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CSDR/Channasandra (2 PFs)
ಚನ್ನಸಂದ್ರ     चन्नसंन्द्रा
[Ramamurthy Nagar]

Track: Double Electric-Line

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Type of Station: Regular
Number of Platforms: 2
Number of Halting Trains: 14
Number of Originating Trains: 0
Number of Terminating Trains: 0
Ramamurthy Nagar Main Rd, Govindpura, Dooravani Nagar, Bengaluru - 560016
State: Karnataka
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Elevation: 913 m above sea level
Zone: SWR/South Western
Division: KSR Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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Feb 03 (09:56) Three railway projects get Rs 175 crore in Pink Book (
Commentary/Human Interest
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 436722  Blog Entry# 4865266   
  Past Edits
Feb 03 2021 (09:56)
Station Tag: Whitefield/WFD added by Anupam Enosh Sarkar/401739

Feb 03 2021 (09:56)
Station Tag: Krishnarajapuram/KJM added by Anupam Enosh Sarkar/401739

Feb 03 2021 (09:56)
Station Tag: KSR Bengaluru City Junction (Bangalore)/SBC added by Anupam Enosh Sarkar/401739

Feb 03 2021 (09:56)
Station Tag: Channasandra/CSDR added by Anupam Enosh Sarkar/401739

Feb 03 2021 (09:56)
Station Tag: Yesvantpur Junction/YPR added by Anupam Enosh Sarkar/401739

Feb 03 2021 (09:56)
Station Tag: Hosur/HSRA added by Anupam Enosh Sarkar/401739

Feb 03 2021 (09:56)
Station Tag: Baiyyappanahalli/BYPL added by Anupam Enosh Sarkar/401739
The allocation will fast track the ongoing work, which is scheduled to be completed in 3 yearsThe doubling of the two important railway lines in the City has received a shot in the arm with the Ministry of Railways allocating around Rs 148 crore in the Pink Book, which was released on Tuesday. The allocation will fast track the ongoing work, scheduled to complete in three years.While Rs 77.50 crore has been allocated towards doubling 48-km Baiyappanahalli - Hosur line, similar work on the 21-7-km Yeshvanthpur - Channasandra stretch gets Rs 70 crore. As per the agreement, the State Government will release the equal sum of work to the Karnataka Railway Infrastructure Development Enterprise (K-RIDE), which is tasked with the work.Another major allocation made in the Pink Book is the quadrupling of 23-km Bangalore - KR Puram - Whitefield stretch. The Centre has provided a sum of Rs 28 crore.It’s learnt...
that a separate allocation has been made towards the suburban rail project but the details were not immediately available.Other than doubling works, the Pink Book does not make many allocations to works such as level crossing works and automatic block signalling that was considered crucial for increasing the frequency of train movements.Another disappointment is the missing of allocations for the construction of the terminal at Bengaluru Cantonment as well as in Yeswanthpur where a second terminal was proposed.
Jan 05 (09:42) Delayed return raises hard questions on KIA train schedule (
New/Special Trains
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 431844  Blog Entry# 4834511   
  Past Edits
Jan 05 2021 (09:43)
Station Tag: Dodjala/DJL added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Jan 05 2021 (09:43)
Station Tag: Bangarapet Junction/BWT added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Jan 05 2021 (09:43)
Station Tag: Devanahalli/DHL added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Jan 05 2021 (09:43)
Station Tag: Channasandra/CSDR added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Jan 05 2021 (09:43)
Station Tag: Yelahanka Junction/YNK added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Jan 05 2021 (09:43)
Station Tag: Baiyyappanahalli/BYPL added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Jan 05 2021 (09:43)
Station Tag: Kempegowda International Airport Halt/KIAD added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335
On a high after Monday morning’s first train from the city, the swanky new halt station at the Kempegowda International Airport was not in sync with the delayed arrival of the DEMU from Bangarpet. Scheduled for 6.43 pm, the train chugged in only at 7.30 pm.
Less than 10 airport employees and a couple of mediapersons had arrived at the station by a shuttle bus from the terminal. But once inside the train, they were not prepared for the two 20-minute halts en route to the Yelahanka and Channasandra stations.
When the train
finally arrived at Baiyappanahalli, the clock read 9.13 pm, an hour and 38 minutes behind the scheduled arrival time of 7.35 pm. Crossing the bridge on to the metro terminal, passengers were in for another shock: The last metro had left the terminal at 9 pm.
Even if the fare is only Rs 15 from the halt station to Baiyappanahalli, will air passengers endure such a delay to bypass the traffic and costly cabs?
This was a question posed by the few travellers on the train. “They may not bother a delay of five to 10 minutes, but not this,” was the general verdict.
However, Mohan, a frequent traveller on the route, hastened to add that such delays were a rarity. Besides, this was the first day for the train. He hoped once the schedule is stabilised, the train would be on time. “This is critical, especially for people heading to the airport to catch a flight.”
Having campaigned for the airport rail link for years, urban rail analyst Sanjeev Dyamannavar agreed that maintaining timings was extremely important to build confidence among commuters.
“Airport schedules are very strict for both employees and air passengers. Hopefully, once the track capacity is enhanced, these delays will be sorted out,” he said.
Electrification of the Yelahanka–Devanahalli line, a crossing station at Doddajala and track doubling between Yelahanka and Guntakal would all eventually resolve the issue. “With these issues sorted out, we could have five pairs of trains in the morning and an equal number in the evening in three months’ time,” he noted.

