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Fri Aug 18, 2017 06:33:02 IST
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12625/Kerala Express (PT)
കേരള എക്സ്പ്രസ്സ്‌     केरला एक्सप्रेस

TVC/Thiruvananthapuram Central (Trivandrum) --> NDLS/New Delhi

Updated: Jul 04 2017 (20:38) by Southern Railway^~
Jul 04 2017 (20:38)

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Train Tip
Ticket Booking/WL
Nov 10 2013 (10:51)   12625/Kerala Express (PT)

Tintumon UKG B   3949 blog posts   45 correct pred (62% accurate)
Entry# 901537            Tags   Past Edits
Beware while booking 2AC in this train.. It can surprise you with a 3rd AC coach instead of a 2AC coach...
Spotting this almost twice a week...

Nov 10 2013 (12:51)
gnagda   613 blog posts   448 correct pred (61% accurate)
Re# 901537-1            Tags   Past Edits
must be a particular rake.

Nov 10 2013 (12:55)
Kishor*^~   4675 blog posts   123 correct pred (63% accurate)
Re# 901537-2            Tags   Past Edits
1-Will IR play this trick with passengers who book 2AC are given 3AC?
2-Passengers can claim difference of fare ?
3-Deficiency in service: enables passengers to claims 'compensation' as well ?

Nov 10 2013 (14:19)
Tintumon UKG B   3949 blog posts   45 correct pred (62% accurate)
Re# 901537-3            Tags   Past Edits
not a particular rake...
This happens due to shortage of 2 AC coach in TVC Division. A common site for this train. I know this well since I can see the train passing by in front of ma office.

Nov 10 2013 (14:20)
Tintumon UKG B   3949 blog posts   45 correct pred (62% accurate)
Re# 901537-4            Tags   Past Edits
1. Answer is YES bcoz the coaches sent for POH are not returned back to TVC Div. So they are forced to add an additional 3AC coach available at KCVL. The train is shunted at KCVL.
2. Passengers can avail the Diff in fare
3. Can apply for compensation. but so far I have not come across such

Nov 10 2013 (14:25)
Tintumon UKG B   3949 blog posts   45 correct pred (62% accurate)
Re# 901537-5            Tags   Past Edits
Thanks fr the 2 REDS.. but Sid Bhayia, its the fact. Coz my office is near to KCVL station.
For a morning railfanning my spot is KCVL. SO Kerala Exp spotting No 1.
Then the rake shunted to KCVL.. Spotting No 2
Departure from TVC.. Spotting no 3
of 12626 at TVC.. Spotting No 4
Shunting of The same to KCVL.. Spotting no 5
Me passing by KCVL Spotting no 6..
Want further pics of my spotting of same I am ready to give or u can check my previous pic entries...

Nov 10 2013 (14:28)
BMTIR*^~   21528 blog posts   7539 correct pred (63% accurate)
Re# 901537-6            Tags   Past Edits
Oh ok- will change it to no opinion- but looks theres no option to change the light

Nov 10 2013 (14:31)
Tony Stark   9668 blog posts   102294 correct pred (88% accurate)
Re# 901537-7            Tags   Past Edits
No light option :)

Nov 10 2013 (14:32)
Tintumon UKG B   3949 blog posts   45 correct pred (62% accurate)
Re# 901537-8            Tags   Past Edits
its not about changing the opinion or Signals or such... its the fact of Kerala express. The coaches sent for POH are not returned back by TN. So the TVC Div is forced to utilize whatever they have. 428 coaches sent for POH.. out of that only 210 coaches were returned back...
And I can say this 100% coz I see the rakes daily except Sundays,

Nov 10 2013 (14:34)
Tony Stark   9668 blog posts   102294 correct pred (88% accurate)
Re# 901537-9            Tags   Past Edits
Same goes for Netravati express

Nov 10 2013 (14:37)
Tintumon UKG B   3949 blog posts   45 correct pred (62% accurate)
Re# 901537-10            Tags   Past Edits
But netra gets both the 2AC man... its not a common site.. but for kerala its becoming almost common. Shunting of Kerala takes place in KCVL and for Netra at TVC. So they seldom remove the 2AC. but For kerala, daily coach interchanging is common.. Shunters are given instruction at KCVL to operate only on Kerala express from 9:10 am till 1130 am for kerala express...
Some times whn 2Ac is missing Kerala express will be taken to TVC only at 11:30 am...
Average time departure of the Kerala express is around 11:30
am from TVC...

