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TNA/Thane (10 PFs)
ठाणे     थाने

Track: Quadruple Electric-Line

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Type of Station: Regular
Number of Platforms: 10
Number of Halting Trains: 150
Number of Originating Trains: 0
Number of Terminating Trains: 0
Dada Patil Marg, Thane(West)-400602/ Rambhau Mhalgi Road, Kopri, Thane(East)-400603
State: Maharashtra
add/change address
Elevation: 11 m above sea level
Zone: CR/Central
Division: Mumbai CSM Terminus
30 Travel Tips
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Rating: 3.7/5 (147 votes)
cleanliness - average (20)
porters/escalators - good (18)
food - good (19)
transportation - excellent (17)
lodging - good (17)
railfanning - good (20)
sightseeing - good (17)
safety - good (19)

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Station Tip
Oct 27 2021 (15:52)   TNA/Thane (10 PFs)
MunnaTripathi   13 blog posts
Entry# 5104490            Tags   Past Edits
Overall Thane is a good station. For CSMT to outstation trains, PF 5 and for LTT to outstation trains PF 7 is there

Train Tip
Feb 18 2018 (20:12)   12134/Mangaluru Jn. - Mumbai CSMT SF Express (PT)
The Journey matters more than the Destination
Vivek.Venugopalan~   1260 blog posts
Entry# 3120071            Tags   Past Edits
The best overnight train to travel on Konkan Railway specifically for Goa bound passengers. I finally got my first experience to travel in the "Rocket" and it really lived upto its name. Please find my observations based on my travel from Thane to Karwar and Madgaon to Thane in 3AC compartment listed below:
1. Punctuality: I've heard about it being delayed in the recent past due to the delayed departure but during my instance, it reached the destination quite decently. The Speeds that it hits are truly a treat for the railfans. 12134 impressed me a lot with the Alco chugging and going on a spree after Kankavali. The only issue is the 12134 getting a delayed departure from MAJN. In the
DOWN direction, it departed with a delay of half an hour and reached Karwar with a delay of a couple of hours and in the UP direction, it departed MAO with a delay of half an hour and reached Thane with a delay of an hour.
2. Coaches and Cleanliness: The Coach is of customary ICF design with decent interiors. The Linens and Pillows were very clean. Both 12133 and 12134 have OBHS(On-board Housekeeping Service) and the 3AC Coaches were quite clean. The staff arrived after MAO to collect the leftovers at each berth. Charging points with mobile holder are present at each bay and Side berths as well. A mirror is provided at each bay.
3. Toilets: It is equipped with Bio-Toilets (atleast in 3AC) and liquid soaps are provided. The toilets were quite clean throughout the journey.
4. Food: As there is no pantry car, food is provided by private vendors. In 12133, we had Veg Sandwich for 40 Rs which was decent. In 12134, the food was loaded at Kumta and served till we reached Kankavali. Chicken Biryani and Chapati Bhaji were available during our travel. Chapati Bhaji costed Rs. 45(4 Chapatis ad Potato Curry) and the taste was average and not that great. The roti is made of Refined Flour(Maida) and not Wheat Flour.
5. Booking/Reservation: If you are travelling from Mumbai To Madgaon and find the seats full, book upto Udupi. CSTM to UD comes under General Quota and hence there more seats available.
6. Railfanning: As it is a overnight train, there is not much in terms of railfanning(upto MAO) other than the lovely Alco chugging sounds and the magnificent speeds. If you are travelling upto MAJN, then you are in for a treat as it goes on a spree after MAO.
Have a safe trip.

Feb 19 2018 (00:44)
Explorer~   2161 blog posts
Re# 3120071-1            Tags   Past Edits
its my favorite train to travel to my native kankavali. its Pooled quota always get full in less time. so i used to book upto udupi in 12133. and for 12134 booked from karawar. karwar comes under genral quota for 12134.