Rail News
Jan 05 (10:59)
Hala Madrid 🇪🇸
promethsuresh^~   2950 blog posts
Re# 4834511-1            Tags   Past Edits
Firstly they need to increase number of platforms in stations on the route as it's a single line

Jan 05 (11:01)
KSR Bengaluru Chennai Mail
BangaloreMail^~   20055 blog posts
Re# 4834511-2            Tags   Past Edits
Yes. Two more PFs can be constructed at KIA halt.

Jan 05 (15:24)
Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour
sachinature~   7360 blog posts
Re# 4834511-3            Tags   Past Edits
Double line along this route will also bring one additional PF. In that scenario both up and down train PFs will be dedicated and trains can also be increased.
Nov 07 2020 (22:41) New tenders called for civil, electrification work on rail lines (
New Facilities/Technology
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 424186  Blog Entry# 4771044   
  Past Edits
Nov 07 2020 (22:41)
Station Tag: Hosur/HSRA added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Nov 07 2020 (22:41)
Station Tag: Baiyyappanahalli/BYPL added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Nov 07 2020 (22:41)
Station Tag: Channasandra/CSDR added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Nov 07 2020 (22:41)
Station Tag: Yesvantpur Junction/YPR added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335
After cancelling the bids called in October 2018 for the doubling of Baiyappanahalli-Hosur (48 km) and Yeshwantpur-Channasandra (21.7 km) railway lines, the authorities have called new tenders for civil and electrification works. 
The two lines form an important network for the suburban rail as they connect the IT corridors in the southern and eastern parts of Bengaluru to the northern and central parts.
Urban transport activists have long pointed out that doubling the lines will allow the railways to run more local trains and ease the traffic congestion in the city without having
to wait for the full-fledged suburban rail project. 
The latest tenders have been issued by the Rail Infrastructure Development Company (Karnataka) Limited, known as K-RIDE. The tenders split the key pieces of work on the two lines into different segments and packages. 
The tenders cover the supply of ballast, fabrication and assembling of glued joints, flash butt welding and related civil works.
The electrical engineering department of K-RIDE will monitor the electrification work, including design, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of the 25 kV, single-phase overhead equipment for electrification.

Rail News
Nov 09 2020 (18:57)
irifan2015   1182 blog posts
Re# 4771044-1            Tags   Past Edits
SWR should think of linking Hosur line to Jolarpet line -- Heelalige/ Bellandur to Whitefield/ Hoodi. This will give tremendous flexibility to run more trains. Long distance trains like LTT CBE, Kongu can take that line to travel via KJM and to avoid loco reversal. Few more trains like CST NCJ/ TVC can also run via Hosur if such a link is done.

Nov 10 2020 (09:59)
Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour
sachinature~   7360 blog posts
Re# 4771044-2            Tags   Past Edits
Yes, a by-pass link from Hosur line to Ynk line, will reduce time and loco reversal.
Mar 06 2020 (15:34) Karnataka Budget: Rs 500 crore for Bengaluru suburban railway comes as a saving grace (
Rail Budget
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 402511  Blog Entry# 4585415   
  Past Edits
Mar 06 2020 (15:34)
Station Tag: Hebbal/HEB added by Next train from SWR~/48335

Mar 06 2020 (15:34)
Station Tag: Hosur/HSRA added by Next train from SWR~/48335

Mar 06 2020 (15:34)
Station Tag: Baiyyappanahalli/BYPL added by Next train from SWR~/48335

