Refreshment Room
VT Victoria Terminus (now Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus)
WFC Western Freight Corridor
WL, W/L Waiting List; Wait-Listed (ticket issued without confirmed accommodations)
(Also as a sign: Whistle on approach to Level crossing!)
WM Works Manager
W/T Without Ticket
ZDOT Zero Death On Tracks (campaign to reduce fatalities from pedestrian trespassers)
ZISTU Zonal Integrated S&T Units
ZTC Zonal Training Centre
2T Two-tier (as in "AC-2T" = airconditioned two-tier coach)
3T Three-tier
Exp. Express
Jn. Junction (in station names)
Pass., Pgr. Passenger (train)
Raj Rajdhani Express
Rd. Road (in station names)
Cant., Cantt. Cantonment (in station names)
Mxd. Mixed (in train names)
Tr. Ckt. Track Circuit
Classes of Accommodation
1A First class Air-conditioned (also Executive Class)
2A Air-conditioned 2-tier sleeper
FC First Class
3A Air-conditioned 3-tier sleeper
CC Air-conditioned chair car
SL Sleeper class
2S Second-class Sitting
Ticket Quotas
GN General
LD Ladies
HO High Official / Headquarters
DF Defence
RC (RAC) Reservation against Cancellation
OS Out-station
RS Road-side
PH Parliament House
FT Foreign Tourist
DP Duty Pass
HP Handicapp
Sep 15 2011 (23:54)

Entry# 741     
Zone wise Organisation of IR

General Travel
Oct 23 2017 (10:02)
Blog Post# 2575184-0     
Yash Joshi   Added by: Er AC*^~  Oct 23 2017 (13:29)
S.No. Name of the Zone Divisions Headquarters representated in ( )
1. Central Railway (MUMBAI) Bhusawal, Nagpur,
Mumbai(CST)*, Solapur*, Pune^
Eastern Railway (KOLKATA) Malda, Howarh, Sealdah, Asansol
3. Northern Railway (NEW DELHI) Ambala, Ferozpur, Lucknow, Moradabad, Delhi
4. North Eastern Railway (GORAKHPUR) Lucknow, Varanasi,Izatnagar*
5. Northeast Frontier Railway (GUWAHATI) Katihar, Lumding,Tinsukhia, Alipurduar*,Rangiya^
6. Southern Railway (CHENNAI) Chennai, Madurai, Palghat,Trichy, Trivandrum
7. South Central Railway (SECUNDERABAD) Secunderabad*,
Hyderabad*, Guntakal*,Vijaywada*, Guntur^, Nanded^
8. South Eastern Railway (KOLKATA) Kharagpur,Chakradharpur*, Adra*, Ranchi^
9. Western Railway (MUMBAI) Bhavnagar, Mumbai Central,Ratlam*, Rajkot*, Vadodara*, Ahemdabad^
10. East Central Railway (HAJIPUR)** Danapur, Dhanbad,Sonepur, Mughalsarai, Samastipur
11. East Coast Railway (BHUBANESWAR)^ Khurda Road,Waltair,Sambalpur
12. North Central Railway (ALLAHABAD)^ Allahabad*, Jhansi*,Agra^
13. North Western Railway (JAIPUR)** Bikaner*, Jodhpur, Jaipur*, Ajmer*
14. South East Central Railway (BILASPUR)^ Nagpur, Bilaspur*,Raipur^
15. South Western Railway (HUBLI)^ Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli*
16. West Central Railway (JABALPUR)^ Jabalpur, Bhopal, Kota*
17.Note: The Konkan Railway is a subsidiary zone of the Indian Railways. It is one of the 17 zones of the Indian Railways but without any divisional structure unlike other railways zones in India.Total stations 123.Headquarters: Navi Mumbai.
* :- Reorganised Divisions w.e.f 1.4.2003
** :- New Zones operationalised on 1.10.2002
^ :- New Zones/Divisions operationalised on 1.4.2003
Source: Indianrailways.gov.in

