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Sat Jul 22, 2017 16:27:05 IST
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QLM/Kulem (3 PFs)
कुळें     कुले

Track: Single Diesel-Line

Type of Station: Regular
Number of Platforms: 3
Number of Halting Trains: 20
Number of Originating Trains: 3
Number of Terminating Trains: 3
South Goa Distt.
State: Goa
Elevation: 77 m above sea level
Zone: SWR/South Western
Division: Hubballi (Hubli)
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Rating: 3.4/5 (32 votes)
cleanliness - good (4)
porters/escalators - average (4)
food - average (4)
transportation - good (4)
lodging - average (4)
railfanning - good (4)
sightseeing - excellent (4)
safety - good (4)

Nearby Stations

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Station News

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Mar 22 2017 (17:22)  Rail double tracking tendered (goacom.com)
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New Facilities/TechnologySWR/South Western  -  

News Entry# 297179   Blog Entry# 2208201     
   Tags   Past Edits
Mar 22 2017 (17:22)
Station Tag: Kulem/QLM added by a2z~/1674352

Mar 22 2017 (17:22)
Station Tag: Madgaon Junction/MAO added by a2z~/1674352

Posted by: a2z~  62 news posts
Margao: Work on the Rs 207 crore project to double track the South Western Railway line from Kulem to Margao is expected to commence very shortly as Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd has already tendered the work to M/s Tracks & Towers Infratech Pvt Ltd, who are in the process of setting up their office in Goa.The work on Kulem to Margao sector is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2020-21 and involves laying of the double track on 34 kms besides having six major bridges, 38 minor bridges, 5 stations and 1 halt, seven level crossings and 30 quarters which will be at Sanvordem where the Railways have sufficient land.
The six major bridges are as follows: Two between
Kulem and Kalem, two between Kulem and Sanvordem and two between Sanvordem and Chandor while the minor bridges will be nine between Kulem and Kalem, 14 between Kalem and Sanvordem, three between Sanvordem and Chandor and 12 between Chandor and Margao
While earthwork formation will be costing Rs 37.20 crore, the bridge work will cost around Rs 91.90 crore, the actually laying of the rail line will cost Rs. 36.93 crore, the staff quarters and buildings will cost Rs. 8.45 crore, platform passenger amenities including the foot over bridge extensions will cost Rs 9.3 crore, signal and telecommunications will cost Rs 5.24 crore, general electric works Rs. 2.76 crore and cement worth around Rs. 17.52 crore will be utilized.Two platforms will be constructed at Chandor and Kalem with a new foot over bridge for Chandor while the existing one at Kalem will be extended. Incidentally, the existing station at Chandor will be demolished and a new station will be constructed on the other side.
Konkan Railway Corporation has undertaken to erect a loop line at the Margao Railway station and also to erect new platforms at Margao, Majorda and Dabolim for the South Western Railway to undertake their Tinaighat to Vasco double tracking of railway line.In Goa, while Kulem to Margao has been taken up as the first segment, second phase is Margao to Vasco section which is expected to commence in the second quarter of 2017-2018 and completed in third quarter of 2020-2021 and finally will be the Castlerock to Kulem section which will commence in fourth quarter of 2017-2018 and is expected to complete in third quarter of 2020-2021.
For the Kulem to Margao sector, the government proposes to acquire around 10.5 hectares of land. The land sought to be acquired is as follows: Collem – 5173 sq mts, Calem – 22775 sq mts, Santona – 5309 sq mts, Sanvordem – 6930 sq mts, Xic-Xelvona – 920 sq mts, Assolda – 3720 sq mts, Chandor – 4843 sq mts, Guirdolim – 23490 sq mts, St Jose de Areal – 3425 sq mts and Davorlim – 8815 sq mts.More than 20 thousand sq mts of land is sought in Kalem and Guirdolim because a new platform and a new station is proposed to be constructed at these two villages for the railway stations at Kalem and Chandor.
The state government has apparently invoked the policy prepared by it following the amended to Land Acquisition Act to acquire the land in Goa, under which initially consent from the land loser is required. It is learnt that land losers from Sanguem and Quepem talukas have already given their consent, while currently officials are seeking consent letters from land losers in Salcete taluka.

