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Ganga Sagar Express - सारे तीर्थ बार-बार, गंगासागर एक बार - Rahul Kumar

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Medium; Front Entrance - Outside; Large Station Board;
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Scenic; Front Entrance - Outside; Large Station Board;
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PURI/Puri (8 PFs)
ପୁରୀ     पुरी

Track: Double Electric-Line

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Type of Station: Regular
Number of Platforms: 8
Number of Halting Trains: 0
Number of Originating Trains: 48
Number of Terminating Trains: 48
Baula Matha Sahi, Red Cross Road, Puri - 752002
State: Odisha
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Elevation: 14 m above sea level
Zone: ECoR/East Coast
Division: Khurda Road
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Rating: 3.9/5 (263 votes)
cleanliness - good (34)
porters/escalators - good (34)
food - good (33)
transportation - good (33)
lodging - good (33)
railfanning - good (33)
sightseeing - excellent (32)
safety - good (31)

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Feb 26 2019 (17:19)   12994/Puri - Gandhidham Weekly SF Express (via Bhubaneswar) (PT) | GIMB/Gandhidham Junction (3 PFs)
🌟Gandhidham Junction🌟
IrfSda94~   2434 blog posts
Entry# 4243260            Tags   Past Edits
General Observation regarding Speed and Punctuality-
➡️If 12994 Puri-Gandhidham SF Express reaches Raipur with Delay of 30-45 minutes, then expect some speedy action till Surat, MPS Skips, and BT arrivals except slowdowns at Udhna Outer, Kuram( near Badnera)
➡️But if 12994 reaches Raipur with Delay of more than 50-60 minutes, then CR trolls it from Azad Hind from Raipur to Bhusaval, despite that a on time arrival can be expected at Surat. Between Nagpur-Bhusaval it will maintain a delay of 1-1.5 Hours, after entering the TV Section expect a MPS run.

➡️As 12993 it DOES NOT get OTed by a single train. The scheduled overtake between Jalgaon-Bhusaval mostly does not happen by Puspak Express.
➡️The The run between Jalgoan Nagpur mostly witness Slowdowns at Badnera(very common), and Khapri. Except these stops it gets full clearance
➡️The run from Puri to Raipur and vice versa ALWAYS adds up a delay for it.
➡️Not a Speedy run in between Raipur-Puri.

Feb 26 2019 (18:56)
Guest: 2a47c7fe   show all posts
Re# 4243260-1            Tags   Past Edits
यदि ये ट्रैन वाया गोधरा दाहोद रतलाम भोपाल नागपुर रायपुर
होकर डबल ओर पूर्ण विद्युतीकृत मार्ग से चलती तो
स्पीड बहूत कवर हो।जाती भले ही ये मार्ग मात्र 79 किमी
ही लम्बा है

Feb 26 2019 (19:38)
💥 उ•प्र संपर्क क्रांति एक्सप्रेस 💥
Krishna.Kushwah^~   1395 blog posts
Re# 4243260-3            Tags   Past Edits
Gimb puri slack se bharpoor ,hai Asli Rulers to Tapti Ganga aur Navjeevan hai TV section ki

Feb 26 2019 (21:14)
🌟Gandhidham Junction🌟
IrfSda94~   2434 blog posts
Re# 4243260-4            Tags   Past Edits
Can be easily speeded up by an hour. Have seen it running 1 hr BT.

Feb 26 2019 (21:18)
🌟Gandhidham Junction🌟
IrfSda94~   2434 blog posts
Re# 4243260-5            Tags   Past Edits
Yes, I know TG and Navjeevan are best train in TV Section, but never underestimate a normal train, because it may be the one giving highest average on some sections of its route :)

Feb 26 2019 (21:34)
🌟Gandhidham Junction🌟
IrfSda94~   2434 blog posts
Re# 4243260-6            Tags   Past Edits
I don't member when but 12994 has covered JL-ST at a average of 70 kmph.

Feb 26 2019 (21:36)
22476 कोयंम्बत्तूर हिसार वातानुकूलित सुपरफास्ट
AbhishekVivek~   28071 blog posts
Re# 4243260-7            Tags   Past Edits
Abhi to route double hai.. 70 average milta hoga.. Surat - Jalgaon mai ek train hai jiska schedule hi 70 ka hai

Feb 26 2019 (21:38)
🌟Gandhidham Junction🌟
IrfSda94~   2434 blog posts
Re# 4243260-8            Tags   Past Edits
Return mai koi train 70 ka average nahi deti. UDN-JL mai 19064 ka scheduled speed hi 69-70 hai shayad.

Feb 26 2019 (21:40)
🌟Gandhidham Junction🌟
IrfSda94~   2434 blog posts
Re# 4243260-9            Tags   Past Edits
The only thing which I remember is that it was 4 hr late at JL then 2 hr late at ST and arrived 50 mins late at GIMB. Can't remember the exact date but it was during the period I left this site.

