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Sat Jul 22, 2017 12:26:43 IST
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BSR/Vasai Road (8 PFs)
     वसई रोड
[Bassein Road]

Track: Quadruple Electric-Line

Type of Station: Regular
Number of Platforms: 8
Number of Halting Trains: 125
Number of Originating Trains: 6
Number of Terminating Trains: 6
Next to ST Depot,Navghar, Vasai 401202
State: Maharashtra
Elevation: 7 m above sea level
Zone: WR/Western
Division: Mumbai
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Rating: 3.0/5 (57 votes)
cleanliness - average (8)
porters/escalators - average (7)
food - average (8)
transportation - good (7)
lodging - average (6)
railfanning - good (7)
sightseeing - good (7)
safety - average (7)

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Station News

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Jun 13 2017 (09:09)  Mumbai: Motorman prevents mishap after spotting iron rod on train tracks - News (www.mid-day.com)
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Crime/AccidentsCR/Central  -  

News Entry# 305159   Blog Entry# 2318095     
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Jun 13 2017 (09:09)
Station Tag: Vasai Road/BSR added by Gopal*^~/36225

Jun 13 2017 (09:09)
Station Tag: Nalla Sopara/NSP added by Gopal*^~/36225

Posted by: Gopal*^  3508 news posts
Mumbai: Motorman prevents mishap after spotting iron rod on train tracks By mid-day online correspondent | Mumbai | Posted 12-Jun-2017
The timely intervention of an alert train motorman averted a major mishap between Vasai and Nallasopara stations on Saturday night, after he spotted a metal rod on tracks. Motorman Nitin Chandanshive, applied the emergency brakes in the nick of time after seeing the rod as the train was nearing Nallasopara. According to The Times of India, commuters from Vasai on board were travelling to Churchgate. The rod was handed over to the Railway Protection Force (RPF), after Chandanshive and guard Ramvachan Singh made it certain that the rod was taken off the tracks. Investigations are currently ongoing in the matter. Railway officials feel the
rod may belong to a construction site as there have been repairs being undertaken in a nearby bridge. This isn't the first time that an iron rod was discovered on train tracks. A bet made by a jail inmate with drug addicts, saying he would give them Rs 2,000 if they placed an iron rod on tracks to derail a train, was behind what became known as a case of railway sabotage in Diva.
The Mumbra police arrested the five drug addicts. A major tragedy was averted on Jan 24 this year, when an iron rod 6.32 m in length was found on the tracks on the Diva-Panvel route. A motorman saw it and stopped the train. A few days after the police arrested them, two other drug addicts were arrested for the same reason — an iron beam was allegedly thrown by them on rail tracks. The 9 feet long iron beam was found on the railway track between Reay Road and Dockyard Road stations, and a major tragedy was averted as the alert motorman of a train, Anandkumar Upreti, saw it and stopped. But as the train was speeding, three coaches ran over it. But the case became more complicated following that. The GRP expressed doubts if the five that the Mumbra police apprehended in the case are the ones involved in the sabotage — one of the biggest reasons being different mobile tower locations of the five at the time of the incident. While one's was in Nashik, location of four people came up as Mumbra near the incident spot an hour before the crime happened. And it's also come to light that these four, who were near the spot, aren't the ones who have been arrested. A senior railway police officer investigating the case said, "The GRP investigated and found no evidence against them. After the 10.23 pm train passed, the motorman of the 10.36 pm train saw the rod. He didn't see any person around. So, the accused, who said they were drunk and under the influence of drugs, had 13 minutes to place the rod on the track in perfect alignment. How did they manage in such a state?" asked the officer.