Nov 10 2013 (14:44)
Warrier is BACK*^~   6075 blog posts   113 correct pred (51% accurate)
Re# 901537-11            Tags   Past Edits

Nov 13 2013 (07:34)
RosH*^   4521 blog posts   26865 correct pred (63% accurate)
Re# 901537-12            Tags   Past Edits
In last winter the people who took 3AC tickets as been forced to travel in SL...
coz the coach was takn out for TVC-MAS dornt...
and the one compntd was arrested by RPF at ERS

Nov 13 2013 (08:24)
PKV*^~   19106 blog posts   76 correct pred (81% accurate)
Re# 901537-13            Tags   Past Edits
Didnt get you Roshan Roy ? Who was arrested ? BTW TWO many Roshans in this blog :)

Nov 13 2013 (12:13)
RosH*^   4521 blog posts   26865 correct pred (63% accurate)
Re# 901537-14            Tags   Past Edits
The pax who complained was arrestd..

Nov 13 2013 (17:49)
Tintumon UKG B   3949 blog posts   45 correct pred (62% accurate)
Re# 901537-15            Tags   Past Edits
The rake of Today's Kerala express....
For the 5 reds... HERE YOU GO.....

Nov 13 2013 (19:20)
RosH*^   4521 blog posts   26865 correct pred (63% accurate)
Re# 901537-18            Tags   Past Edits
u rocked, red once chocked

Nov 13 2013 (19:31)
Tony Stark   9668 blog posts   102294 correct pred (88% accurate)
Re# 901537-19            Tags   Past Edits
Are wah... sabashhhh .. :P

Nov 13 2013 (21:50)
Tintumon UKG B   3949 blog posts   45 correct pred (62% accurate)
Re# 901537-20            Tags   Past Edits
the train was in main line and i just entered the station like that man, just having doubt at the ac comp and there it worked and good i had my camera with me.. :P

Jan 15 2016 (15:54)
nishantbnglr   56 blog posts   3 correct pred (75% accurate)
Re# 901537-21            Tags   Past Edits
Does this issue still persists?? I have booked in 2a for journey in may ( 12626, NDLS-TVC). Hope this issue is sorted out!.
One such incident happened with my father n brother, maybe a deacde back. They had tickets for 2a,but no coach NDLS-TVC. finally they had to travel in general upto jhansi, then were given 3a berths.
In one of my trip, train didn't have pantry car. Passengers where literally running for food n water at major stoppages.

Jan 19 2016 (02:54)
Ankit Sharma~   2220 blog posts   241 correct pred (68% accurate)
Re# 901537-22            Tags   Past Edits
haha .

Feb 04 2016 (18:44)
ppraburajkumar   402 blog posts   547 correct pred (68% accurate)
Re# 901537-23            Tags   Past Edits
Normally when u book via Eticket , u cant be upgraded to next higher class...for ex., u might have booked a 3AC , but u will be seen a SL instead due to repair or so...but if u want to upgrade to 2AC or 1AC even though if there is vacant in those classes , u cant in case of ETicket..In case of PRS Tickets u can be upgraded next to higher class for want of accommodation..the option left with those Eticket holders are they can get the LCC certificate from TTE and apply for refunds..that too via TDR filing through online only..PRS ticket holders can get the refund via at any reservation counters.....Jai Ho PRS..
Train Tip
Dec 28 2013 (12:06)   12625/Kerala Express (PT)

Guest: 7e445578   show all posts
Entry# 948398            Tags   Past Edits
If u plan to reserve tickets for SL on Sundays, u should be prepared to witness heavy rush of UR passengers from KYJ till PGT... In fact u may not get ur seat.

Dec 30 2013 (18:56)
Rail Fanning~   2721 blog posts
Re# 948398-1            Tags   Past Edits
Agree. In fact if i am not mistaken either S-8 and S-9 OR S-9 and S-10 are palakkad/coimbatore quota coaches. Ideally passengers with sleeper tickets are supposed to board these two coaches but invariably all the sleeper coaches are jampacked. After thrissur its relatively vacant. Even the new Ernakulam-Palakkad MEMU which moves ahead of this train probably till Thrissur is not able to reduce much load from this train .

Dec 30 2013 (19:22)
Nazeer*^~   9942 blog posts   16373 correct pred (72% accurate)
Re# 948398-2            Tags   Past Edits
For Kerala , it is S9 and S10.
Train Tip
Nov 10 2013 (22:04)   12625/Kerala Express (PT)

Railway privatisation is must^~   84393 blog posts   5303 correct pred (78% accurate)
Entry# 902480            Tags   Past Edits
-- this trains is longest daily running train , it is also one of most punctual train ,
-- it ran together with karnataka exp , but later both were separated .
-- this train also has most number of rakes which is 7 .

