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ASR/Amritsar Junction (8 PFs)
ਅੰਮ੍ਰਿਤਸਰ ਜੰਕਸ਼ਨ     अमृतसर जंक्शन

Track: Double Electric-Line

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Type of Station: Junction
Number of Platforms: 8
Number of Halting Trains: 8
Number of Originating Trains: 50
Number of Terminating Trains: 51
Tel; 0183-2456072, GT Road, Putlighar Road, Amritsar 143001.
State: Punjab
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Zone: NR/Northern
Division: Firozpur
18 Travel Tips
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Station Tip
Aug 12 2019 (21:23)   ASR/Amritsar Junction (8 PFs)
R SRIKANTH~   562 blog posts
Entry# 4400443            Tags   Past Edits
If you are coming for tourism, if you have no idea where to stay, exit from pf no 8 take right side you see one small junction there again take left ask anyone where is durgiana temple after coming near durgiana temple ask anyone where is darmasala, in darmasala rooms are very safe for ladies & families, AC double bed room is 500 rs only for 24 hrs, you can check-in at any time, late night check-in not allowed, also if you have any doubts how to visit tourist places ask staff they tell you clearly, near this hotel many veg hotels shops are there, cigerate, alcohol, panparags not allowed inside.

Station Tip
Jul 26 2019 (00:40)   ASR/Amritsar Junction (8 PFs)
Soon Maha Unlimited Trip Series
eXplorerDKG^~   115677 blog posts
Entry# 4388103            Tags   Past Edits
Well there are lots of places to visit, for Golden Temple i will share it in detail, here telling breif points only
1. #Golden_Temple:- The most famous place in Amritsar I guess for tourist, although its a holy temple and a important place for Sikh-Punjabi Community. Peaceful place with lovely environment. World class infrastructure for basic facilities. Detail tip to be posted along with pics soon.
#Jaliwalabagh Museum/Place: It is nearby Golden Temple and at a walking distance from Golden Temple, in front of town hall streets. It is related to history of India and its Partition Time.. bullet marks at walls were still present, a well also in where people jump into it to save their life. Also a small museum telling the truth via dox for the place and story of Udham Singh.
It is well known as "Jaliawala Bagh Massacre"
Pics attached.. for more info may ask in comment
3. #PartitionMuseum:- in my whole trip to Amritsar this place really affect me to change my many opinions, thinking, truth against many people from our history to whom these one sided and paid Historians claimed as GREATEST
If you love history, politics (not Indian Mentality wali) but as subject and trend observer, u must visit this place and spend 4-5 hours here, it is also nearby both above places and situated in Town Hall streets at a walking distance of 500m i guess, there is entry ticket of Rs 20 per head and it is fully Air Condition.. and very large in terms of area too, we manage to spend 2 hours here and i came back here next day too.. few documents of 47 and statements made by the people who lost their close ones in this ridiculous partition made by few mind sick politicians of that time who called themselves freedom fighter. Never see the pain and losses of life which divides the peaceful living people on both side, the data is almost vanished for lose of life in partition but some says 10Lac and some says 15lacs , whatever the data is but its really not a good decision in my opinion. You must visit this place as it tells you about real Hindustan of 1947 (before & after both). Not tells you about India or Pakistan.
4. #DurgianaTemple : It is an important temple in Amritsar and looks similar to Golden Temple, you may say its mini Golden Temple with same structure, entrance, and surrounded by Pool side area. It is 1-2 km far away from Golden Temple i guess
5. #MataLalDevi Temple : Visit this temple for if you wish to visit all Hindu Famous Temple, because this temple has built all famous temple from south to north and east to west.. all Jyotirlings, shakti peeths, char dham, chota char dham, vaishno devi, etc etc all the temples replica not even temple the copy of ardh kuwari cave is also there where you have to pass from a cave.. you will need 30-40 min atleast to visit all the temples as it was in a single lane follow by same path..
