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11026/Pune - Bhusaval Express
पुणे - भुसावळ एक्सप्रेस     पुणे - भुसावल एक्सप्रेस

PUNE/Pune Junction --> BSL/Bhusaval Junction

Updated: May 09 2017 (07:30) by RF Shanku^~
May 09 2017 (07:30)

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★★★  Travelogue
Jun 05 2017 (22:46)   11026/Pune - Bhusaval Express | CHOK/Chowk (1 PFs) | BSL/WAM-46P/21399

25kV 50Hz   467 blog posts
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1 compliments
awesome shots
Date Of Journey:- 4th June 2017
After doing a rigorous 1 month training in Pune, its now time to return for the last time (Not last to be exact, have to come again for taking documents back). This time its a journey in broad daylight in 11026 Pune Bhusawal Express till Kalyan. Quite excited regarding this journey for same old reason:- Bhor Ghats in Daylight <3 <3
I arrived Pune Railway Station at around 11:00 Hrs where announcements where made that 12158 SUR PA Hutatma Express has arrived on PF 4. It has
RSA or Rake Sharing Arrangement with 11026 Pune Bhusawal. I quickly rushed towards PF 4. Its quite awkward only 1 bridge connecting all 6 PFs, one connects PF1 with PF 2 and PF 3. So now I rushed towards that 1 bridge which connects all 6 PFs. The crowd on the bridge was giving way too much trouble. No proper system of walking, everyone was walking down the wrong lane and blaming others if something hits them and blah blah blah... Nevermind, somehow I managed to reach PF 4 where my train's rake was standing. My coach was D2, 5th coach from Loco. Kept my luggage under my side, bag up the rack and you guys might guess what i'll do next =D... Yes, I walked out of my coach only to check the loco of my train ^_^. It was around 11:15 still loco was not attached. I saw a WAM 4 which was eyeing towards 11026 still I was not quite sure whether it was the link of our train. Excitement grew as I was thinking WAM 4, my favourite loco class will haul my train. It came to halt just outside the PA ETS, all excitement went down. It stopped only to make for WCAM 2 21878 hauled Deccan Express to enter PF 5. Train came to a halt at PF still the loco was not moving. And this time it was Karjat Passenger who was blocking the way. Karjat Pass also crossed and finally after a short honk, WAM 4 moved towards my train's rake. My excitement reached its peak when I realized it was WAM 4 21399, the last indigenously built WAM 4 which is named as Anant [Pic 1/2]. At 11:34 it was coupled to 11026 and we were ready for departure, in the mean time using Pune Station's Rail wire Wifi, I quickly opened this site and noted all the crossings till KYN. Sadly, there were crossings only till LNL and post LNL, nothing. Never mind, I was happy regarding WAM 4 as link of my train.
11:43 and Starter Signal given, though we departed 11:45 bang on time. WAM 4 known for its better TE than WAP 4 is what I impresses me the most about it. As soon we joined Mainline after enough crawling at 10KMPH. WAM 4 accelerated to around 70 in just around a min. PA to SVJR 2Kms in just 7Mins is ok for 16 coacher train. We crossed BSL WAP 4 hauling my train's counterpart, 11025 BSL PA. It took a halt at SVJR only because local was given preference. Local was at PA Home Signal when it crossed us. Now its MPS time, no slow down, line was clear, WAM 4 showed its power being an aged loco, still having the power proportional to WAP 4 though the Maximum Speed it can go is less than WAP 4. ITs ok as we are neither gonna touch 110 KMPH, but lets get back to journey where after crossing Khadki at 11:56 we crossed 22541/BRC hauling INDB PA via PNVL. LP blinked at us quite a few times, may some careless fellow was performing his duty, not sure about it. Weather was just brilliant, cool breeze taking the sweat away, the lovely formation of clouds making it look like it will rain heavily in few moments [Pic 3]. Greenery here too developed a lot when few days ago it rained heavily. Wished if I got a track side window seat...
12:06 Chinchwad. As we were arriving CCH, we xinged with Kolhapur bound Koyna Express which was exiting the loop after its scheduled halt [Pic 4]. CCH witnessed a lot of passengers entering my coach. Few of them seemed WL pax or maybe local travelers till LNL or something. Thank God and LP as the door where I was sitting was beneath the FOB thus protecting my harmful UV rays of Sun (Lol) It was quite hot by the time, winds completely vanished though the clouds were the same. We Departed 12:08 after a long honk of WAM 4. Loop exit was around 15 and WAM 4 started showing its TE, from 15 to 90 in around 2-3 Mins. and now no stopping, no slowing down. Took a very smooth entry and exit at Akurdi at 12:15 and crossed the famous [not much] S curve too very smoothly. 51318 made our way clear at Dehu Road hauled by BSL WAG 5 23547. We were doing constant of 90 KMPH. Scenes post TGN were stunning [Pic 5/6/7] with one LHB Train hauled by 11215/PA which I later realized it was TEN PA Spl. Maybe it was running late or horribly late since it was not included in my crossings list. Wind intensity increased as we go parallel with Indrayani River near Kamshet at 12:34. And the last crossing in PA DIV, an Half full-Half Empty EMU towards Pune post Kamshet. It was drizzling after that though the clouds made it look like it pour heavily. Staring at sky, I forgot to note down the time when I crossed Malavli. maybe around 12:40 or 12:39. I entered Mumbai Division or BB Division [Bori Bunder] at 12:43. There is one board at Pole Marker No.130/40 or slightly before of the same marker when moving towards LNL which marks the start and end of PA as well as BB DIV. Lonavala Goods siding was empty, expected a freight there.. At Last arrived Lonavala at 12:46 [Pic 8/9] where I crossed 23907+23891 hauling a long rake of BCNA pushed by 3 WAG 7 Bankers. LNL ETS was dominated by Kalyan Loco Shed based Electrics comprising mostly of WAG 7 and 2/3 WCAM 3. Few Pax who boarded at CCH de-boarded at LNL. Very few pax got on board. Number of Vendors who boarded my coach was more than number of passengers who board the same coach. We Depart 12:48.
