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What is smart Booking??  
16 Answers
Jul 28 2011 (00:11)
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Entry# 172     
What is smart Booking??

Mar 28 2010 (19:29)
Blog Post# 27134-1     
जितेश शुभ यात्रा*^   Added by: moderator*^~  Jul 28 2011 (04:44)
Yes there are some methods to get confirmed or RAC bookings in some train instead of wait list but these tricks and methods will be gained by some one only because of experience and time devoted to search confirmed bookings. The logic is simple try to book ticket between those pair of station from which it is available rather than to being bounded to only a single combination.
Devote some time in different trains to search these, you will get them.
Although it may be costly(some times costly than tatkal) but it is
hassel free because for tatkal bookings you also know what happens.
So we give pressure on those smart bookings.

Mar 28 2010 (19:33)
Blog Post# 27134-2     
MST IndianRailways   Added by: moderator*^~  Jul 27 2011 (07:02)
I have posted many findings in Blog 16843. These can be used for smart bookings.

Mar 28 2010 (19:36)
Blog Post# 27134-3     
जितेश शुभ यात्रा*^   Added by: moderator*^~  Jul 27 2011 (07:02)
yes that is what I am trying to convey to Mr Kapadia, that there are many tricks available in some blogs, just try to find them out.

Mar 29 2010 (18:50)
Blog Post# 27134-4     
जितेश शुभ यात्रा*^   Added by: moderator*^~  Jul 27 2011 (07:02)
Please check the entry no 27323
You will get the example of smart booking.
Although Tatkal is waitlisted but by this method you will be able to book in RAC.

Mar 29 2010 (20:06)
Blog Post# 27134-5     
Kapadia    Added by: moderator*^~  Jul 27 2011 (07:02)
Request to help in keeping this open for views on the original post matters.
@ all bloggers :
Post your views - if possible - point wise. Thanks in advance.

Mar 29 2010 (20:19)
Blog Post# 27134-6     
Kapadia    Added by: moderator*^~  Jul 27 2011 (07:02)
i) Ref # 27323-3
The PNR position therein is ...
From: Mumbai CST/CSTM To: Rajahmundry/RJY
Date of Journey: Wed Mar 31 Class: AC 2-tier
Passenger 1: Waitlist# 2 (Booking Status: W/L 5,
Passenger 2: Waitlist# 3 (Booking Status: W/L 6, PQWL)
Chart NOT Prepared
ii) You can not accurately predict confirmation and conclude that PQWL is weaker over fresh RAC (extended booking). This is purely blind hitting. The passenger holding AC-2tier may not at all be willing to travel under RAC- might already have taken a decision to cancel the ticket in case it remains at RAC level. By advising to book a fresh ticket from CSTM to Srikakulam - extended booking by spending Rs. 200/- extra per person ... (with de-boarding at Rajahmundry) may not be well received as he will still be holding RAC ticket and running a risk for fully confirmed ticket. If confirmed ticket is available, then good option to switch over. But that is what I tried to explain that you need to check few combinations (more details in # 27134). That's it. Nothing difficult provided the passenger spares some more time to try out few combinations. For this, one does not need years or months of booking experiecne.
The current proposition will give rise to extra hassles to the passenger in booking the fresh ticket, cancelling the old ticket, again cancelling the new ticket at the last moment of journey time and particularly when busy planning out alternaives. How can it be surely said that under the current circumstances, fresh RAC booking runs a bright chance compare to PQ WL ticket and that too nobody is aware of how is WL actually treated by Rlys at the last moment - lot of merging of cross quotas taking place ?
What is proposed (advocated that one can gain this only by experience) is just one more combination / option of booking the ticket at a time when nobody knows that ticket being booked will fall under which WL ? The same combination method referred in 27134).
Note that any one single incident of ticket confirmation by this method can not be set as a standard and a method called smart booking. If confirmed, you may say smart booking, but equally if not cofirmed then what ?
What is more needed is calm and patience and the best option is to go for multiple booking of tickets right at the time of inital bookings called
"standby measure" or "standby booking".
The booking of ticket intially
i) from CSTM to Rajahmundry
ii) CSTM to Srikakulam or any further station (extra booking)
That's all.
What passengers need to know more about ... is on multiple bookings with nominal cancellation charges but abnormal benefits and comforts, when no confirmed tickets are available.
Your current proposition will invite extra troubles, confusions and hassles apart from more money. I personally fear any takers !!! The point here is to think from passengers' point of veiw and the need for inculcating the concept of multiple booking strategy i.e. the method called ... "Standby Measure" or " Standby Booking".
These are my views and nothing more than that. Best wishes to you for the ongoing season.

