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UJN/Ujjain Junction (8 PFs)
उज्जैन जंक्शन

Track: Double Electric-Line

Updated: Dec 30 2023 (23:34) by guest
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Number of Platforms: 8
Number of Halting Trains: 148
Number of Originating Trains: 8
Number of Terminating Trains: 8
Junction Pt. - Dewas / Maksi / Nagda / Fatehabad Chandrawatiganj, Station Road, SH - 27 (Agar - Ujjain Road) / SH - 18 (Ujjain - Dewas Road), Malipura, Ujjain, District - Ujjain. Pincode - 456001.
State: Madhya Pradesh
Elevation: 492 m above sea level
Type: Junction
Category: NSG-2
Zone: WR/Western
Division: Ratlam
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Rating: 4.4/5 (162 votes)
cleanliness - excellent (21)
porters/escalators - good (21)
food - good (19)
transportation - excellent (21)
lodging - excellent (19)
railfanning - good (20)
sightseeing - excellent (20)
safety - good (21)

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Station Tip

Apr 26 2014 (22:32)   UJN/Ujjain Junction (8 PFs)
Anshul~   8064 blog posts
Entry# 1073086            Tags  
1 compliments
Ujjain also called as "City of Temples" is the home of one of the 12 Jyotirlinga "Mahakaleshwar". Mahakal Temple is located in the heart of the city,and is about 1 kms from the Station. From Station,City Bus,tempos and rickshaws are available. City Bus will take Rs.10 & Tempos will charge you Rs.7, Rickshaws will charge you Rs.20-30. You can easily find various hotels in Ujjain ,right from dharamshalas to 2 star hotels to 7 star hotels.It would be recommended to attend Bhasma Arti,which occurs at 4 am daily. Tempos,auto will leave you at the road behind the temple,since traffic is restricted there. From there,you have to walk for about 200 mts till the main entrance of the temple. Normally it takes 30-40 mins for darshan,which extends during Mondays. It will take few hours during heavy rush days i.e During the month of "Saavan"(Shravan in Marathi,5th Month according to hindi calender),Maha Shivratri...
& during kartik mela.
Other than Mahakal Temple,Harsiddhi temple(500 mts from Mahakal),Navgarh(Nine planets) Mandir,(opposite Mahakal temple),Mangalnath Temple(05 kms from Ujjain stn),Sandipani Ashram,Ved Shala(Observatory) are worth visting. All this places are located within the city limits itself(Expect Mangalnath Temple).
Pic 1- Mahakal Temple.
Pic 2 - Shiv limgam,taken during "Bhasma Arti".
Pic source - Google Images(click here & (click here
Regards and Happy Visit.

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Apr 28 2014 (10:30)
Anshvips~   213 blog posts
Re# 1073086-1              
Useful info. Thanks for sharing
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Apr 28 2014 (12:28)
Jay Pacific*   7359 blog posts
Re# 1073086-2              
AFAIK Ujjain does not even have a 5 star hotel let alone a 7 star.
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Jul 17 2015 (11:25)
AMBUJ   432 blog posts
Re# 1073086-3              
Nice and easy description for all traveleers and visitors.
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Jan 07 2017 (19:28)
ashishujn2010   22 blog posts
Re# 1073086-4              
more other temples are sidhavat,kaal bherav,Shani Mandir, Triveni,gharh kalika, bhartari kaves etc.
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Station Tip

Sep 25 2018 (15:13)   UJN/Ujjain Junction (8 PFs)
BRCWAP7~   13281 blog posts
Entry# 3839636            Tags   Past Edits
At the exit of platform i.e. opposite to main building. , many auto rickshaw are available , for 🕉️Mahakal Temple . and near by areas.
Rate is fixed . per head 10₹ . (no need of bargaining) ..
🔹 Lodging 🔹
of UJN stsn gets packed at early moment. Near by to Temple many guest house and hotels are available from 350 ₹ starting onwards.
For breakfast , Railway canteen are good . or may have packaged foods.
. local restraunt are either overcharging or lacking in quality of food .
🔹 Best months to visit 🔹
December to February. . Weather remain Pleasant .
🔹places to visit 🔹
Mahakaleshwar Mahadev temple , Shipra River .
and also there are 3-4 temple in near by vicinity
1 whole day is sufficient for visiting all places ..
🔹Mahakal Temple 🔹
As per my experience, It took less than 60 minutes in Quoue ..
But it may differ , it may take more time if visited on Holidays, or Other festivals ..
Temple Interior is very clean , And proper mangament is been organised by the temple Organisation . .
This line is very well connected by railways . But still .
There is no train between 9:40 to 16:00. (except 2 Weekly train).
At this Time , make ur schedule. such that , u can catch the train .
.. ❌ Do not take Buses ❌
The BUS lobby are just making fool
They may take 100 - 120 ₹ per head.
The buses are in very pathetic conditions .. the driver may tell that they will complete journey in 2 hrs , by taking halt at only badnagar. . But it will halt at each and every small village en- route . and total journey time will be near 3:30 - 4 hrs.
The bus goes via Bardnagar route . ..
The capacity of buses may be 50 - 60. seats , but due to greediness they will fill. the whole bus with 80+ passenger . Many of them will stand at the AISLE ..