Feb 26 2019 (22:40)
💥 उ•प्र संपर्क क्रांति एक्सप्रेस 💥
Krishna.Kushwah^~   1395 blog posts
Re# 4243260-10            Tags   Past Edits
Tapti ganga ke stoppage itne jyada hote hue bhi usne ekdin 79 ka avg diya tha between bsl and udn...

Feb 26 2019 (22:40)
💥 उ•प्र संपर्क क्रांति एक्सप्रेस 💥
Krishna.Kushwah^~   1395 blog posts
Re# 4243260-11            Tags   Past Edits
Udn danapur shayad...

Feb 26 2019 (22:43)
💥 उ•प्र संपर्क क्रांति एक्सप्रेस 💥
Krishna.Kushwah^~   1395 blog posts
Re# 4243260-12            Tags   Past Edits
Haa jisdin tapti late hoti hai to 78 se 79 de deti hai... I personally experienced

Feb 26 2019 (23:11)
🌟Gandhidham Junction🌟
IrfSda94~   2434 blog posts
Re# 4243260-13            Tags   Past Edits
Some best runs I remember till day
1. ADI-PURI @ 62 KMPH(Highest average for any train between ADI-PURI)
2. GIMB-ADI @ 65 KMPH( Trolled at Sabarmati outer. Was onboard)
3. NDB-NGP @ 66 KMPH ( Doubling works in TV Section, so was detained)
JL-NGP @72 KMPH (My first trip onboard it and on other later instants. Regulated at Khapri. A average close to Durontos on that route.)
5. JL-UDN @ 65 KMPH (During Doubling)
6. The best one was averaging 75 KMPH in JL-UDN( Resulted in heavy BT arrival) . That day for once Navjeevan was looped for it.(although this is 3-4 years back AFAIK)
I think this much is enough for this train. Although I might not be able to remember some other good runs but TV Section definitely cannot decide which train has higher priority as the route is not too much congested. Plus Tapti Ganga IS a good train, and undoubtedly far better train than 12993/4

Feb 26 2019 (23:56)
💥 उ•प्र संपर्क क्रांति एक्सप्रेस 💥
Krishna.Kushwah^~   1395 blog posts
Re# 4243260-14            Tags   Past Edits
.. .Tapti Ganga Exp once overtook it was running late so railways made TG to And many tyms 12993 trolled TG...also
Bhai mai tapti ka favour is liye krta hu kyoki wo meri all tym fav gaadi hai, Ab aap hai samjh lo koi nahi chahega ki uski fav tra8n ki insult ho... Mai yeh bhi nhii keh rha gimb puri achi gadi nhii hai... Sb trains apni apni jagah par shii hai... Sb ki apni fav trains hoti hai...😻😻

Feb 27 2019 (18:24)
🌟Gandhidham Junction🌟
IrfSda94~   2434 blog posts
Re# 4243260-15            Tags   Past Edits
Yes, one should respect each others choices. You might also had done this like have sacrificed my sleep many times just to Spot 12993/4😍😍.
Nov 21 2019 (20:07)   PURI/Puri (8 PFs)
RF Indivar Das Goswami
_.rfindivar._~   115 blog posts
Entry# 4494138            Tags   Past Edits
Excellent availability of Auto Rickshaws, E Rickshaws (Totos), City Buses, Cars,etc.

Train Tip
May 08 2018 (12:08)   12993/Gandhidham - Puri Weekly SF Express (via Bhubaneswar) (PT) | ADI/Ahmedabad Junction (10 PFs)
Guest: bbb1581   show all posts
Entry# 3394179            Tags   Past Edits
Good train for GIMB Passengers to NGP/R/SBP/BBS.
A. Is a weekly train with OK timings at Ahemdabad.
B.Tickets for Gandhidham/Vadodara/Surat passengers to Nagpur/Raipur/Sambalpur / Bhubaneshwar are NOT easily avaliable. Book them 4 month in advance.
Car not avaliable (However E-Catering avaliable at Nandurbar and Sambalpur).
D.Bad timings at Raipur (After Speedup in next TAAG it may be speeded up to reach Raipur by 0100 HRS)
A. Fastest connection between Surat-Bhubaneshwar
B.Cleanliness is just superb and Coaches are also newly made.
C.Rush of unreserved passengers is less in SL.
D.In return direction it covers a good amount of delay. (However 12993 reaches its destination delayed by 1.5 HRS).
A.Carry your own food as on board vendors are also less
B. Book tickets 4 months in advance as RAC Clarence is also difficult in this train (Personal Experience)
C. Passengers could use E-Catering(served at Nandurbar)
D. Reaches its destination (as 12993) with a delay of 1.5 HRS. Return train is little bit good and a good delay coverer.
Thank you.