Mar 23 2017 (18:41)
a2z~   1453 blog posts
Re# 2208201-1            Tags   Past Edits
It has to be done fast and full project to be completed at the earliest, as a large region of India does not have direct connectivity to a unique and major tourist destination of our nation, i.e. Goa, which has been is denied due to saturation of the existing single line.
Dec 04 2016 (09:37)  New Trains From Goa To Sec'bad & Tirupati (www.eenadu.net)
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New/Special TrainsSWR/South Western  -  

News Entry# 287595   Blog Entry# 2079869     
   Tags   Past Edits
Dec 04 2016 (9:54AM)
Station Tag: Secunderabad Junction/SC added by AAA/51244

Dec 04 2016 (9:54AM)
Station Tag: Tirupati Main/TPTY added by AAA/51244

Dec 04 2016 (9:54AM)
Station Tag: Guntakal Junction/GTL added by AAA/51244

Dec 04 2016 (9:54AM)
Station Tag: Hubballi Junction (Hubli)/UBL added by AAA/51244

Dec 04 2016 (9:54AM)
Station Tag: Castle Rock/CLR added by AAA/51244

Dec 04 2016 (9:54AM)
Station Tag: Kulem/QLM added by AAA/51244

Dec 04 2016 (9:54AM)
Station Tag: Madgaon Junction/MAO added by AAA/51244

Dec 04 2016 (9:46AM)
Station Tag: Vasco-da-Gama/VSG added by AAA/51244

Posted by: AAA  5 news posts
అమరావతి: తిరుపతి నుంచి గోవా (వాస్కో)కు త్వరలో కొత్త రైలు పట్టాలు ఎక్కనుంది. ప్రయాణికులకు ఈ రైలు వారానికి ఒక రోజు (వీక్లీ ఎక్స్‌ప్రెస్‌) అందుబాటులో ఉండనుంది. రైల్వేబోర్డు నుంచి ఆమోదం లభించడంతో టైంటేబుల్‌ రూపకల్పనపై రైల్వే అధికారులు కసరత్తు చేస్తున్నారు. గోవా, పరిసర ప్రాంతాల నుంచి తిరుమల శ్రీవారి దర్శనం కోసం వచ్చే భక్తులు పెద్దసంఖ్యలో ఉంటున్నారు. నేరుగా రైలు సదుపాయం లేకపోవడంతో చాన్నాళ్లుగా ఈ డిమాండ్‌ విన్పిస్తున్నారు. తిరుపతి నుంచి పది బోగీలతో కొత్త రైలు నడవనుంది. మరోవైపు దక్షిణమధ్య రైల్వే ప్రధాన కేంద్రం సికింద్రాబాద్‌ నుంచి కూడా గోవాకు పది బోగీలతో వీక్లీ రైలు ప్రారంభించనున్నారు. తిరుపతి నుంచి,సికింద్రాబాద్‌ నుంచి గోవాకు బయల్దేరే రైళ్లు గుంతకల్లులో కలుస్తాయి. అక్కడ రెండింటిని కలిపి గుంతకల్లు నుంచి ఒకే రైలు గోవాకు ప్రయాణించేలా నైరుతి (సౌత్‌వెస్ట్రర్న్‌) రైల్వే ప్రణాళిక రూపొందించింది.

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Dec 12 2016 (14:48)
Naveen Golla   338 blog posts
Re# 2079869-85            Tags   Past Edits
For rest of days can they introduce this train to shimoga since atleast from their mangalore or dharmastala will be near by road way as my sugession for swr and scr zones.
Since for AP tirupathi is pilgrim city and for karnataka dharmastala great place.
Jun 29 2016 (12:23)  No Dudhsagar visits this year as well? (allaboutbelgaum.com)
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TourismSWR/South Western  -  

News Entry# 272293   Blog Entry# 1911235     
   Tags   Past Edits
Jun 29 2016 (12:23PM)
Station Tag: Castle Rock/CLR added by NTPC a positive catalyst for SWR/48335

Jun 29 2016 (12:23PM)
Station Tag: Dudh Sagar/DDS added by NTPC a positive catalyst for SWR/48335

Jun 29 2016 (12:23PM)
Station Tag: Kulem/QLM added by NTPC a positive catalyst for SWR/48335