Mar 06 2020 (15:34)
Station Tag: Channasandra/CSDR added by Next train from SWR~/48335

Mar 06 2020 (15:34)
Station Tag: Yesvantpur Junction/YPR added by Next train from SWR~/48335

Mar 06 2020 (15:34)
Station Tag: KSR Bengaluru City Junction (Bangalore)/SBC added by Next train from SWR~/48335
The allocation of Rs 500 crore for the suburban rail project has come as a major step at solving Bengaluru’s mobility problems, while there was hardly any other new proposal. 
But the state government’s push will mean little unless approval comes from the Union cabinet, which has been sitting on the project for two years since the initial endorsement. Officials have said that the Rs 18,500-crore project requires initial funds of about Rs 1,000 crore to take off. 
The budget also announced to bear half of the cost of doubling the Yeshwantpur-Channasandra and Baiyappanahalli-Hosur railway lines, more than a year after the previous
government’s U-turn almost derailed it. 
The rest of the announcements remain vague and directionless as the budget repeats those made in the previous years, especially with regard to the much-delayed multi-modal transport hubs. The government has also remained silent on the Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority, something the BJP had promised in its poll manifesto. 
Although Rs 500 crore has been allocated for developing 12 high-density zones that contribute to “80% of traffic congestion” in the city, it’s unclear if that means building more flyovers or implementing sustainable solutions to boost public transport. Considering the recent demand for the elevated corridor by Bengaluru MLAs, it’s likely that the government will be inclined towards building new flyovers. 
Metro Phase 3, Metro lite
The budget mentions the progress of the metro work and announces building pedestrian crossovers at 24 stations, which is not a novel idea. 
There is also a mention of metro Phase 3 with an announcement on the preparation of a Detailed Project Report for the ‘Outer Ring Road–West Metro’, from Hebbal to JP Nagar. The budget also proposes a 44-km Metro Lite under the public-private partnership. 
The announcement that the work on the 56-km Outer Ring Road-KIA metro will begin this year is not reassuring as the project has already been delayed by more than a year, mainly due to a change in the alignment of the line.
Jan 19 2020 (11:08) KIA Halt Station: Airport train, finally on track (
Other News
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 399297  Blog Entry# 4543906   
  Past Edits
Jan 19 2020 (11:08)
Station Tag: Whitefield/WFD added by ✨ ༻༻༻𝙎𝙋𝙅𝙒𝘿𝙈3𝘿𝘽𝙇𝙐𝙀 ༺༺༺^~/1432188

Jan 19 2020 (11:08)
Station Tag: KSR Bengaluru City Junction (Bangalore)/SBC added by ✨ ༻༻༻𝙎𝙋𝙅𝙒𝘿𝙈3𝘿𝘽𝙇𝙐𝙀 ༺༺༺^~/1432188

Jan 19 2020 (11:08)
Station Tag: Channasandra/CSDR added by ✨ ༻༻༻𝙎𝙋𝙅𝙒𝘿𝙈3𝘿𝘽𝙇𝙐𝙀 ༺༺༺^~/1432188

Jan 19 2020 (11:08)
Station Tag: Dodjala/DJL added by ✨ ༻༻༻𝙎𝙋𝙅𝙒𝘿𝙈3𝘿𝘽𝙇𝙐𝙀 ༺༺༺^~/1432188

Jan 19 2020 (11:08)
Station Tag: Devanahalli/DHL added by ✨ ༻༻༻𝙎𝙋𝙅𝙒𝘿𝙈3𝘿𝘽𝙇𝙐𝙀 ༺༺༺^~/1432188

Jan 19 2020 (11:08)
Station Tag: Yelahanka Junction/YNK added by ✨ ༻༻༻𝙎𝙋𝙅𝙒𝘿𝙈3𝘿𝘽𝙇𝙐𝙀 ༺༺༺^~/1432188