Feb 19 2018 (11:53)
The Journey matters more than the Destination
Vivek.Venugopalan~   1260 blog posts
Re# 3120071-2            Tags   Past Edits
Yes. Even for me it has surpassed konkan kanya which was my previous favourite for overnight journey on KR.

Mar 22 2021 (11:42)
The Journey matters more than the Destination
Vivek.Venugopalan~   1260 blog posts
Re# 3120071-4            Tags   Past Edits
Due to its speed and priority in the KR section during old legacy days. Although it runs with almost close to the old legacy days due to less congestion on KR due to covid-19, it was getting badly delayed pre-covid times.

Station Tip
Sep 16 2019 (18:25)   TNA/Thane (10 PFs)
The Journey matters more than the Destination
Vivek.Venugopalan~   1260 blog posts
Entry# 4430002            Tags   Past Edits
If you are travelling to Thane in the down direction during morning peak hours(7 am to 11 am) , never take the Thane local (locals having their destination as Thane).
The same train goes back in the UP direction as CSMT local and hence there is maddening crowd waiting at Thane to get onboard. There is a big chance that you wouldn't be allowed to de-board.
In addition to this, the Thane locals depart quickly from Thane during morning peak hours as the Turn Around Time is very less and the train
is late on most occasions.
Take any other train having a different destination. It is the opposite direction during morning peak hours and hence wouldn't be crowded.

Train Tip
Oct 06 2018 (12:48)   22119/Mumbai CSMT - Karmali Tejas Express | RN/Ratnagiri (3 PFs)
The Journey matters more than the Destination
Vivek.Venugopalan~   1260 blog posts
Entry# 3872620            Tags   Past Edits
Please find my observations based on my travel from Thane to Ratnagiri in Chair Car compartment listed below:
1. Coaches and Cleanliness: This is the cleanest train I have ever travelled on Indian Railways. The coaches are top notch in terms of cleanliness which would make you fall in love with the train in first place. The interiors are fabulous and you would be in awe of the facilities provided. They sprayed Air Freshner throughout the coach in the middle of the journey which was a surprise. The windows were very clean which enabled us to enjoy the scenic Konkan landscapes clearly.
Interior and Comfort: This was one of the most comfortable journeys I have ever undertaken on the Indian Railways. There are none or very less jerks felt throughout the journey.
a. SEAT AND LEGSPACE: There is ample legroom and the pushback seats are really comfortable. The legspace is way more than that in economy class of flights with space to move out even with the co-passenger being seated.
b. CHARGING POINTS: One charging point is provided per seat in addition to a point for charging laptop in each row. Plugin your USB chord in the charging point and connect it to your phone to get charged.
c. ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM: The touchscreen entertainment system provided for each seat is satisfactory enough and serves the purpose well. Due to the recent theft of headphones, you are charged Rs.30 if you require one.
d. LUGGAGE RACKS: Travelling in other Intercity Express trains on 2S and CC Coaches had me in a bit of worry whether the space for keeping luggage would be enough. The luggage Racks are large and wide enough to cater large trolley suitcases as well.
e. FOOD TABLE: A compact foldable food table provided per seat can be used while having food.
f. SLIDING DOORS: The vertical sliding doors are a big plus in this train which makes the task of getting into the coaches with big luggage effortless.
g. LED LIGHTS AND ATTENDANT ON CALL: LED Reading lights are provided for each seat. There is a button to call the attendant(like in Flights) in case of any requirement.
3. Toilets: It is equipped with Bio-toilets and they are satisfactory if not great. The much hyped automatic soap-dispensers were missing and replaced with the traditional manual ones. The sensor based touch-free basin taps worked really well. The toilet occupancy indicators were dysfunctional during our journey. There is a foldabe seat present near the automatic door which is really helpful if the toilets are full and you have to wait for your turn. Passengers must use flush before and after using the bio-toilets.
4. Automatic Doors: This is the only category of train on Indian Railways equipped with automatic sliding doors which is a big plus in terms of safety. However, passengers must be equally careful while boarding/de-boarding. There is a switch inside the coach which can be used to manually control the door. Ask the attendants present at each to open them for you incase you are left out.
5. Train Captains/TTE: There are train captains allotted for each coach on this train who are pleasant to talk to. If you have any issues/problems in regards to the journey, feel free to consult them.
6. WIFI: The WIFI was not available during our travel.
7. Food: We opted out of the catering as a result and as a result, our fare was reduced by Rs.140. In my opinion, the catering charges are really high and the railways need to look into it. We opted for the tea kit onboard which included Milk powder, tea bag and McVities marie biscuit(3 nos). The tea was tasteless and I regret paying 20 Rs for the kit.
8. Speed/Punctuality: Punctuality is the only area where I was a bit disappointed. Being a premium train, I expected it to get the highest priority and reach all the stops on time. Our train reached the destination(Ratnagiri) 45 minutes late during the monsoon period, which is great for a regular express/superfast trains but for a premium express the expectations were high from my side.
9. Fare: I paid Rs.785(incl of everything) for my journey from Thane to Ratnagiri and was not at all disappointed paying a premium fare. It was really value for each penny paid and I am looking forward to more journeys by Tejas Express in the future.
10. Railfanning: A great train for railfanning as it covers the heavenly Konkan stretch during the daytime. It hits 100 KMPH continuously in many stretches. The only disappointment(from a railfan's perspective) is the automatic doors which don't open en-route stations where the train is halted for crossings. The additional stoppage at Chiplun has really come as a boon for us Railfans.
Travelling in Tejas Express should definitely be in each Railfan's bucketlist.
The Indian Railways have done their bit in providing premium and comfortable facilities for us. It is finally our duty to make proper use of them.
Have a premium and safe journey.