It is 4-5Km from Golden Temple i guess
6. #ShriRam_Tirth Temple: It is the birthplace of Luva - Kusha, twins of Rama and Sita in the Ashram of Saint Balmiki. Built in yellow stone the temple dates back to the Ramayana as Sita was given shelter here after being abandoned by Rama. The battle of the Ram’s force and Luv-Kush. It is very big temple and having very big infrastructure development along with precious things in the making..
Balmiki Kutiya is still present and also shows the birth place of LuvKush.. Ramayana Time Temple is situated in front if it..
7. #GovindgarhFort : It is very costly for you if you are thinking to spend 1-2 hours, you need atleast full day or half a day to visit it completely. There are several museum inside it present, several 7D shows, other entertainment things... However its not very big in terms of area if i compare it to many forts of India, and i guess Govt just improve this by adding private ooerators to save this fort and make this fort as tourist attraction.. however in our visit less than 100 people were there as many are unaware of it when they come to amritsar, so needs to be advertise.. there are 2 packages in which different different things available, in the bigger package you will have Lunch as well and laser show in night too..
7D movies and also if you are lucky they will show you complimentary movie too
- Maharaja Ranjit Singh Story is common in all as the fort is somewhat related to him and mahraja ranjit singh is very famous, influence ruler in punjab in his era.. 7D movie was fab, the raining, horse riding 😁 really an awesome feeling.. then complimentary show was also good.
-Wax Museum for different different purposes, some are Pagdi Museum. It was my 2nd visit for any Wax museum after Delhi's Tussaud's in CP..
-Dance show in every hour by various punjabi dance groups, different different punjabi dance steps
-Souvenir Shop as well
-TopKhana now develop as museum where precious things were kept to show us such as coins, also replica of Kohinoor diamond..
8. #AtariBorder : 1st of all its not wagah Border, its Atari Border and also JCP Atari. Wagah is in Pakistan side, and there is railway station on that name too..
For Attari border you need to take a pvt cab (best), also state buses, auto also ply..
Leave around 3 pm as it take 40-45 min for cabs to reach there from Amritsar to Atari.. just 30 min show but need atleast 4-5 hours
Early arrival means nearby seat to road to see the activities.. i forgot many things from here and many important points .. well just try to not to taky any baggage, buy flags from road side specially at Toll Tax it will be cheaper for you as compared to shop near Atari Border. There is stirct rules to be followed, if you are any kind of VIP you have to follow BSF instructions, if you want seat near to Border side better register by any defence personal from Amritsar, they will give you some pass (dont know the whole procedure), really a nice place to be active patriotic, these few Anti Nationalist must visit these places 😂, but i have more interest in pakistan side as there is very less rush, only Pakistani but in India side there were huge huge numbers of Foreigners around 100+, many of them dancing on Indian Songs, 1 foreigner crosses the border too just before the ceremony starts.. i was literally thinking if Tourist Visa is available for Pakistan, i will surely visit there too... Just to eat some lovely afghani chicken, kashmir, pak girls, mohenjo daro, karachi, one of famous hindu temple there too..
Well these are the places where i visited and important one is listed above.. many places you may self find that after discussing it with locals if you have enough time..
Amritsar trip is hardly 2-3 days trip, full 3 days not half..
Pics to be attached soon for every places describe above..
For any info just comment