Jun 29 2016 (12:23PM)
Train Tag: Goa Express/12779 added by NTPC a positive catalyst for SWR/48335

Posted by: Why not three languages in Aadhar~  46 news posts
The Dudhsgar Falls have become inaccessible owing to restrictions imposed at the nearby railway station by Indian Railways. In order to enable tourists to get a glimpse of this glorious waterfall, the tourism department of Goa has urged the Railway Ministry to improve connectivity to the spot.
For the Second year Dudhsagar water falls now cannot be accessed by the rail trek as the SW Railways has declared this as dangerous and prohibited tourists from walking on the track.
Currently no trains stop at Dudhsagar.
is observed that a large number of people access the Dudhsagar falls by traveling on goods train or by trekking alongside the railway track or alighting from express train with unscheduled stoppage.
Trekking on railway track is an offense and would be liable to punishable under sections 147, 151,152, 153 of the Railways act 1989.
Unlawful entry into goods train/engine/express is also punishable under sections 147,156 of
the Railways act 1989.

Jun 29 2016 (13:17)
™Smart City Bhagalpur ®~   1203 blog posts   21 correct pred (78% accurate)
Re# 1911235-1            Tags   Past Edits
Ir must not block the visit but try to improve connectivity to dudh sager

Jun 29 2016 (14:33)
Why not three languages in Aadhar~   4284 blog posts   324 correct pred (68% accurate)
Re# 1911235-2            Tags   Past Edits
They have to make exclusive tourism spot railway station near by falls and should run trains to and from that station.
Aug 05 2014 (05:53)  A memorable train journey (www.deccanherald.com)
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Commentary/Human InterestSWR/South Western  -  

News Entry# 188283   Blog Entry# 1178394     
   Tags   Past Edits
Aug 05 2014 (5:53AM)
Station Tag: Kulem/QLM added by rdb**/69261

Aug 05 2014 (5:53AM)
Station Tag: Castle Rock/CLR added by rdb**/69261

Posted by: rdb*^  130856 news posts
Manjunath Hegde Bomnalli describes a scenic train journey in a difficult terrain between Castle Rock in Karnataka and Kulem in Goa.
Tourists heading towards the famous Dudhsagar Waterfalls in Goa or passengers moving farther by train cannot escape from the magic of the journey in Braganza Ghat between Castle Rock railway station in Karnataka and Kulem railway station in Goa.In addition to the gigantic waterfalls, trains moving slowly with the support of multiple engines on the tracks laid right across the dense forests and rocky mountains of the Western Ghats also entrance them.Watching trains moving in front of Dudhsagar Waterfalls has been a rare and cherished moment for many tourists, and a few films have also popularised this spot. But, unlike the
journey in plain areas, more than one engine with automatic emergency braking system make trains moving in this ghat section more special, and train operations in Braganza Ghat section is a matter of pride for the railway officials also.
While Castle Rock is situated at an altitude of around 588 m, Kulem is at 75 m. The 26 km-long railway track between these two places moves through the hilly region housing numerous tunnels, curves and bridges.
Though several passenger trains also move on this line, railway officials admit that the focus has been more on freight traffic here since this railway line was developed by the British around 125 years ago, connecting the port with interior parts of the region. This track became a broadgauge line two decades ago.
Ghat section
The South Western Railway (SWR) officials say that the ruling gradient of this ghat section is one in 37. To move a freight train carrying 5,400 tonnes of goods from Kulem to Castle Rock (up the ghat direction), five engines (locos) are used (two in front and three in back). The power of five locos is 20,000 HP in total. For a passenger train, two locos will be in front and one in the rear.
Even in ‘down the ghat direction’ from Castle Rock to Kulem, multiple engines are used for both passenger and goods trains. Running trains in this ghat section is more challenging in the rainy season, they say.
The speed limit for passenger trains including express ones is 40 km per hour, while it is 30 km per hour for goods trains. Chennai-Vasco-da-gama Express, Vasco-da-gama-Nizamuddin Express, and Howrah-Vasco-da-gama Express are some of the important passenger trains moving in this ghat section.
The composition of additional locos are attached to the trains either at Castle Rock or at Kulem, in accordance with the direction of their journey. In entire North Karnataka region and Goa, trains with so many additional locos controlling their speed in the ghat section can be seen only between Castle Rock and Kulem.
Though the official passenger stoppage for trains moving in Braganza Ghat section is only at Castle Rock and Kulem, trains stop at Karanzol, Dudhsagar and Sonalium stations en route for operational purposes. This helps the tourists to alight at Dudhsagar station, visit the waterfalls nearby, and come back to catch another train.
Some people also trek along the railway track from Castle Rock to Dudhsagar falls. Many people consider the railway line as an engineering marvel even today.
Visit to this place, either by train or by trek is more exciting in the rainy season, while panoramic view of Western Ghats with mist-covered mountains, heavy rains lashing the area, and rainwater cascading from the rocks at several places make it more special. It is the place where journey itself becomes the destination.
Castle Rock
Though not a big place, Castle Rock village in Uttara Kannada district, situated close to Karnataka-Goa border, has acquired an important place in railway and tourism maps, because of its location in the Western Ghats, proximity to places like Dudhsagar Falls and being an important train link.
It is surrounded by Dandeli-Anshi Tiger Reserve in Uttara Kannada district, Bhimgadh Wildlife Sanctuary in Belgaum district and Bhagawan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park in Goa. Till 1961, the railway station here was an ‘international’ one, as Goa was a Portuguese colony till then.
Even today, constructions of the colonial era can be seen along the railway track from Castle Rock towards Goa.
It is said that the place was named as Castle Rock by the British, and its earlier name was Kalambuli. This village is also known for cane furniture.