Mar 29 2010 (21:58)
Blog Post# 27134-7     
जितेश शुभ यात्रा*^   Added by: moderator*^~  Jul 27 2011 (07:02)
Dear Mr Pravin Kapadia
Plz do not mind my words, I was not intended to hurt you. I was just trying to convey the thing if you try with certain logics of smart bookings you will be able to book confirmed or RAC ticket instead of Wait listed one.
I also agree 100 % with you that PQWL may even get confirm in this case while the RAC remains RAC upon charting.
what the point matters is the position at booking status.
In this case the person holding the PQWL ticket is not assured of berth without confirmation but with RAC at least he/she can expect sitting accommodation, so which one will be given priority and also this RAC will be from GNWL, so you can easily expect that chances for confirmation are better in case of RAC(but still I say it is not final)
Here what we calculate Chance and predict on behalf of that.
You must have seen my predictions are also wrong some time.
I daily book some tickets by these smart methods and my experience says most of the people prefer RAC over wait list even it will be available by paying more from any other station.
This was the case of extension of booking up to any other station while I have observed the cases where some passengers are ready to pay more from both sides(I mean originating station & terminating station) & then we change the boarding point also.
Even some times you may not be able to get bookings in tatkal while with these methods you can get RAC or confirmed.
So which will be given priority by a normal thinking person :-
Wait list ( any PQWL, RLWL or GNWL) where no guarantee that it will get confirmed/RAC or not (till then suspense) and passenger is not authorized to board the train.
RAC (At least sitting accommodation is assured) & passenger is authorized to board the train.

Mar 29 2010 (22:01)
Blog Post# 27134-8     
जितेश शुभ यात्रा*^   Added by: moderator*^~  Jul 27 2011 (07:02)
One more point I forget to mention with Wait listed tickets passenger is not authorized to board the train in reserved class.
Either from E ticket or PRS ticket.
Although people misunderstand that with PRS wait listed tickets they are authorized to board the reserved compartments.

Mar 29 2010 (23:02)
Blog Post# 27134-9     
MST IndianRailways   Added by: moderator*^~  Jul 27 2011 (07:02)
Mr Kapadia, Most of us here have done an extensive analysis if train bookings and WL progressions. By looking at passenger trend, one can analyze whether a particular WL shall get confirmed or not.
When I advise for PQWL will get confirmed or not, I also check how many berths are currently vacant in GN quota.
check whether the travel is in the last lap of the train. For example, in one of the PNR queries, a passenger has booked WL tickets in AC3T from Bhopal to New Delhi in Karnataka Exp. I am very sure this ticket will get confirmed, not just this low WL, but even with as high WL number as 20. There is a logic for this which I know, thats why I am sure abt this confirmation.

Mar 30 2010 (07:49)
Blog Post# 27134-10     
जितेश शुभ यात्रा*^   Added by: moderator*^~  Jul 27 2011 (07:02)
Yes Sir
I am also agreed to your logic.