KM Marker No.127/50 Marks the Start of Ghats with 1:37 of Grade Falling [Pic 10]. We were on 2nd Line which is Unidirectional. We reached to a max speed of around 80 KMPH. After crossing a Line Closing or LC in short, we braked hard only to make a unscheduled halt at Khandala [Pic 11]. Now starts the South East or Bhor Ghats. After 12:57 LP gave a short honk and we depart, no need for traction, falling gradient made a smooth departure from station itself. Still that "Aggressive" LP accelerated to around 60KMPH and left everything on to brakes to manage. There was a catch siding or something else just after KAD Station. We entered one long tunnel [Pic 12] Tunnels were well lit, no fear of anything if we go inside though some venemous creatures maybe a risk. Smell was also good (I guess im not only the one). This tunnel entrance looked beautiful as if it was decorated. We took around 1.5Mins to exit the tunnel [Pic 13]. Crossed another tunnel which was short than previous one, though the smell remained constant ^_^. As soon as we left the tunnel, LP went bit hard on brakes till we reach 40 [Pic 14]. Mountains were very very huge, looked very beautiful, i just wished if it rained very hard how awesome it would look. Full of greenery instead of brownery. Hope so i get an oppurtunity to travel in monsoon. Moments later, came across a board saying Tata Bridge [Pic 15]. It was a small bridge with no supports on sides and if you are walking through it and train comes from behind or anywhere, you are in trouble. Though there are place for standing, place is at such a height you'll be scared to run on it. Also there is a slight gap between rail and standing place enough to make a thin person escape through between of it. Maybe it turned too scary, but never mind, moving on, i came across a diversion where all 3 tracks take their way into the tunnel beneath a road [Pic 16]. One good i liked about Bhor Ghats is that for every single tunnel, it has its own uniqueness. Some were well structured, while some were made for the sake of making a tunnel through though they looked pretty intresting than others.
Moments passed, tunnels passed, mountains passed but not a single train crossed. Suddenly, i thought "saala ye TC kidar reh gaya" (Where the hell is TC?) "Choddo saamne Bhor ghats hai uska maza leta hu" (Leave him, I'll better enjoy the view of Bhor Ghats infront of me). Literally you'll forget the one who are with you such was the beautiful and elegant scenery of Bhor Ghats. We entered one tunnel which is has now became my favourite tunnel [Pic 17/18]. And to the other side of tunnel was..... You just have a look at those pics [Pic 19/20/21]. And this LP was too good, he halted the train for around 1 min only for passengers to look at the beautiful scenery (I know and you know its not true, maybe some other technical reasons). Too much excitment is also not good which i learnt at that very moment when i mistimed my capture of my first crossing, Kazipet EMD Twins hauling BCNA at very spot [Pic 22]. Mistimed only because my train began to move that moment. Moving on, ghats continued to impress with those lovely mountains and those awesome combination of clouds in sky [Pic 23...26]. There few S curves but i captured none only because the wind was strong thus disturbing my stability [Pic 27, on S curve]. Clouds now started to turn black as we move on but sunlight was also making its prescence. Come KM Marker no.110 and we were greeted by the best scenery view till now <3 [Pic 28]. It was 13:24 and we reached Jambrung Cabin [Pic 29]. The Jambrung Cabin looked very beautiful and the soil around it was giving a very pleasant smell as if it rained few minutes ago. Terrain was quite good, looking a nice spot for railfanning. We skipped at around 50KMPH. Another beautiful scene infront of us ahead of Jambrung Cabin is just mesmerizing [Pic 30]. It was drizzling as we descend down the last grade in Bhor Ghats, maybe ghats was crying because i left (Big LOL). We reached Palasdhari at 13:28 which marks the end of a lovely journey in Bhor Ghats <3 <3
We took 10 Mins for barely 2KMs post PDI till KJT thus arrived KJT 13:39, delayed by 5Mins. It was still drizzling. EMU too arrived on EMU PF where lot of people deboarded. Hawkers were selling their products even in drizzle. Spotted 2 WCAM 3 bankers reversing towards stabling line on far end to be coupled with 17222 LTT COA Express while 3 WAG 7 bankers [Pic 30] take the place of those 2 WCAM 3. It was 13:49 but we were not given signal. It was the EMU who was given priority though due to some problem, it started late. Annoucement was made "EMU Platform k driver kripya gaadi chalu kijiye" (Driver of EMU Platform kindly start the train). EMU left 13:50 and we left KJT 13:53.