Oct 06 2018 (13:54)
sudhir~   9366 blog posts
Re# 3872620-1            Tags   Past Edits
very exhaustive. thanks

Oct 06 2018 (14:31)
Guest: 78e03243   show all posts
Re# 3872620-2            Tags   Past Edits
Beautiful Explanation.. Thanks😁

Oct 06 2018 (18:34)
Guest: 6cd325fc   show all posts
Re# 3872620-3            Tags   Past Edits
Nice review of the train. It is in my bucket list too to travel all the way from CSMT to KRMI.

Oct 06 2018 (20:18)
The Journey matters more than the Destination
Vivek.Venugopalan~   1260 blog posts
Re# 3872620-4            Tags   Past Edits
If you can, try to go from CSMT to MAO by Janshatabdi Vistadome and come back by KRMI-CSMT Tejas Express. You would be able to witness the vistadome experience as well.
I am asking you to take Tejas from KRMI to CSMT because the Vistadome coach for JS while coming back to Mumbai is attached right behind the loco you wouldn't be able to witness the amazing konkan landscapes through the viewing area.

Oct 06 2018 (20:34)
Guest: 6cd325fc   show all posts
Re# 3872620-5            Tags   Past Edits
Ya man, nice idea.

Oct 06 2018 (20:56)
Agent Techie
TSAnubharadwaj^   12342 blog posts
Re# 3872620-6            Tags   Past Edits
Nice review. I felt I am travelling in the train. Great!

Oct 06 2018 (21:22)
sudhir~   9366 blog posts
Re# 3872620-7            Tags   Past Edits
In April, I did just that. From Karmali to Ratnagiri by Tejas EC and Ratnagiri to Madgaon by JS Vistadome. The seats in Vistradome were more comfortable than Tejas. But in Vistadome, I found the AC not very effective as the windows are huge and it was a hot day.

Oct 06 2018 (21:41)
The Journey matters more than the Destination
Vivek.Venugopalan~   1260 blog posts
Re# 3872620-8            Tags   Past Edits
Lovely. Thanks for the info.

