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Ballari Jn - Look around and enjoy the station. A sacred place where Mahatma Gandhi once spent 8 hours. - Vishwanath Joshi

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YNK/Yelahanka Junction (5 PFs)
ಯಲಹಂಕ ಜಂಕ್ಷನ್     यलहंका जंक्शन

Track: Double Electric-Line

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Type of Station: Junction
Number of Platforms: 5
Number of Halting Trains: 59
Number of Originating Trains: 3
Number of Terminating Trains: 3
Jn. Pt. PKD/YPR/CBP/CSDR, Kamakshiamma Layout, Yelahanka, Bengaluru - 560064
State: Karnataka
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Zone: SWR/South Western
Division: KSR Bengaluru (Bangalore)
7 Travel Tips
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Rating: 3.0/5 (71 votes)
cleanliness - good (10)
porters/escalators - average (9)
food - average (7)
transportation - average (10)
lodging - average (9)
railfanning - good (10)
sightseeing - average (8)
safety - good (8)

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Station Tip
Aug 03 2019 (11:47)   YPR/Yesvantpur Junction (6 PFs)
06581🔸Hampi Express Special🔸06582
Vishwanath_BAY^~   24880 blog posts
Entry# 4394001            Tags   Past Edits
Oyo kiosk is available at Yesvantpur railway station. Passengers can book accommodation at this kiosk. Passengers can also book Oyo cabs offline at Yeswantpur kiosk. This service is also available at Bengaluru Cantonment, Krishnarajapuram, Yelahanka and Kengeri railway stations. Whitefield railway station is set to join the list soon
Information and picture source: click here

Station Tip
Mar 22 2018 (19:02)   SBC/KSR Bengaluru City Junction (Bangalore) (10 PFs)
Hala Madrid 🇪🇸
promethsuresh^~   3016 blog posts
Entry# 3228418            Tags   Past Edits
Want to travel around Bengaluru for the least amount of money?Just buy a BMTC daily bus pass and one can travel the whole day in any BMTC bus from/to anywhere within Bengaluru.BMTC bus pass charge- Non A/C-₹70,A/C-₹140.Note - A/C bus passes Will not be allowed in Vayu Vajra(airport) buses,you will however get a discount on the ticket if you have A/C bus pass.BMTC bus pass is issued at major bus stands and inside all the buses(A/C bus passes will be issued only inside A/C buses).ID card is mandatory or bus pass is invalid

Mar 22 2018 (19:17)
sudhir~   9366 blog posts
Re# 3228418-1            Tags   Past Edits
With an AC bus pass can we also travel in Non-AC buses? Seems obvious but, good to know the rule

Mar 22 2018 (20:13)
Hala Madrid 🇪🇸
promethsuresh^~   3016 blog posts
Re# 3228418-2            Tags   Past Edits
Yes A/C pass is valid in all buses(including non A/C) except airport

Mar 22 2018 (21:07)
KishorWhoAJE2here~   8555 blog posts
Re# 3228418-3            Tags   Past Edits
where do they sell such tickets ?

Mar 22 2018 (21:11)
Hala Madrid 🇪🇸
promethsuresh^~   3016 blog posts
Re# 3228418-5            Tags   Past Edits
i have clearly mentioned in the tip

Mar 22 2018 (21:14)
gurudatharao   371 blog posts
Re# 3228418-6            Tags   Past Edits
The A.C.Pass will be sold by the A.C.Bus Conductor and ordinary bus pass (non AC) will be sold by the conductor of non AC buses and also at some TTMCs. Sometimes, you may not get the non AC bus pass after their first shift is over i.e., in the afternoon, as many conductors will not carry these passes in the afternoon as their sales will be minimal. No ID is required now a days to obtain the non AC pass.

Mar 22 2018 (21:19)
KishorWhoAJE2here~   8555 blog posts
Re# 3228418-7            Tags   Past Edits
I imagine Kempe Gowda bus point a major stand... but am not sure which counter / platform it is sold. Hence this doubt. Please clarify.

Mar 22 2018 (21:29)
gurudatharao   371 blog posts
Re# 3228418-8            Tags   Past Edits
I donot know about Kempegowda Bus Stand. But I am told they will be sold at Banashankari TTMC. However, I have seen many times while coming out of the KSR SBC Railway Station (at the end of the underpass and entrance to BMTC Bus Stand) two BMTC staff in uniform will be seen selling these passes in the morning hours as many railway commuters coming out of the station will buy the pass for their all day travel in BMTC bus. But I think they sell only non AC passes.

Mar 22 2018 (22:09)
KishorWhoAJE2here~   8555 blog posts
Re# 3228418-9            Tags   Past Edits
This is good information to get the Passes

Mar 25 2018 (16:07)
Hala Madrid 🇪🇸
promethsuresh^~   3016 blog posts
Re# 3228418-10            Tags   Past Edits
just ask any bus conductor standing in the bus stand they will give you the bus pass immediately on payment

Mar 25 2018 (16:24)
Irshad13~   7988 blog posts
Re# 3228418-11            Tags   Past Edits
One more Beauty of Bengaluru is if you lost anywhere in any part of city just catch Kempegowda Bus stand/Majestic Bus you will straight come to the place from where u can go to KSR/SBC railway station/Main Bus stand/Kempegowda Metro station too. So Mostly Majestic/Kempegowda Bus stop will be focal point to new comers.