Aug 14 2011 (12:34)
Blog Post# 219898-0     
rdb*^   Added by: rdb*^  Sep 15 2011 (23:54)
What are various Zone of IR and Jurisdiction of Divisions???
1. Central Railway/Mumbai----Bhusawal, Nagpur, Mumbai (CST), Solapur, Pune
2. Eastern Railway/Kolkata-----Malda, Howrah, Sealdah, Asansol
3. East Central Railway/Hajipur---Danapur, Dhanbad, Sonepur, Mughalsarai,
4. East Coast Railway/Bhubaneswar----Khurda Road, Waltair, Sambalpur
5. Northern Railway/New Delhi----Ambala, Ferozpur, Lucknow, Moradabad, Delhi
6. Northeast Frontier Railway/Guwahati--Katihar, Lumding, Tinsukhia, Alipurduar, Rangiya
7. North Eastern Railway/Gorakhpur---Lucknow, Varanasi, Izatnagar
8. North Central Railway/Allahabad-----Allahabad, Jhansi, Agra
9. North Western Railway/Jaipur--------Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Ajmer
10. Southern Railway/Chennai------Chennai, Madurai, Palakkad, Tiruchirappalli, Salem, Thiruvananthapurarn,
11. South Central Railway/Secunderabad---Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Guntakal, Vijayawada, Guntur, Nanded
12. South Eastern Railway/Kolkata--Kharagpur, Chakradharpur Adra, Ranchi
13. South East Central Railway/Bilaspur--Nagpur, Bilaspur, Raipur
14. South Western Railway/Hubli---Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli
15. Western Railway/Mumbai--Bhavnagar, Mumbai Central, Ratlam, Rajkot, Vadodara, Ahmedabad
16. West Central Railway/Jabalpur--Jabalpur, Bhopal, Kota
17. Konkan Railway/Navi Mumbai --Navi Mumbai
18. The Metro Railway Kolkata

Jul 17 2011 (00:29)
Blog Post# 205961-0     
rdb*^   Added by: rdb*^  Sep 15 2011 (23:55)
Which state of India has most number of Railway Zones having some area of that state under its jurisdiction?
Please put the major station name along, if you know..!

Jul 17 2011 (00:49)
Blog Post# 205961-3     
rdb*^   Added by: rdb*^  Sep 15 2011 (23:56)
@saurabhsunny25: Re# 205961-2
The question is which state is having max no of Railway zones controlling some of that state's area?
For example; Maharashtra has CR(Mumbai, Nagpur), WR(BCT) and SCR(Nanded). So Maharashtra has three different zones...maybe more.
Like this, which state has more no of zones??
hope question is more clear this time..

Jul 17 2011 (00:55)
Blog Post# 205961-4     
Guest: 7dbb2c9f   Added by: rdb*^  Sep 15 2011 (23:56)
@Tr Ra Fa**: Re# 205961-3
West Bengal
ER, SER, NFR, ECR(Littilt part of Purulia)

Jul 17 2011 (01:11)
Blog Post# 205961-6     
Amjad Ali Khan*^~   Added by: rdb*^  Sep 15 2011 (23:57)
@Tr Ra Fa**: Re# 205961-0
For Andhra I think Secunderabad= Scr, Vizag=Ecor, and Sullurpet= SR.

Jul 17 2011 (01:16)
Blog Post# 205961-7     
rdb*^   Added by: rdb*^  Sep 15 2011 (23:57)
@Amjad Ali Khan**: Re# 205961-6
NER : Siwan, Chhapra
ECR : Patna, Samastipur, MFP
NFR : Katihar
: Bhagalpur

Jul 17 2011 (01:19)
Blog Post# 205961-8     
rdb*^   Added by: rdb*^  Sep 15 2011 (23:57)
@Tr Ra Fa**: Re# 205961-7
UP - 4
1. NR : MB. Lucknow
2. NER: GKP, Varanasi, Izzatnagar
3. NCR: Agra, Allahabad, Kanpur
ECR : East of MGS(No major Town/station of UP lies in ECR)

Jul 17 2011 (01:21)
Blog Post# 205961-9     
® राहुल जैन ☺ झाडू वाले™🚅🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃*^~   Added by: rdb*^  Sep 15 2011 (23:57)
@Amjad Ali Khan**: Re# 205961-6
for mp
wcr-bhopal, wr-ratlam, ncr-gwalior, secr-chhindwada, CR-Amla

Jul 17 2011 (01:27)
Blog Post# 205961-10     
Guest: 4affa435   Added by: rdb*^  Sep 15 2011 (23:58)
@Tr Ra Fa**: Re# 20
1. ECR : Mughalsarai
2. NER: Gorakhpur, Lucknow
3. NCR: Allahabad, kanpur Central, Agra cantt., Jhansi
NR: Lucknow, Moradabad

Jul 17 2011 (01:31)
Blog Post# 205961-11     
rdb*^   Added by: rdb*^  Sep 15 2011 (23:58)
@guest: Re# 205961-10
If we take KR, then Maharashtra has 5
1. CR - Mumbai, Bhusaval
2. WR - BCT
3. KR - Panvel, Ratnagiri
SECR - Nagpur, Gondia
5. SCR - Nanded
Oct 23 2017 (00:08)
Ticket Booking/E-Ticketing

Entry# 2038     
काम बिलबिला रहा है*^~
How to book a extra railway coach?