Jul 26 2019 (01:08)
20975⭐चंबल सुपरफास्ट⭐20976
colossal_wreck_^~   8565 blog posts
Re# 4388103-2            Tags   Past Edits
1 compliments
What is it about Pak Girls?

Jul 26 2019 (11:59)
Rang De Basanti^   50516 blog posts
Re# 4388103-3            Tags   Past Edits
Plz correct point No. 5 to Mata Lal Devi Temple (Its not #MataDeviLal).

Jul 26 2019 (12:04)
Soon Maha Unlimited Trip Series
eXplorerDKG^~   115677 blog posts
Re# 4388103-4            Tags   Past Edits
Jul 25 2019 (23:22)   ASR/Amritsar Junction (8 PFs)
Soon Maha Unlimited Trip Series
eXplorerDKG^~   115677 blog posts
Entry# 4388083            Tags   Past Edits
1. Auto: Autos available from both side entrance/exit, it is better to exit from other side (pf8) rather than pf1 side if u are going to Golden Temple, as from pf1 side they will charge more and will go via Over bridge then in front of other side entry/exit road... So better to exit from other side (Pf8) and book your auto at 10-15Rs per head
2. Taxis: as usual its big city hence Ola, Uber available easily, and also many other pvt taxis
3. Bus: here i am talking about bus
service provided by Golden Temple Trust/Board etc. If you exit from Pf1 side you will see many yellow color buses available and depart in every 30 min after filling for Golden Temple, nearby it..
So you may choose any of the option above, if less luggage then go for Bus, if more luggage prefer Autos and for comfort prefer Taxis
Jul 30 2017 (15:43)   ASR/Amritsar Junction (8 PFs)
Ashu_IR~   1445 blog posts
Entry# 2366479            Tags   Past Edits
Google enabled station, WiFi available.
Sightseeing can be covered in a single day or two if time is managed properly.
1. Golden Temple, near about 3km from rly stn, can be accessed by auto, e-rickshaws. Very beautiful temple surrounded by Amrit Sarovar(hence the city name is Amritsar). Evening time is more crowded, better plan early morning visit. Langar service is 24 hours.
Durgiana Temple, a temple similar to Golden Temple as it is surrounded by water. Subsidised soft drinks are available near the temple.
3. Wagah border-- A powerpacked, adrenaline raiser programme which will shell out the patriot in you.Highly recommended show which takes place every evening around 6 pm. But you need to be there atleast an hour before to get a comfortable seat. The retreat show arranged by BSF and Pak Rangers is a true delight to watch.
Wagah border can be reached by booked auto or taxi. If going by shared auto, make sure to return early, as shared auto are far less after the show.
4. This tip is for foodies--- Do NOT forget to taste the langar food, it is simply delicious. If possible you can help by providing services like cutting vegetables and serving food to other pilgrims.
Kesar-da-dhaba and Brothers Dhaba, authentic Ambarsari Kucha and various paranthas. Kucha point is another delight for ambarsariya kulcha. Lubhaya Ram for Aam papad, very tasty. Makhan restaurant for fish lovers.

Jul 31 2017 (20:32)
Arunjoshi028^~   3118 blog posts
Re# 2366479-1            Tags   Past Edits
Retiring room and hotel ka detail chahiye

Jul 31 2017 (20:34)
Sumit Pal~   1501 blog posts
Re# 2366479-2            Tags   Past Edits
Vai, when is the best time to visit Amritsar?

Jul 31 2017 (21:23)
Ashu_IR~   1445 blog posts
Re# 2366479-3            Tags   Past Edits
Retiring rooms are there, but it was not showing on IRCTC.
However, you can find hotels and Dharmshalas at reasonable price, nearby Golden Temple.

Jul 31 2017 (21:23)
Rang De Basanti^   50516 blog posts
Re# 2366479-4            Tags   Past Edits

Jul 31 2017 (21:24)
Ashu_IR~   1445 blog posts
Re# 2366479-5            Tags   Past Edits
Any time is the best time to visit Amritsar.

Jul 31 2017 (22:00)
OM SAI RAM ਆਦਿਤਯ ਕੁਮਾਰ ਚੌਧਰੀ 😊😊
TravelBahanaYou^~   3909 blog posts
Re# 2366479-6            Tags   Past Edits
Nov Dec mein bhut thand hoti hlat hai halat kharab ho jae gii dost....

Jul 31 2017 (22:13)
Rang De Basanti^   50516 blog posts
Re# 2366479-7            Tags   Past Edits
not now a winter starts in jan onwards..

Jul 31 2017 (22:29)
OM SAI RAM ਆਦਿਤਯ ਕੁਮਾਰ ਚੌਧਰੀ 😊😊
TravelBahanaYou^~   3909 blog posts
Re# 2366479-8            Tags   Past Edits
sayad kuch galat ho raha hai Jan mein to winter season apani highest par hota hai..

Aug 01 2017 (00:31)
Soon Maha Unlimited Trip Series
eXplorerDKG^~   115677 blog posts
Re# 2366479-9            Tags   Past Edits
how much taxi takes if booked for wagah border?

Aug 01 2017 (06:15)
Ashu_IR~   1445 blog posts
Re# 2366479-10            Tags   Past Edits
Auto will charge around 400 to 500 return fare. Ola taxi can be booked online, rates can be checked online.