Mar 25 2018 (19:25)
sbcablore~   492 blog posts
Re# 3228418-12            Tags   Past Edits
Don't have to look for a particular platform / counter where these passes are sold - Just get into any A/C / Non-A/c bus for getting the respective passes and ask the bus conductor for the pass. You will get one easily. This is specially during morning hours. Post 12 noon, some conductors may not have daily passes with them. The reason is obvious.

Mar 26 2018 (10:32)
KishorWhoAJE2here~   8555 blog posts
Re# 3228418-13            Tags   Past Edits
Thanks for your guidance

Apr 11 2018 (21:28)
Hala Madrid 🇪🇸
promethsuresh^~   3016 blog posts
Re# 3228418-14            Tags   Past Edits
Sir the ID card is mandatory just traveled today with day pass the flying squad of BMTC asked for ID card at Majestic and many of guys without ID card were fined

Apr 13 2018 (07:35)
gurudatharao   371 blog posts
Re# 3228418-15            Tags   Past Edits
Oh, OK. I am sorry for the wrong information. But I am told by many conductors (I am a frequent BMTC traveller as I donot have any vehicle with me and buy monthly non AC bus pass for Senior Citizens costing Rs.945/- , hence I donot know about daily pass) that it is not mandatory now a days. Earlier, it was compulsory, as many people purchasing these passes used to sell them for Rs.15 or 20 in the evening and many who used to buy them especially workers from outside the state were the victims. Also, if you hold monthly non AC bus pass (either Senior or non Senior) and wants to travel in AC bus from one end to another (say from Banashankari to Hebbal or ITPL you will get concession in the fare which is around Rs.37 or 38 which otherwise would have been...
more than Rs.100/-

Jul 01 2018 (10:53)
charanjot7913~   51 blog posts
Re# 3228418-16            Tags   Past Edits
Hi sir i am comimg to Bangalore (yeswantpur)
In 22686 on 29 sept and my stay is in gurudwara singh sabha near halsoor lake and return is on 6 oct in 22685 to Chandigarh plz sir can u make a schedule for me i hv 5 days in banglore plz tell me how to reach from ypr to gurudwara and make a trip schedule for me plz as it is first tym i will visit here it will help me a lot sir. THANKS A LOT IN ADVANCE

Jul 01 2018 (11:03)
Irshad13~   7988 blog posts
Re# 3228418-17            Tags   Past Edits
Paaji Check this link for Google Maps it may help you @ click here

Jul 01 2018 (11:05)
charanjot7913~   51 blog posts
Re# 3228418-18            Tags   Past Edits
Thanks for ur help but I already checked this but how to reach there i dont know

Jul 01 2018 (11:17)
Irshad13~   7988 blog posts
Re# 3228418-19            Tags   Past Edits
22686 Arrive YPR at 6.20AM
Yesvantpur Railway Station
Railway Parallel Rd, Yeshwanthpur Industrial Area, Dr.Ambedkar Nagar, Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560022, India
At 6:51 AM
About 4 min , 350 m
at 6:55 AM
RMC Yard (Yashawanthapura New
Catch Bus No 252-A towards Shivaji Nagar Bus Station
After 30 min with 30 Stops you will reach Shivaji Nagar Bus Station at around 7.25Am
So From here Catch Bus No 311 for KR Puram Govt Hospital At 7.30AM
So after 7 min with 3 Stops Get down at " Begum Mall" from their walk for 2 min you can ask any one nearby person can guide u the way for Gurudwara okay.
for tickets and Informatoin BMTC no BMTC - 00 91 1800 425 1663
This is just one Bus i shown you like this you can get numerous buses with different No's and timings and Different routes for which you can easily get to know in google maps selecting Transist option to Bus/train whch is Just between Car & walk option.

Jul 01 2018 (11:50)
Irshad13~   7988 blog posts
Re# 3228418-20            Tags   Past Edits
You have option of Metro also
After Getting down at YPR just go to YPR Metro station on Green Line which is outside YPR station enterance for that ask anyone or you can see easily metro elevated corridor and frm their take Metro towards Yelachenahalli which is at every 10min and Get down at "Nadprabhu Kempegowda Station( Majestic)" and from here take Pink Line towards Baiyappanahalli at every 10 min and get down at "Trinity metro station" and from their Gurudwara is at distance of 1 km. Hope it helps you have a safe and Happy journey and keep remembered me and our other IRI Members too in your prayers. Tc

Jul 01 2018 (20:27)
charanjot7913~   51 blog posts
Re# 3228418-21            Tags   Past Edits
Thanku sir it is really very helpful but can u plz make a schedule of 5 days ?