Nov 11 2013 (22:25)
Rail Fanning~   2721 blog posts
Re# 902480-1            Tags   Past Edits
Though the speed of the train is good, ironically its the run within kerala where the train's average speed is lower than a superfast train. The Palghat-TVC onward and return journey takes far too much time . It takes 4 hrs from ernakulam till trivandrum and 3 hrs 15 min from palghat till ernakulam !!!

Nov 11 2013 (22:51)
मेवाड़ एक्सप्रेस~   2066 blog posts   177 correct pred (77% accurate)
Re# 902480-2            Tags   Past Edits
itne red kyu he?
Train Tip
Sep 08 2015 (22:44)   12625/Kerala Express (PT)

gauravshri21   1 blog posts   14 correct pred (78% accurate)
Entry# 1585727            Tags   Past Edits
Old n bed ac coaches .and food is not good

Feb 03 2016 (17:07)
BOY COTT CHINESE GOODS AND KICK OUT CHINESE~   13477 blog posts   44 correct pred (49% accurate)
Re# 1585727-1            Tags   Past Edits
bed or bad?

Mar 07 2016 (19:34)
12625 Kerala Express~   4893 blog posts   1217 correct pred (76% accurate)
Re# 1585727-2            Tags   Past Edits
He meant bad :P
Train Tip
Ticket Booking/WL
Oct 24 2014 (01:50)   12625/Kerala Express (PT)

Guest: 84b29a9b   show all posts
Entry# 1254872            Tags   Past Edits
First of all before I start let me say everyone that I am not against Kerala Express but these are facts which I have experienced whenever I travel from Tirupur to New Delhi.
The biggest headache is getting a confirmed ticket in Kerala Express,especially in AC.
The maintenance in Kerala Express have also become worst day by day.No Cleanliness you will often see Rats in Kerala Express.
for the traveller trying to book ticket from Tirupur to New Delhi especially on Monday and Thursday please book ticket from Erode to Saharanpur in Train No 12687 and get the confirm ticket.From the day this train had been extended to Madurai I have stopped travelling in Kerala Express.
Now this is what happened.
On a fine morning around 10 AM I sat to book ticket to NZM for my parents.Now as soon as it opened within 10 minutes Kerala Express got CKWL 14 in Tatkal Sleeper Class.
Now I checked For 12687 opening quota for AC in Tatkal is 86 from Erode while Kerala have 64.I booked a successful confirmed ticket in Sleeper Class.But when Chart was prepared to my shock my parents got upgraded to AC 3 Tier. The biggest advantage of this train is Last Moment seat availability in General Quota.
I am sorry but this train 12687 is my new train for travelling to Delhi,at present no family members in my house like to travel by Kerala.
12687 do not stop at Nellore,Gudur,Itarsi,Bina,Mathura,Faridabad and food quality is good as compared to Kerala.
I know I am gonna get lots of Red but this will be useful for one who wants to travel to Dehradun or Chandigarh via Chennai.

Oct 24 2014 (12:53)
Guest: 81eb3276   show all posts
Re# 1254872-1            Tags   Past Edits
tip from my side book tkt form coimbatore not from tirupur change bp as tirupur kerala exp,
its upto pax to book a tkt alternates will avl every time .

Oct 26 2014 (01:18)
Guest: 84b267bb   show all posts
Re# 1254872-2            Tags   Past Edits
No use to change boarding point as Tiruppur, because same quota for both Tiruppur and Coimbatore, I know this trick and is useless. So only to go to Nizamuddin from Erode I opt for Erode to Saharanpur Quota in 12687. This Saharanpur Quota may surprise you with up gradation, but not the NZM quota, because 80% train gets vacant at Nizamuddin.

Oct 27 2014 (12:20)
walnutzalmondz~   774 blog posts
Re# 1254872-3            Tags   Past Edits
Bro, when it comes to cleanliness, Kerala express is good from the starting place (TVC), i noticed many times.. once it go on , rats and mice all due to passengers worst behaviours..
As a passenger we need to follow some basic things, while travelling in train...
think the maitenance staffs also human being...
i had a horrible experience, recently while i travel
from MAS to TCR in TVC Superfast express. while the train start from MAS, it was good and clean , but there itself some NE guys travelled with open ticket in SL coaches... they behaved worst, it cant describe in words.....
if the people behave like this , we cant expect clean n hygienic in trains
i travelled only for 10 hours (MAS to TCR) , till such time i saw these kind of worst behaviours by people. But Kerala is long distance train..... then how can we expect...
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