Mar 30 2010 (09:21)
Blog Post# 27134-11     
MST IndianRailways   Added by: moderator*^~  Jul 27 2011 (07:02)
Examples of "smart bookings"
Book using a different starting station, ending station or both to get confirmed berths.
Dont spend money on booking in GN quota, or unnecessaily going for Tatkal when you
existing WL ticket is sure to get confirmed.
If no confirmed berths are available in any train (of suitable time), analyze various WL in various trains and book in the one which has most chances of confirmations. Lower WL does not mean high chances. It all depends on pattern of travel by that train. For example, a WL 30 in 3AC from Bhopal to NDLS will get confirmed in Karnataka Exp, but even a WL15 in Shane Bhopal exp may not get confirmed.
If all passengers are not getting berths in same cabin/compartment, allow the bookings to get full, and wait for RAC to start. RAC 1, 2,3, 4 has 100% chances of being alloted berths in same cabin when confirmed. This will happen at charting.
When you hold backup bookings, the bookings should be done in such an order that the charting for the most preferred ticket happens before the charting for the lower preferred ticket. Otherwise this does not serve as backup purpose.
In cases when I am not sure of my travel plans, but book a tentative ticket, I try to find out trains which have WL, but sure to get confirmed at charting. This way I save cancellation charges even if I had to cancel my ticket 1 day before the travel date.

Mar 30 2010 (09:53)
Blog Post# 27134-12     
shrikant thepade   Added by: moderator*^~  Jul 27 2011 (07:02)
There are many examples for smart booking...
If a passenger not getting CNF tickit in any qouta ...then try for some other QOutas like lower berth, ladies, handicap subject to eligibility...
if a passenger wants a tickit in lower berth qouta & he z also eligible for it...then this z the very best qouta...evevnif full crowded trains LB gets vaccant 2-3 days before...but make sure that u will have to book one by one tickit in this qouta coz to apply for this u will have to book a
single passenger in each PNR...then it will go in LB qouta automatically...
Also same for LADIES qouta every train has a multiple of 6 in this qouta...which may remain vaccant...BUt only FEMALE passengers can avail this...sometimes we
think for the childrens...but the MALE below 12(means from 11 to 5) is also applicable for this
Also at the time of chart preparation...LB qouta seats are given to the passengers who are applicable for this qouta rather there GNWL is more than any regular passenger
This is also done with the experience & knowledge....
Rmember every train has "A NEW CHART ON A NEW DAY"...
No one can predict that what will happen to your tickit on that particular day...whatever the analysis u do whatever the exp. u had...but nothing can be predicted...most of your bloggrs predict for RAC (more than 75%)...on actual
this z not true...rathe what i seen z that the chances of failing in RAC are very less than the CNF seat...Again being RAC z only a satisfaction not the solution..
From last 10 years i m in this business...and made thousands of tickits...but WL tickits which are sure to confirm...i will give that....if i have a doubt about that then i will never go for it & will suggest for TATKAL...
Wish u All the Best...
Thank u...

Mar 30 2010 (11:53)
Blog Post# 27134-13     
MST IndianRailways   Added by: moderator*^~  Jul 27 2011 (07:02)
Yes, important guidelines for availing Lower Berth Quota is only 1 passenger per PNR. Even if 2 passengers, both Senior Citizens, book in same PNR, they are not given the Lower Berth Quota. They both need to book seperately to avail that quota.

Mar 30 2010 (16:57)
Blog Post# 27134-14     
Guest: 455aa16d   Added by: moderator*^~  Jul 27 2011 (07:02)
Can 03 ladies book for Ladies Qta in a single PNR?

Mar 30 2010 (17:09)
Blog Post# 27134-15     
जितेश शुभ यात्रा*^   Added by: moderator*^~  Jul 27 2011 (07:02)
3 ladies can get booking under a single pnr in ladies quota if 3 or more than 3 berths are available at the time of booking.

Apr 03 2010 (10:46)
Blog Post# 27134-16     
MST IndianRailways   Added by: moderator*^~  Jul 27 2011 (07:02)
In case of WL,
- In the last RL quota section of the train, the more you delay the ticket starting station, the more the chances of confirmation.
- In the first RS quota section of the train, the more you advance the ticket ending station, the more the chances of confirmation.
even splitting of WL tickets in the first RS quota section and in the last RL quota section works, even if both legs are WL.
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