Jul 01 2018 (22:03)
sudhir~   9366 blog posts
Re# 3228418-22            Tags   Past Edits
sorry, i dont know anything about sbc. the last i visited was some 12 years back. why did you pick me?

Jul 02 2018 (01:54)
Irshad13~   7988 blog posts
Re# 3228418-23            Tags   Past Edits
Schedule of 5 days means ?
I didn't get what schedule you want to know as roaming in Bengaluru is so easy as u come across ppl of almost all part of the country and u can chit chat with them ask whatever guidance u need on spot they will be truly helping u. Can I know 5 days what you going to do at Bengaluru ? Which type schedule required ?

Jul 03 2018 (18:29)
charanjot7913~   51 blog posts
Re# 3228418-24            Tags   Past Edits
I mean first day at what second day and so on...
I didn't picked u but u replied so i thought u will hepl me 😃😃

Jul 03 2018 (18:35)
Irshad13~   7988 blog posts
Re# 3228418-25            Tags   Past Edits
All days same bus timings bhai..almost it seems

Oct 13 2018 (20:00)
Pintoo^~   28270 blog posts
Re# 3228418-26            Tags   Past Edits
I have to go Marathalli from yeshwantpur railway station by Bus.
Can you help me in this....

Oct 13 2018 (20:05)
Hala Madrid 🇪🇸
promethsuresh^~   3016 blog posts
Re# 3228418-27            Tags   Past Edits
you have to take bus from YPR to Majestic or KR Market and have to change the bus from there
Nov 20 2013 (22:35)   12628/Karnataka Express (PT) | ATP/Anantapur (2 PFs)
Sudarshan^~   7228 blog posts
Entry# 912138            Tags   Past Edits
If you want to travel from GTL/GY/ATP to YNK and want to book tickets, you can't book them as it would always be not available because of zonal/distance restrictions. But you can book a ticket upto SBC on IRCTC and getdown at where ever you want. I usually do it for my mom under lower berth quota and ask her to get down at YNK.
May 26 2014 (11:36)   YNK/Yelahanka Junction (5 PFs)
Sudarshan^~   7228 blog posts
Entry# 1111650            Tags   Past Edits
1. New Facility at YNK, a Water Chiller, installed right infront of the Waiting rooms on PF 2 facing the PF.
2. Also seen is the operational Nandini Dairy Parlor on PF 2, adjecent to the waiting rooms. Hot Badam Milk & Instant Bru Coffee would be avaialable at Rs 10/- cup.
Also avaialble at the Parlour would be1 lt Mc Dowel's Water Bottle at Rs. 15/- .
Gulab Jamun Mix, Sweets: Belgaum Kunda & Dharwad Peda, Regular Peda. Rasgulla.
Lassi & Buttermilk Packets at 12 & 8 rs each respectively.
3. A Post box on PF 2 in pic 3.

Jul 22 2014 (19:55)
Sudarshan^~   7228 blog posts
Re# 1111650-1            Tags   Past Edits
Pic 2 is Replaced with a better picture which also has a post box captured in it.

Station Tip
Apr 10 2014 (22:18)   YNK/Yelahanka Junction (5 PFs)
Sudarshan^~   7228 blog posts
Entry# 1053017            Tags   Past Edits
Facility - Location
GN Ticket Counter - Outside the Station Entrance
Waitingroom - Pf 2
Ladies Waiting room - Pf 2
Pay & Use toilet - PF 1 & 2
Chair & Electric Car - Station Master/Manager Room
Station master room - Pf 2
Touch Screen Information Kiosk - PF 2
Catering Stall - PF 1 & 2
Miscellineous Stall - PF 1 & 2
Milk Stall - Pf 2
RPF - Behind GN Ticket Counter
Govt. Railway Police - PF 1
LCD Arr/Dep Display - PF 2
LED Arr/Dep Display - Covered Corridor between PF 1 & @
24 hr parking....

Apr 24 2014 (19:40)
Sanjay D Goyal   12 blog posts
Re# 1053017-1            Tags   Past Edits
Is waiting room airconditioned and bathrooms /toilets are clean enough

Apr 25 2014 (15:18)
Sudarshan^~   7228 blog posts
Re# 1053017-2            Tags   Past Edits
Toilets are Clean enough. No AC waiting room available.

Apr 28 2014 (02:24)
Venk   523 blog posts
Re# 1053017-3            Tags   Past Edits

Apr 28 2014 (12:25)
Sudarshan^~   7228 blog posts
Re# 1053017-4            Tags   Past Edits
PRS is not available at the station. Its available at rail wheel factory. 1.5 kms from station's rear entry.

Apr 28 2014 (15:38)
Venk   523 blog posts
Re# 1053017-5            Tags   Past Edits
Would nt having one at ynk be more beneficial?

Apr 28 2014 (19:30)
Sudarshan^~   7228 blog posts
Re# 1053017-6            Tags   Past Edits
Ofcourse it would be... New Station building is coming up at YNK. /blog/post/1071265
I hope they would bring in a PRS here once its ready..
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