Now its time for Karjat Panvel Single Line, one of the least explored line BB Division all due to less trains. Purpose was to send freights to and fro JNPT (Jawaharlal Nehru Trust Port) near PNVL to out of Mumbai towards Pune Side. Entry to this line was at a speed of 10/15KMPH and then it was all MPS. Most of this section is 90KMPH while rest is 100KMPH. Crossed LTT COA at Karjat Outer [Pic 31]. As soon as we crossed the entry curve, WAM 4 was pulled the train hard as if it was waiting to show what it is made of. Scenery of this line was too brilliant with mountains and mountains everywhere. Netting of this place already done to prevent any rocks falling on tracks/train [Pic 32]. Then we entered a very long long tunnel maybe around 2KMs long. Netting was done on the other side of the tunnel as well. Tried taking few pics but i was unable to get proper stability due to High running speed of train. In just moments we arrived at the first station of this section, Chouk Station [Pic 33] where BL WAG 5HP+WAG 5HA Twins with BCHNL Consist was waiting for us. Maybe only 2 or 3 people got onboard. We Depart 14:13. Loop entry and loop exit were both 15 KMPH. I was sitting on the right side and poles where on other side which made me feel like im in diesel section. This section is full of mountains, all of different shapes and size. We were at constant speed of 90KMPH and it was clouds who were doing their work of spreading coolness in the atmosphere. In No time, we arrived Mohape Station. Weird, this station doesnt have its name on Station board [Pic 34]. Here also no or maybe 1 person boarded the train and we left the station 14:28. This loop exit was of 20 KMPH. This time we were crawling even though line ahead was clear. Maybe some sort of Caution Order or some restriction. But the nature was stunning [Pic 35]. Sun rays and shadows alternating continously till we reach Chikhale. Mountains started to disappear slowly though the view remained beautiful. We reached Chikhale Station 14:38 [Pic 36]. We slightly huge amount of passengers got onboard, maybe 20 or something around it. All these places once developed will attract stoppages of other trains who skip these stations. It will take a lot of time, maybe one day it happens or never.
We departed Chikhale 14:39 running 30 Mins late. Waved a railfan at end of the single line near PNVL while other railfan was busy capturing KYN WDG 4D with freight coming from KR. We arrived PNVL 14:48 delayed by 33Mins. Half the train emptied here, atleast my coach. Heat level suddenly increased and i was covered in sweat the very next moment when train came to halt. I saw a gentlemen wearing suit boot and suddenly thought "Ye TC kidar marr gaya?" (Where the hell TC died?) More than half of the journey is completed still he didnt came to check the tickets. Never mind, my train left PNVL 14:50. ALP came towards door only to wave the green flag but he was simply standing on the edge of the door holding green flag in his hand [Pic 37] I thought he'll wave but he didnt. And suddenly a jerk felt and we moved aggressively. As soon as we crossed Kalamboli, xinged with 22701 hauling GWL PA. We were at MPS but humidity followed us. When i looked out, i felt as if i was standing near volcano which just erupted. So i decided to sit on my seat, that was the seat i booked, not the one at door (LOL). We overtook Vasai Road bound MEMU at Navade Road. Fully packed MEMU i just wonder how they manage to stand all the way and even make their way out. Navade Road gone, Taloja Panchand gone, all skipped at MPS though we slowed down near Nilje all hail one TSR on bridge. The bridge was at its worst condition. Could break any time, its good they started the work as soon as possible since monsoon may hinder the maintenance work. This time we crawled all the way till Dativali even though we crossed T/P sign. We were on the 7th track (Including sidings) AND FINALLY...!!! Mumbai Locals after a span of one month. It was such a awesome feeling after spotting the MRVC Siemens Local. Its just beyond words. Come 1,2,3 and 4 local crossed me. Megablock was the reason else not a single minute will pass in 4 Line Section with no EMUs. AND AGAIN... Crossed my Home Station Kopar, it was the same as I left it a month ago, skipped it at a moderate pace. Crossed Dombivili at 15:30 where i was greeted by a massive offlink 22310/HWH with Godan Express. Hopefully THK LC was closed this time else I could have reached KYN Damn late. Saw a WDG 4D with BTPN, WCAG 1 Twins with CONCOR all facing towards JNPT. And at last, arrived Kalyan Junction at 15:44, Delayed by 27 Mins. Surprisingly, TC didnt appeared for the whole journey made me wonder is there any TC in this train? Or was it for this journey since i was travelling?
Overall Journey onboard this train is awesome, in terms of railfanning, not good enough but if you want to explore Bhor Ghats and KJT PNVL Single in good light, go for it. Else give it the low priority. Clealiness was Superb at PA, poor at KYN all hail those passengers eating and throwing things out of train or on the deck. Maybe you wanna save some money, then go for it (TC remains absent, but dont blame me later if he appears out of nowhere)