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Sep 25 2018 (15:24)
EMDGT46PAC^~   12014 blog posts
Re# 3839636-1              
Really elaborated well
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Station Tip

May 25 2018 (08:56)   UJN/Ujjain Junction (8 PFs)
Arvind^~   11955 blog posts
Entry# 3450662            Tags  
Going to Mahakaleshwar Temple Come out from PF1 exit, many autos and Rickshaws available, RS.10 per head. If you are alone or with a friend Deposit your bags in cloak room and then you can go on a walk to temple. Bags and Mobile phones are no allowed inside temple so plan accordingly. Many Flower shop owners will ask you to keep your bags and mobiles there they will not charge but they will ask you to buy Flowers,Milk Which will cost you 60Rs.
Opposite to station (Pf1 exit) you can see Two namkeen shops, you can have Tea,Poha, Kachori, Jalebi,Gulab Jamun, Samosa etc.
station you will get Poha as breakfast.
Going to Bhopal ? , Come out from PF1 exit take a city bus to main bus stand , Direct buses are not frequently available so go to Dewas ,from there you can get buses to Bhopal . If your train goes to Dewas better change there.

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Station Tip

Apr 30 2018 (11:54)   UJN/Ujjain Junction (8 PFs)
manoj5sahu   1 blog posts
Entry# 3362766            Tags   Past Edits
1 compliments
Ujjain is one of the underrated religious city of India. Few historical references for this city are listed below -
For Devotees -
1) Sinhasth (Kumbh) mela at every 12 years, last held in April-2016, mainly to take a bath / dip in river Shipra (most famous ghats are - Ram ghat / Narsingh ghat). And, the reason for sinhasth to be organizated in Ujjain as one of the four place is, during sagar manthan, drops of nectar had falllen in Ujjain too.
Mahakaleshwar Temple, which is one of the 12 jyotirlinga & only one facing towards south. Morning Bhasma aarti is treat to watch, thought you may need to book in advance and online booking option is available for that. Booking has to be done atleast a day in advance, can be done through temple counter, may need to spend hours in queue. So, online booking would be the best option. Rudrasagar pond adds beauty to this temple. Nearby temples (all walkable) to visit are Bade ganesh mandir, Harsidhi temple, Santohi mata mandir, Char dham temple, Ram mandir, Gopal mandir. Distance from Ujjain railway station is 1 KM.
3) Its an place where Lord Krishna has got his education from guru sandipani, the ashram is located in peaceful area, around 3 KM from Ujjain railway station. There are 3 must to visit temple nearby (within 500 meter), which are -
(i) Mangalnath temple (famous for bhat puja, one who has manglik dosh in kundli), situated on the bank of river shipra. Ghats are beautiful too.
(ii) Kalbhairav / vikrant bhairav temple (Most curios temple among tourist as lord Bhairav drink madira/wine)
(iii) Sidhanath temple (Temple famous for pind daan rituals), situated on the bank of river shipra.
4) Pirmatsyendranath samadhi sthal - Another place on the bank of river shipra, one of the greatest saint who has achieved maximum level of control over the Indriya. Nearby temples to visit are Gadh-kalika mata temple (enjoy bite of tamarind / plum), Bharthari caves (caves are must watch), Rinmukteshwar mahadev. Distance from Ujjain railway station is 3 KM.
5) Jantar mantar (Onservatory) - Its one the four observatory in India, other 2 which are opration now are in Delhi and Jaipur. It was constructed in 17th century. Distance from Ujjain railway station is 1.5 KM
6) One might have read the Vikram baital story, idol of King Vikramaditya with 32 putli can be seen just behind Harsiddhi temple.
For Foodies - You should not miss to taste Ice cream / Kulfi from Famous shop (Gopal mandir / Mahakaleshwar) & Poha Jalebi at railway station. Try some namkeen from Bafna shop (sati gate, Gopal mandir area), Kachori (Dhaba road, Gopal mandir area)
For Bikers - Enjoy riding to -
(i) Chintman ganesh temple , 8 KM from city center towards Badnagar,
(ii) Gambhir dam, 15 km from city center towards Badnagar, during rainy season.
(iii) Hamu khedi temple 8 KM from city center towards Dewas
(iv) KD (Kaliadeh) palace - 10 KM from city towards Agar road, during rainy season. On the bank of river Shipra

Bus rides are available at cost of Rs 70 to visit all temples in Ujjain in period of 5 hrs.
Nearest Ariport - Indore (45 KM)

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Apr 30 2018 (12:04)
Swaroop   120 blog posts
Re# 3362766-1              
Uve forgotten Mahakhali temple, one of the 18 shakti peeths.
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Jul 02 2020 (21:23)
Rang De Basanti^   58384 blog posts
Re# 3362766-2              
There was a bus being run from Mahakal Temple for visiting places around. Duration appx 4 hrs or so. Booking outside Mahakal Temple.
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Dec 25 2022 (15:28)
psanga_sur^~   5587 blog posts
Re# 3362766-3              
Is Retiring room available at Ujjain?
Is it in good condition?
Any hotel do you recommend at Indore for family stay?
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Dec 25 2022 (15:37)
Rang De Basanti^   58384 blog posts
Re# 3362766-4              
no idea brother..
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Dec 25 2022 (15:42)
psanga_sur^~   5587 blog posts
Re# 3362766-5              
Oh ok.. np
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Dec 25 2022 (16:48)
Rang De Basanti^   58384 blog posts
Re# 3362766-6              
we had stayed in a lodge near to the temple only
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Station Tip

Sep 24 2016 (01:00)   UJN/Ujjain Junction (8 PFs)
pratkal   125 blog posts
Entry# 2000471            Tags   Past Edits
If looking for hotel in ujjain exit from PF 8 Go straight 1KM cross traffic light towards Dewas road and book any hotel on that road excluding Ashara they will offer room as cheap as rs. 200 or rs. 300 for Oyo like AC room applicable only off season. After mahakumba many of this newly constructed hotel are absolutely empty with zero direct booking so bargain the hell out of this hotel
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