Oct 06 2018 (22:40)
sudhir~   9366 blog posts
Re# 3872620-9            Tags   Past Edits
Another reason for not travelling on the Vistadome from Mao to Mumbai is that a good part of the journey will be in the night. Am not sure how that experience would be. Also, the food when I travelled in April only heat and eat food (add water and microwave) was available (Upma etc) and I did not like the taste. The positive point was thanks to the chiller, cold bottled water was available on payment

Nov 18 2018 (10:21)
भूत हूँ मैं
anna~   5513 blog posts
Re# 3872620-11            Tags   Past Edits
Is this train really worth for Railfanning in KR if book from CSTM to RN?
I heard somewhere that actual Konkan is after RN ?
I am planning to take Tejas to RN on Sunday, and return by MAO Rajdhani on the same day!
Plz suggest..

Nov 18 2018 (10:24)
Saurabhdubey_86^~   27463 blog posts
Re# 3872620-12            Tags   Past Edits
Bhai nzm TVC SF me sleeper side lower pakdo aur Mangalore tak jaao, tab ayega asli mazaa

Nov 18 2018 (10:26)
Saurabhdubey_86^~   27463 blog posts
Re# 3872620-13            Tags   Past Edits
14.11 se iska speed up hua hai. TT Kam hua hai 20 minute

Nov 18 2018 (10:26)
भूत हूँ मैं
anna~   5513 blog posts
Re# 3872620-14            Tags   Past Edits
time and date issue... Sirf 1 din hai mere paas, isliye to and fro dekh raha hu ek hi din me..

Nov 18 2018 (10:28)
Saurabhdubey_86^~   27463 blog posts
Re# 3872620-15            Tags   Past Edits to Konkan ka kuch hissa hi cover ho payega.
JS me tourist car bhi try kar sakte ho

Nov 19 2018 (11:59)
The Journey matters more than the Destination
Vivek.Venugopalan~   1260 blog posts
Re# 3872620-16            Tags   Past Edits
If Railfanning in konkan is your soul purpose, better to take Janshatabdi which follows Tejas as the doors would be open and you may alight at stations for crossing.
If you can adjust with the Railfanning part, it is just an awesome luxury experience. I loved it and am really looking forward for future escapades with Tejas Express.

Nov 19 2018 (12:01)
भूत हूँ मैं
anna~   5513 blog posts
Re# 3872620-17            Tags   Past Edits
But will the journey in PNVL - RN section be enough (majority)?

Nov 19 2018 (12:01)
The Journey matters more than the Destination
Vivek.Venugopalan~   1260 blog posts
Re# 3872620-18            Tags   Past Edits
It is back to its regular timetable as is the case with some other trains on KR.
As mentioned in the tip, I traveled during the monsoon period.

Nov 19 2018 (12:12)
The Journey matters more than the Destination
Vivek.Venugopalan~   1260 blog posts
Re# 3872620-19            Tags   Past Edits
If you may stretch a bit on your schedule, try and travel upto Mangalore/Udupi for a complete experience.
Upto Ratnagiri, there are scenic views and beauty but the majority of lovely bridges, scenic stations lie on the Ratnagiri - Thokur section.
Follow the below suggestion if you would like with your paucity of time:
1. Take the Rocket 12133 MAJN Superfast express(overnight) upto
Karwar. Then take TVC Rajdhani from Karwar back to Mumbai.
1. Maximum Utilization: Overnight Journey Upto Kankavali in 12133. This can be covered in the return via Rajdhani
2. Get to see the konkan stretch upto Karwar.
1. Less(1hr) buffer time at Karwar: The rocket may get late a bit. If you keep a track on both the trains while travelling, this can be taken care.

Nov 20 2018 (09:25)
sudhir~   9366 blog posts
Re# 3872620-20            Tags   Past Edits
regarding scenery: i look at it this way: till Rathnagiri Green (more forest). After Karwar: Blue (more water bodies)
Sep 20 2018 (21:06)   TNA/Thane (10 PFs)
Ankit Naphade~   2065 blog posts
Entry# 3825563            Tags   Past Edits
Reservation Center is located outside the station. You have to come outside from 1 and see for a post office building. Its there in front of Post office building.
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