Jan 19 2020 (11:08)
Train Tag: KSR Bengaluru - Kolar DEMU (Via Chikkaballapur)/76551 added by ✨ ༻༻༻𝙎𝙋𝙅𝙒𝘿𝙈3𝘿𝘽𝙇𝙐𝙀 ༺༺༺^~/1432188
Pause that airport connectivity thought for a moment. In just over a month, you could be in a train chugging straight to the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA). Yes, that is exactly the promise of the halt station at the airport boundary, now in brisk construction mode, ready for completion in February.
Hop on to the train, bypass all that troubling road traffic, get off at the halt station and take a short five-minute shuttle bus to the airport terminal. Sounds perfect, but will you take it? Perhaps, depending on whether you are a passenger or an airport worker, whether the trains are frequent, fast and reliable.
here’s what you can expect on Day One of the train service: Four trains heading out from the city towards Devanahalli, stopping at the KIA halt station, and four trains from Devanahalli heading back. This may not trigger a dramatic switch from road to rail, but a new connectivity option finally gets real.
Scaling up
Skeletal but fast, cheap and with huge potential, the service could scale up quickly. The Yelahanka-Devanahalli line is today a single track, a definite stumbling block for capacity upgrade. “But you can double the capacity if the Doddajala and the KIA halt stations allow trains to cross,” notes urban rail analyst Sanjeev Dyamannavar.
The entire line could get a hyper-boost with electrification. The Divisional Railway Manager, South Western Railways, Ashok Kumar Varma has sent a proposal to electrify the 23km Yelahanka-Devanahalli line at a cost of Rs 30 crore. If the Railway Board approves this, fast, comfortable MEMU trains to the airport could be a reality within six months to a year.
Route electrification
Also Read: Will opt for train if frequency improves: Flyers
Electrification of the route, says Varma, will give more flexibility in operations. An SWR team is in touch with the Allahabad-based Central Organisation for Railway Electrification (CORE) to take this project on priority.
Since MEMU trains have engines on both sides, reversal could be achieved in minutes, Dyamannavar explains. “Besides, MEMU trains from Mysuru that terminate at Yelahanka could be extended upto Devanahalli via the KIA halt station. This will greatly benefit airport-bound passengers from Mysuru, Ramanagaram and Bidadi.”
An existing train (No. 76551) operates from Bengaluru City Railway Station to Kolar via Cantonment, Baiyappanahalli and Yelahanka. Once this train halts at the KIA Station, commuters could hop off the Metro at Baiyappanahalli and reach the airport in about 45 minutes spending not more than Rs 15!
More trains
More trains on this route could potentially alter the dynamics of airport travel completely. Channasandra Station, with two platforms and footbridges, is on this line, easily accessible from the Outer Ring Road. Another station at Thanisandra is on the SWR agenda. The implication is clear: Multiple boarding points will help shift commuters from road to rail in big numbers.
The low usage of the Channasandra – Yelahanka line opens up another attractive route: Whitefield to Devanahalli via K R Puram, Channasandra, Yelahanka and the KIA Halt Station. Once this becomes the new normal, commuters between KIA and Whitefield can look beyond the two existing road routes: ORR-Hebbal and Old Madras Road-Budigere Cross.
The Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) has already declared its intention to operate shuttle buses between the Halt Station and the passenger / cargo terminals. Once the second terminal T2 gets operationalised sometime in 2022, the bus network is likely to get even wider.
KSR-KIA in 45 min
To help passengers reach the airport for early morning flights, SWR has proposed to introduce trains from KSR Bengaluru City between 3.30 am and 4 am. “We are exploring this option. People can reach the airport in 45 minutes. Such services are also possible from Whitefield,” says Varma.
Airport employees, both regular and daily wagers, are expected to be the immediate beneficiaries of the halt station. Hundreds of them from Kolar, Chickaballapura and other distant localities could now take the cheaper rail option.
Growing KIA staff
By 2030, the number of people employed at KIA is projected to touch 2.35 lakh, working in three shifts of eight hours each. Currently, the shifts are from 7 am to 4 pm, 1 pm to 10 pm and from 10 pm to 7 am. From security to housekeeping, maintenance to cargo-handling, ground support to retail outlets, the airport staff strength has soared in recent years.
“These low income employees need good and affordable public transport by BMTC buses or Suburban Rail,” notes Rajkumar Dugar, a seasoned rail activist for the halt station. The halt station, he says, will eventually boost railway revenues and reduce pollution by private vehicles.
The DRM has assured that more trains could be introduced based on the patronage. But before the frequency is boosted, a few pending projects remain: Signalling at the new halt station, road connectivity to the Airport Road, second platform level raise at the Devanahalli station and construction of subways.
Once the halt station is operationalised with all basic infrastructure in place, an estimated 500-1,000 airport-bound passengers are expected to take the trains daily. This, say analysts, will be just the right boost for the Railways to speed up capacity upgrades, and station development works.
Beyond airport workers, individual air travellers and students, will those who value the convenience of last-mile connectivity switch from the cabs to the rail? Perhaps many will eventually, if the trains are fast, frequent, comfortable, affordable and reliable. The next few months will be keenly watched.
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