Jun 13 2017 (09:10)
Gopal*^   13899 blog posts   58584 correct pred (81% accurate)
Re# 2318095-1            Tags   Past Edits
Hats off to Motorman for averting an accident
May 26 2017 (22:40)  Maharashtra government should contribute more to proposed Virar-Vasai-Diva-Panvel (www.ihumans.in)
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Commentary/Human Interest

News Entry# 303655   Blog Entry# 2295512     
   Tags   Past Edits
May 26 2017 (22:40)
Station Tag: Diva Junction/DIVA added by SHIVKUMAR/210603

May 26 2017 (22:40)
Station Tag: Virar/VR added by SHIVKUMAR/210603

May 26 2017 (22:40)
Station Tag: Vasai Road/BSR added by SHIVKUMAR/210603

May 26 2017 (22:40)
Station Tag: Bhiwandi Road/BIRD added by SHIVKUMAR/210603

Posted by: SHIVKUMAR  218 news posts
We all know that building and expanding the city’s lifeline is expected to come at a huge cost. But, the question on everyone’s mind is who will take on that financial burden. If railway sources in Mumbai are to be believed, the Centre is reluctant to invest money in the proposed Virar-Vasai-Diva-Panvel suburban line — pegged at Rs. 9,000 crore — and has written to the state to contribute more towards the project.
At present, the two financiers — Indian Railways and Maharashtra government –are sharing the project cost equally. But, railway officials in Mumbai claim that the Railway Board in Delhi has sent a letter asking them to shoulder more, for the project. It is unclear whether the railways is looking
at a 60:40 ratio (Maharashtra government and railways) or even more. “At the end of the day, the state government will reap the benefits of this vital suburban corridor,” said a senior railway official.
The Virar-Vasai-Diva-Panvel corridor will be 70.14 km long, and will connect all three lines — Western, Central and Harbour – and further strengthen public transport in the metropolitan region.
The government and railways have been trying to work out flexible working hours for commuters so as to divide the super dense load that the suburban system witnesses. During peak hours, more than 16 people stand per square metre of space inside local trains.
With this new corridor in place, setting up additional commercial and office spaces in the extended suburbs would also seem viable. “Moreover there is another international airport coming up in Navi Mumbai. It’s a win-win situation for the state government and so we want them to contribute more, financially,” explained another railway official. This project has been approved by the NITI Aayog and now awaits final approval by the Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs (CCEA) chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

May 27 2017 (16:27)
a2z~   1453 blog posts
Re# 2295512-1            Tags   Past Edits
* Virar-Vasai-Diva-Panvel is a 70km long suburban line with 13 stations
* It is a futuristic project which will work like a byepass line to avoid crowded Mumbai city and its suburbs.
* This project shall provide much needed fast and convenient connectivity between Navi Mumbai/Panvel to WR Suburban line stretch between Vasai-Virar and beyond.
* After Saturation of Mumbai city, and
near saturation of Mumbai Suburbs, The line shall spur the growth of extended Mumbai Metropolitan area beyond the suburbs, especially in the mainland area surrounding the island city of Mumbai.
* This line shall have distinction of joining all the 3 major lines of Mumbai- Western(Viraar-Vasai), Central (Diwa) and Harbour(Panvel)
* 3 of the 7 major growth centres of Mumbai Metropolitan area i.e. Virar, Bhiwandi, Panvel shall be embraced by this line

May 27 2017 (18:37)
★★★BRC WAP 7😎~   1050 blog posts   1332 correct pred (85% accurate)
Re# 2295512-2            Tags   Past Edits
Kis baare ma ye project ha ????
Quadrupling/ mps raise
Mar 10 2017 (15:59)  वसईत प्रवाशांचा उद्रेक, केला रेल रोको (www.lokmat.com)
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Major Accidents/DisruptionsWR/Western  -  

News Entry# 295949     
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Mar 10 2017 (15:59)
Station Tag: Vasai Road/BSR added by Daund Lonavla Local Soon^~/1269766

Posted by: 55 Percent trains in India are Locals^~  75 news posts
सलग दोन दिवस दिवा लोकल रद्द केल्याने संतप्त झालेल्या प्रवाशांनी वसई रेल्वे स्थानकात लोकल गाडी अडवून रेल रोको आंदोलन केले.
Mar 10 2017 (09:50)  वसईत संतप्त प्रवाशांचे रेल रोको आंदोलन (www.lokmat.com)
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Major Accidents/DisruptionsWR/Western  -  