Train Tip
Jan 05 2018 (08:18)   12994/Puri - Gandhidham Weekly SF Express (via Bhubaneswar) (PT) | BBS/Bhubaneswar (6 PFs)
RaNK001   957 blog posts
Entry# 2970446            Tags   Past Edits
1. 12994 Puri-Gandhidham Weekly SF Exp: This train must be the first priority while booking from Odisha to any state it serves, be it Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra or Gujarat. Cleanliness is excellent, Due to less number of halts and being a weekly train, rush of unreserved passengers in SL is very much low. Though there's no pantry car present, one can opt for IRCTC e-catering at BBS, there are a lot of options available. However, for those who board from the stations beyond BBS should bring their own food from home or better have their dinner and board the train, as it arrives at DNKL/ANGL/TLHD at relatively late hours, beyond
dinner time. The only disadvantage about this train is that, it is a weekly train and departs from PURI on Monday so weekend travellers can't take it. Ticket availability is not that great.
2. 22827 Puri-Surat SF Weekly Express: This is train shares the slot of Puri-Gandhidham SF. It has more no. of coaches than 12994 and thus tickets are easily available. As compared to 12994, this train's maintenance is a little bit lower. However, the difference is not that much. During my last trip on this train, the only thing that I didn't like was that the windows in the AC 2-tier were dirty and throughout the journey, they remained unattended. Regarding food, the advice is same as that of 12994.
3. 20813 Puri-Jodhpur SF Weekly Express: This train takes the route via Bilaspur and is the only overnight train to Chhattisgarh on that route. Tickets are easily available and maintenance is great too. However, it runs only on wednesdays. Pantry car is available in this train and the food offered by it is decent. Dinner is served within SBP. They start taking orders after departing DNKL mostly. E-catering can also be opted. For those going on official purposes, this one has the best timings of all as its arrival at Raipur is the earliest of all.
4.22866/12880:Puri-LTT weekly/BBS-LTT bi-weekly: Almost everything is the same about these 2 trains including their slots, so I ranked them jointly. Maintenance is good, tickets are easily available, great for railfanning. However, these are day time trains and that too not on weekends and hence not very useful for those going on official purpose and those preferring overnight travel to CG. Lunch will be served within SBP.
5. 18425 Puri-Durg(Intercity) Express: This is the dedicated train to Chhattisgarh. Maintenance and cleanliness is great. However, it has a large number of halts, after Sambalpur, it halts at almost all the stations. Unreserved passengers do board the SL class. Their presence is significant in S1,S2 and S4, most of them are MST holders. Some unreserved pax may bribe the TTE to board the 3A. However, they are only given the seats, that are vacant and almost no disturbance is caused. Almost all the unreserved pax get down within Sambalpur. Pantry is not available, however IRCTC e-catering can be opted and also one can carry his/her own food. Time table is also quite convenient and being daily is also an advantage.
6. 18405 Puri-Ahmedabad Weekly Express: This is the only LHB train to Chhattisgarh/Maharashtra/Gujarat from Odisha. This train is quite well known by the people of Odisha and thus, tickets are not that easily available within a short time. However, in some UR coaches, flushes of the toilets were not working during my last trip on this one. Another issue about it is that its a weekly and goes on Wednesdays. Pantry car is available on this train and the food offered is fine.
7. 12146 Puri-LTT Weekly SF Express: This train has great maintenance. The only reason for its relatively lower ranking is because of it's late departure from Odisha. So its a no go for those going for official purpose as it arrives at Raipur at noon. Ticket availability is good.
8. 18407/18422 Puri-Sai Nagar Shirdi/Puri-Ajmer Express: They are ranked low in the list because of their very late departure from Odisha. Tickets are easily available in these trains, however these two also arrive at Raipur at noon time.
As I have not travelled by the trains taking the Vizianagaram-Raygada route, I have not included them. Again the trains not going to Raipur are not included as well, these include 14710 Puri-BKN Express, 22910 Puri-BL SF Express and 18507 Hirakud Express, these trains run on basically use the same slot as that of 12880/22866 till Bilaspur. Those going to Bilaspur can consider these trains. However, tickets are not that easily available on 22910.

Jun 05 2018 (14:16)
Guest: 744faf1d   show all posts
Re# 2970446-1            Tags   Past Edits
Tickets not easily avbl in 12994 😥
Apr 26 2015 (07:51)   12837/Howrah - Puri SF Express
Talk To SKM   147 blog posts
Entry# 1442741            Tags   Past Edits
One of the best train from Puri to Howrah and Howrah to Puri. Most of the time its run on time. Most passenger prefers for its on time early morning arrival (04.50 am) at Howrah. Neat & clean, paper wrapped bedding provided by ECoR in ac coaches. Permanent loco link is Santragachi #WAP4.

May 10 2018 (00:52)
x-under SW-x   77 blog posts
Re# 1442741-1            Tags   Past Edits
Now Time to assign LHB
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