Nov 18 2012 (02:08)
Blog Post# 585411-1     
~   Added by: काम बिलबिला रहा है*^~  Oct 23 2017 (00:08)
I had booked a sleeper coach from sbg to pnbe in er...
The following steps was done by me-
1.met station master of sbg,er
2.he asked me to write to chief passenger transportation manager
did it 2 months in advance(rule is from 6 months to 1month in advance)
4.the application had train no.in which extra sleeper coach intended,date,total expected passenger and cause
5.the letter was sent for approval and i was called after 3 days
6.after 3 days my letter was rejected
7.reason being i had asked for brahmaputra mail,a nr train,and no extra coaches could be attached as it was running upto its "full limit"
8.i was suggested farakka express
9.i agreed and paid rs.50000,as security fee
10.i was called after 10days for remaining fare
11.after 10 days i had to pay up and down fares for 72 passengers for 500km(the minimum chargeable distance for reserved coach,though sbg to pnbe is 298km)
12.two days prior to journey my extra coach was stationed at sbg
13.on the day of bookin farakka express became 13 hours late
14.i rcvd a call from drm mldt that do i want any alternate train
15.i opted for sdah bsb express
16.the coach was attached and we boarded and decorated the coach at sbg
17.coach was detached at dnr
18.same for reverse
19.on returning rly staff came and checked whether all the fans and other fittings were in place
20.after 7 days i was called and refunded my security by cheque
21.railways were thankful to me instead of me being thankful to them.....
Oct 21 2017 (22:02)

Entry# 2037     
Amjad Ali Khan*^~
Do you know the meaning of this X written on train ?

★★  General Travel
Oct 21 2017 (22:01)
Blog Post# 2568205-0     
Amjad Ali Khan*^~   Added by: Amjad Ali Khan*^~  Oct 21 2017 (22:02)
Do you know the meaning of this 'X' written on train ?
Every day millions of people travel by train. Have you ever seen the last bogey in the train? Probably not, many people will never see or read the last bog of the train. Today, We will tell you the meaning of 'X' written at last bogie of train.
This mark is made so that the train staff can know that the entire train has gone. If you have ever paid attention, then you may have seen that there is a mark
on X on the last box of train. Have you ever wondered what this means? This X mark is made of white and red on the last bogie.
Not only this, on the last compartment of many trains, a lamps of electricity have also been started. This lamp glow once in 5 second. Earlier this lamp was glow from oil. But now it glow from power. According to the rule, it is mandatory to have this mark on the last bog of every train.
Apart from this, there is also a board on last bog of train where 'LV' is written. This board is written in English and its color is black or white. This board means the Last Vehicle. If a train has passed and the staff does not see the LV board, then it mean that the entire train has not come. In this situation emergency action is started.
Pic Courtesy & Post Courtesy :- UC News.
Oct 19 2017 (11:12)

Entry# 2036     
In a relationship with poorva exp😎😎^~
List of longest and shortest running intra-state trains of each state

★★★  General Travel
Oct 18 2017 (22:39)
Blog Post# 2555436-0     
In a relationship with poorva exp😎😎^~   Added by: In a relationship with poorva exp😎😎^~  Oct 19 2017 (11:12)

This list consist of longest and shortest running trains that connects two different parts of the same state. The train may pass through intermediate stations that lies in different state but the originating and terminating stations must lie within the same state. All type of trains has been considered in this list except EMU, MEMU, DMU, DEMU, suvidha, spacials and passengers (except PART 3)