Aug 01 2017 (08:33)
OM SAI RAM ਆਦਿਤਯ ਕੁਮਾਰ ਚੌਧਰੀ 😊😊
TravelBahanaYou^~   3909 blog posts
Re# 2366479-11            Tags   Past Edits
There is a fort near wagah a very few people know about that place. it is located on walking distance from India pakistan boarder even you can see the border when visit this place. It is located in pul kanjari village a very quite and beautiful place. check the below link --
click here

Aug 01 2017 (08:44)
Soon Maha Unlimited Trip Series
eXplorerDKG^~   115677 blog posts
Re# 2366479-12            Tags   Past Edits
ohhh thats great
Thanks for that...

Feb 28 2018 (15:45)
Saurabhdubey_86^~   27759 blog posts
Re# 2366479-13            Tags   Past Edits
Bharawan dhaba near govt museum also there for all kind of veg food parathas rotis lassi and thali
Apr 20 2016 (02:10)   ASR/Amritsar Junction (8 PFs)
LHB Coromandal A Dream
Suri~   7846 blog posts
Entry# 1811425            Tags   Past Edits
Food Tips in "Ambarsari Tadka'.
1. Never Ever Forget to enjoy the God's own grace Food in Langar provided in The Darbaar sahib (Golden Temple) premises.
2. Brothers Dhabba or Bhrawan Dhabba, are two nearly identical restaurants right next to each other near Town Hall. Both highly rated. Brothers' "Amritsari Kulcha" is to literally die for.
3. Kesar da Dhaba. Located near the Golden
Temple, it offers good Punjabi food made in pure ghee. Daal Makhni is worth trying. Don't forget to try a glass of Lassi after a meal.
4. Bubby Dhaba, opposite Golden Temple (Just opposite the main entrance of Golden Temple). serves authentic Punjabi food at a very reasonable cost and ideally located, just few metres from the main entrance of the Holy Golden Temple.
5. Moolchand Fish Shop, Its Off the GT Road near Tourist Guesthouse. Find the Christchurch Cathedral (large red-and-green church, pretty conspicuous!) and keep walking, away from GT road. In about 2 minutes, you'll see a little shop selling fish. Open 08:00-23:00. This tiny place is the definition of hole-in-the wall. If it looks like it has been there for 50 years, it's because it has! They'll weigh out your fish based on how much you want to pay, fry it, put some delicious spices on it, and serve it with spicy green chutney and raw onions. A little hard to find, but worth it. About 50 rupees for a good-sized piece of fish, 70 rupees for a serving of chicken.
6. Gurdass Ram Jalebi wale (Pure vegetarian), Ahluwali Katra (very close to the main gate of Golden Temple). Eat Jalebis.... Only a indie sweet shop.
7. Kulcha Chole Dhaba (Pure vegetarian), Located at No. 1, Maqbool Road. Best Kulchas ever. Only a tandoori kulcha joint. No non veg at all.
PS: A end tip , Just don't Forget to enjoy the hot and tasty Amritsari Kulche Chholle. They are world famous. Doesn't matters from where you eat (obviously don't eat from Thela or footpath) , the taste will be somehow same and once for a lifetime.

Jan 20 2017 (23:20)
Bengal Nagpur Railway™
BengalNagpurRailway~   2763 blog posts
Re# 1811425-1            Tags   Past Edits
Very elaborate & my mouth is watering by reading it!

Feb 02 2017 (15:36)
22693 Rajdhani
Aproop~   2464 blog posts
Re# 1811425-2            Tags   Past Edits
Now, Really spoilt for choice as 1 would want to try out everything place that you mentioned especially, if he/she is a foodie xD

Feb 18 2017 (16:50)
Single Traveller
SingleTraveller^~   3126 blog posts
Re# 1811425-3            Tags   Past Edits
Great. Been to Amritsar twice but never got a chance to taste this food. Longing since the time that program " Highway on my plate" showed all this Amritsari food. Have tasted the offering at the Temple though.

Apr 02 2018 (14:51)
RaNK001   959 blog posts
Re# 1811425-4            Tags   Past Edits
Where do you get the best chicken dishes in Amritsar??

Apr 03 2018 (20:01)
LHB Coromandal A Dream
Suri~   7846 blog posts
Re# 1811425-5            Tags   Past Edits

Apr 18 2019 (23:37)
Soon Maha Unlimited Trip Series
eXplorerDKG^~   115677 blog posts
Re# 1811425-6            Tags   Past Edits
Definitely try many of them for sure
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