Jun 05 2017 (23:41)
Avinash Pandey™~   1418 blog posts   693 correct pred (78% accurate)
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Excellent Shots
11025/26 Pune - Bhusaval - Pune Express captured at Kasarwadi within a span of 3 minutes click here
Under a little drizzle, 11026 Pune - Bhusaval Express hauled by BSL WAP-4 22204 crossed Kasarwadi at MPS.
within a span of 3 mins came 11025 Bhusaval - Pune Express with BSL WAP-4 22846.

Jul 26 2017 (13:29)
Vinay~   1358 blog posts   912 correct pred (71% accurate)
Re# 2359240-1            Tags   Past Edits
woow!!love'd to do RF one day here
★★★  Rail Fanning
Jul 08 2017 (14:25)   11026/Pune - Bhusaval Express | MHLC/Monkey Hill Cabin (2 PFs)

Ayush Kamal~   6486 blog posts   68067 correct pred (88% accurate)
Entry# 2346180            Tags   Past Edits
1 compliments
Full Coverage : BHOR GHAT | On-board 11026 PUNE - BHUSAVAL Express click here

Jul 08 2017 (14:37)
😘😍12465 Indore Jodhpur Ranthambhore Intercity SF~   448 blog posts   45 correct pred (89% accurate)
Re# 2346180-1            Tags   Past Edits
Great nice ....

Jul 08 2017 (15:46)
Himalayan रेलवे😊^~   4960 blog posts   1740 correct pred (80% accurate)
Re# 2346180-4            Tags   Past Edits
Video is awesome ayush bhai

Jul 18 2017 (08:29)
VaRuन⛱   2441 blog posts
Re# 2346180-5            Tags   Past Edits
I think this is the only train which passes through Thul ghat as well as Bhor Ghat.

Jul 18 2017 (17:24)
Ayush Kamal~   6486 blog posts   68067 correct pred (88% accurate)
Re# 2346180-6            Tags   Past Edits
Yes it is. And thanks :)
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