1. MAHARASTRA =>> 11039/40 Kolhapur - Gondia Maharashtra Express - 1345.9 km
2. KARNATAKA =>> 17307/08 Bagalkot - Mysore Basava Exp - 1006.7 km
3. TAMIL NADU =>> 12689/90 Chennai Central - Nagercoil (W) Superfast exp via Erode - 922.6km
4. RAJASTHAN =>> 22981/82 Kota - Shri Ganganagar Superfast exp - 917.5km
5. MADHYA PRADESH =>> 11703/04 Rewa - Dr.Ambedkar Nagar Exp - 830.9km
6. ODISHA =>> 18117/18 Rourkella - Gunupur (Tw) Rajya Rani exp - 798.9km
7. WEST BENGAL =>> 15721/22 New Jalpaiguri - Digha (W) Paharia exp - 779.8km
8. UTTAR PRADESH =>> 14511/12 Allahabad - Saharanpur Nauchandi Exp - 774.2km
9. ANDHRA PRADESH =>> 22707/08 Vishakapatnam - Tirupati (Tw) Double Decker Exp - 760.3km
10. CHHATTISGARH =>> 18211/12 Durg - Jagdalpur Exp - 659.8km
11. GUJRAT =>> 12945/46 Surat - Muhuva (W) Superfast exp - 631.2km
12. ASSAM =>> 15967/68 Dibrugarh - Rangiya (Tw) Exp - 604.2km
13. KERALA =>> 12081/82 Kannur - Thiruvananthpuram Jan shatabdi Exp - 500.2km
14. JHARKHAND =>> 18619/20 Ranchi - Dumka Intercity Exp - 410.9km
15. PUNJAB =>>14505/06 Amritsar - Nangal Dam Exp - 386.9km
16. BIHAR =>> 15283/84 Jaynagar - Katihar Janaki Exp via Saharsa - 368.8km
17. UTTARAKHAND =>> 14119/20 Dehradun - Kathgodam Exp - 335.9km
18. TELENGANA =>> 17025/26 Secundrabad - Manugara Express - 330.1 km
19. HARYANA =>> 14795/96 Bhiwani - Kalka Ekta Express - 299.1km


1. BIHAR =>> 18695/96 Patna - Islampur Exp - 64.4km
2. KARNATAKA =>> 16521/22 KSR Bangalore - Bangarapet Express - 70.1km
3. UTTAR PRADESH ==> 15019/20 Gorakhpur - Nautanwa Express - 81.7km
4. GUJARAT =>> 19035/36 Vadodara - Ahmedabad Intercity Exp - 100km
5. PUNJAB =>> 14633/34 Amritsar - Pathankot Ravi exp - 106.8km
6. WEST BENGAL =>> 13013/14 Bardhaman - Rampurhat (Tw) Exp - 112km
7. TAMIL NADU =>> 16233/34 Tiruchirapalli - Mayiladutarai express - 120km
8. MAHARASHTRA =>> 12145/46 Miraj - Pandharpur Superfast Exp - 136.7km
9. RAJASTHAN =>> 14807/08 Jaipur - Alwar Express - 151.1km
10. ODISHA =>> 18413/14 Puri - Paradeep Intercity Exp - 172.5km
11. ASSAM =>> 15815/16 Kamakhya - Dekargoan Intercity Exp - 182.6km
12. JHARKHAND =>> 13301/02 Dhanbad - Tatanagar Swarnarekha Express - 187.6km
13. MADHYA PRADESH =>> 19323/24 Indore - Bhopal Intercity Exp - 217.3km
14. KERALA =>> 16303/04 Thiruvananthapuram - Ernakulam Vachinad Exp - 220.3km
15. UTTARAKHAND =>> 15033/34 Dehradun - Ramnagar Intercity Express - 244.5km
16. TELENGANA =>> 12757/58 Secunderabad - Sirpur Kaghaznagar Superfast Express - 296.5km
17. ANDHRA PRADESH =>> 17241/42 Narasapur - Vishakapatnam (Simhadri) Exp - 299.1km
18. CHHATTISGARH =>> 18241/42 Durg - Ambikapur Express - 468.3km

There are some states in which I couldn't find any intra-state express trains. For such states, I have taken passengers trains into consideration.

1. GOA
• longest as well as shortest >> Vasco - Kulem passenger - 33.3km

• longest >> Agartala - Dharmanagar Passenger - 139.4km
• shortest >> Agartala - Udaipur Tripura Passenger - 43km

• longest >> Banihal - Baramula DEMU - 135.3km
• shortest >> Jammu Tawi - SMVD Katra - 77.7km

• Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Nagaland don't have any intra-state train service
• Haryana has only one intra-state train

If there is any mistake then plzz let me know, I will correct it
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