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Aug 05 2014 (09:17)
Why not three languages in Aadhar~   4284 blog posts   324 correct pred (68% accurate)
Re# 1178394-9            Tags   Past Edits
This route is awesome, traveled many times from Hubli in 17311

Aug 05 2014 (09:29)
Jallikattu Is My Birth Right*   6739 blog posts   1641 correct pred (73% accurate)
Re# 1178394-10            Tags   Past Edits
Awesome route. Lucky to have traveled during MG days which was a lot better than BG. Still love the old Madgaon MG Station in the town itself.

Aug 05 2014 (10:41)
Why not three languages in Aadhar~   4284 blog posts   324 correct pred (68% accurate)
Re# 1178394-11            Tags   Past Edits
Current BG station is far from old MG station ?

Aug 05 2014 (10:49)
Jallikattu Is My Birth Right*   6739 blog posts   1641 correct pred (73% accurate)
Re# 1178394-12            Tags   Past Edits
About 1.5 to 2km away from old MG station. There used to be a level crossing and no ROB like now. One thing good about Goa those days hardly any Indian tourists visited the place and it was really peaceful unlike now.

Aug 05 2014 (11:56)
GOA SK TO VSG~   6265 blog posts   613 correct pred (67% accurate)
Re# 1178394-13            Tags   Past Edits
Yeah agree during MG 5 daily trains existed on this route now only 1 daily and 5 weeklies. Main focus is on freight trains here.

Aug 05 2014 (12:02)
Why not three languages in Aadhar~   4284 blog posts   324 correct pred (68% accurate)
Re# 1178394-14            Tags   Past Edits
More tourist got attracted after opening KR

Aug 05 2014 (13:25)
Jallikattu Is My Birth Right*   6739 blog posts   1641 correct pred (73% accurate)
Re# 1178394-15            Tags   Past Edits
KR in a way has destroyed Goa. Am sure once the rail line to Srinagar is opened it is going to destroy Kashmir too. These rail lines bring beggars and other unwanted people to these places.

Aug 05 2014 (14:28)
Why not three languages in Aadhar~   4284 blog posts   324 correct pred (68% accurate)
Re# 1178394-16            Tags   Past Edits
There are positive part of it also. Employments, Exploring new routes, Business, Civil contracts, Hotels, etc.

Aug 05 2014 (17:22)
sachindhaipule   292 blog posts   7 correct pred (88% accurate)
Re# 1178394-17            Tags   Past Edits
KR with long tunnels and bridges is a marvel railway with great engineering work

Aug 05 2014 (18:25)
GOA SK TO VSG~   6265 blog posts   613 correct pred (67% accurate)
Re# 1178394-18            Tags   Past Edits
After introducing KR the places on the century old route of Londa Vasco are become prone to neglection by IR, even the MG trains are not restored properly.
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