News Entry# 295906     
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Mar 10 2017 (09:50)
Station Tag: Vasai Road/BSR added by ameyambre/16020

Posted by: Amey Ambre~  1942 news posts
वसई : वसई रेल्वे स्टेशनवरून सुटणारी दुपारची पनवेल ट्रेन दररोज उशिराने सोडली जात असल्याने संतापलेल्या प्रवाशांनी वसई रेल्वे स्टेशनमध्ये रेल रोको आंदोलन केले. या वेळी प्रवाशांनी विरारकडे जाणारी लोकल १० मिनिटे रोखून धरली होती. पोलिसांनी हस्तक्षेप करून आंदोलनकर्त्यांना बाहेर काढल्यानंतर रेल्वे सेवा सुरू झाली. आंदोलनामुळे विरार-चर्चगेटदरम्यान रेल्वे सेवा काही काळ विस्कळीत झाली होती. वसई रेल्वे स्टेशनवरून दररोज दुपारी सव्वाबारा वाजता पनवेल मेमो गाडी सुटते. पण, गेल्या अनेक दिवसांपासून ही गाडी किमान अर्धा तास उशिरा सुटते आहे. याबाबत काही प्रवाशांनी स्टेशन मास्तरांकडे धाव घेऊन तक्रार केली. मात्र, स्टेशन मास्तरांनी उडवाउडवीची उत्तरे दिल्याने प्रवासी संतापले होते.
Mar 10 2017 (09:49)  रेल्वेच्या मदतीला पालिका धावली (www.lokmat.com)
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IR AffairsWR/Western  -  

News Entry# 295904     
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Mar 10 2017 (09:49)
Station Tag: Vasai Road/BSR added by ameyambre/16020

Mar 10 2017 (09:49)
Train Tag: Jaipur - Mumbai Bandra Terminus SF Express/12980 added by ameyambre/16020

Posted by: Amey Ambre~  1942 news posts
वसई : मंगळवारी दुपारी विरार रेल्वे स्टेशनमध्ये जयपूर एक्सप्रेसखाली चिरडून सात म्हशी ठार झाल्या होत्या. यावेळी वसई विरार महापालिकेच्या अग्नीशमन दलाचे जवान आणि सफाई कर्मचाऱ्यांनी तातडीने घटनास्थळी धाव घेऊन मदतकार्यात भाग घेतला.
बुधवारी दुपारी काही म्हशी रेल्वे ट्रकमधून विरार रेल्वे स्टेशनच्या दिशेने निघाल्या होत्या. त्याचवेळी मुंबईकडे जाणारी जयपूर-बांद्रा एक्सप्रेस १ वाजून १५ मिनिटांनी वेगाने आली. दुर्दैवाने या म्हशी नेमक्या त्याच ट्रकवरून एकापाठोपाठ एक निघाल्या होत्या. गाडी अतिशय वेगाने असल्याने खाली चिरडून सातही म्हशींच्या अक्षरश: ंिचंधड्या उडाल्या.
गाडीखाली अडकलेल्या म्हशी काढण्यासाठी रेल्वेकडे तितके मनुष्यबळ नव्हते. त्यामुळे रेल्वेने वसई विरार महापालिकेची मदत मागितली. महापालिकेने अग्नीशमन
दलाचे जवान आणि सफाई कर्मचाऱ्यांना त्याठिकाणी पाठवले. रेल्वे कर्मचारी आणि महापालिका कर्मचाऱ्यांनी मेहनत करून म्हशींचे मृतदेह आणि अडकलेले अवयव बाहेर काढले. त्यानंतर गाडी मुंबईकडे रवाना झाली. हा सर्व सोपस्कार पार पाडण्यासाठी तब्बल चार तासांचा अवधी लागला.
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